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Jamie Lynn: Where There's Smoke, There's Father

7/16/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unwed teen mother Jamie Lynn Spears, her cigarette-smoking baby daddy Casey Aldridge and their daughter Maddie Briann went out for pizza in McComb, MS yesterday.

Jamie Lynn

Parenthood can be a real drag sometimes.


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You really should avoid smoking around children, since the effect of second-hand smoke is much worse in them (especially the very young ones, immature lungs, smaller bodies, etc.). They are likely to have many more respiratory illnesses if exposed to frequent ciggie smoke and of course there is the danger of asthma developing. A coworker had to quit smoking because his kid started having asthma attacks from it. The poor guy tried to do it cold turkey and was quite miserable. Didn't help that the day he quit, he leaned back in his chair in the lab and fell over backward.... But he managed! Nicotine is extremely physically addictive (much more than heroin), which is why it's so hard to quit for at least 80% of smokers (if you hear somebody has quit with no trouble cold turkey, it's because they were in the lucky non-addicted group).

It's relatively rare for people to pick up the habit beyond their young and stupid years, though, being more aware of the drain on the budget as well as the effect on the old bod. My mother gave up smoking by substituting another "vice" - gambling! She spent the same amount of money she had spent on smokes to play lotteries and enter raffles etc., and had a lot of fun with it. She was a pretty light smoker, just one or two ciggies per day, although as a snarky kid I once caught some of her smoke in a mason jar and kept it in my room for a couple of weeks (it stayed suspended in the jar) and then snarkily released it under her nose....

However, there's no evidence from this photo that the dad is blowing smoke into his kid's lungs. He probably doesn't smoke indoors around the kiddo, by now a lot of people know not to do that. Outdoors, you can direct the smoke away from other people much more easily and it will dissipate usually. I just push smokers out onto the porch myself, no matter what the weather, since I cough badly for 15 minutes or more from a single exposure.

1892 days ago


Casey gots the cigarette but JL is smokin!

1892 days ago


BFD, Don't you have anything else to write about. YOU ACT AS IF HE IS PREGNANT AND HAS A NEDDLE IN HIS ARM......

1891 days ago


For the person who commented that she's no longer a teen. For your information, she is still a teen even at nineteen smarty.

1854 days ago


He should visit it would be much safer for the baby!

1815 days ago

over tmz lameness    

There is no need to say "unwed teen mother." That's just ridiculous. Get over it TMZ!!! There are a lot of parents that smoke around there kids, latinos, african americans, asians, caucasians. TO EACH THERE OWN!

1890 days ago


Absolute mental illness. Smoking in front of a child.

1889 days ago


And the police in McComb will do nothing even though there's a photograph of child abuse here...

You can't smoke in public places, hospitals, restaurants, inside cars with children, BUT you can put dangerous second-hand cigarette smoke into an infant's lungs.

VERY GOOD Casey Aldridge ! What a considerate, doting father you must be.
And, CONGRATULATIONS Jamie Lynn Spears ! You must be such a caring & careful mother so terribly concerned for your child's health and well-being.

Hey, at least you got money for when the kid starts the regular visits to hospitals...

Who cares about fresh air when you can so efficiently spoil it with cancer clouds meant especially for your little baby !

Yes, cancer, you sickos...

1889 days ago


damn that casey guy looks just like my cousin...

1887 days ago


oh hell no. are you out of your mind she also has a baby

1886 days ago


who gives a flying **** if they smoke.........It really nobody business but their own..Millions of people smoke. It's not suprising they smoke...Media drives them crazy and smoking calms their nerves.

1548 days ago


Oh give me a break, they are jsut normal people like the rest of us. If he smokes, let him. Find something more important to talk about.

1495 days ago

Asparagus Spears    

My name is more exciting than this article.

1265 days ago


whats new with this?although ITS BAD FOR HEALTH PLS DONT SMOKE WHERE THERE ARE KIDS around i think posting the photos here is simply nothing but just to have something to talk about. he could have avoided it and its a big deal,just like that

775 days ago
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