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Joe Jackson's Partner was a Crook

7/16/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Joe Jackson's Partner was a CrookWe've learned Joe Jackson's business partner for his new record label is a convicted felon.

Marshall Thompson, who Joe famously introduced during a news conference a few days after MJ's death, served 366 days in federal prison back in 2001 after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion in Illinois.

Thompson -- a retired cop -- conspired with active duty officers to sell police badges to various businessmen for $1,000 to $2,500 a pop.

According to federal docs, the businessmen bought the badges so they could get the perks of being a cop -- carrying a concealed weapon, parking in restricted areas and "receiving discounts for goods and services" ... we're guessing that includes donuts.

Before Thompson became a felon, he was a member of the Chi-Lites -- a band famous for "Have You Seen Her" and "Oh Girl" back in the '70s.


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So what - Black people deserve a second chance, too. Plenty of people have served a year in jail and got there self together after that. So stop trying to make a mole hill out of an ant hill TMZ

1871 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Deb was going to con MJ with her doctor employer.I talked her into helping him at church and I said the best she could do was to have his kids,she did later on when she saw than I was right.Yes she saved him in the court room I forgot that BUT Now you bring it back to mind.She,her and her doctor employer offered me in on a game on MJ but I talked her into helping MJ when her friend the GOOD doctor was`nt there.I was a ranch hand and she offed me a JOB at her ranch.I passed and she did the hidden deed to save MJ.That was my goal and her goal after she saw though the game.The CHURCH would nor help MJ and even MJ would`nt trust but she helped him anyway.they came to me because I was a head truma Kid who lived and without any meds and they thought they could use me to talk to MJ.I never did I helped without ever being there I knew the game as I was a hidden howard hughe`s kid.SHE LOVED HIM AFTER all at any cost to herself and thats what saved him and thats real faith at work,she`s a GODSENT and you can see she feels good about herself and that brings happynesss.

1871 days ago


Not surprised..Joe is a pimp and its natural that he should hang out with crooks.

1871 days ago


uhh... Joe Jackson hisself is a crook. Check his records. Low budget pimp.

1871 days ago


Yes, Virginia, the thug culture is NOT a recent invention-grandpas were in it, too.

1871 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is the picture of a old man trying to look like he's hip with the earring and gold chains. GTFU, you old catfish eyed, pimp, abuser and life time cheater. By the way, I loved the Chi-lites and I feel terrible about Marshall screwing up their great name, thank God he did the time.

1871 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

with the kids and in the court room GODSENT undercover still paying a price for her LOVE to MJ but feeling good about herself and her kids.We got inside the inside of the game on MJ and BEAT IT!.

1871 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Oh girl, I'll be in trouble if you leave me now. Tell me have you seen her?

Who knew.

1871 days ago


I really hope the MSNBC.Com article is correct when it says that Michael's kids want to live with Janet and she is willing to have them. If Katherine gets them, Joe is going to do everything he can to get his hands on their money.
I never really liked him when I was a kid. I am about the same age of Michael and when I saw his dad I always thought he looked like Blacula. He has such evil eyes.

1871 days ago

who gives a shit    

Does this really surprise anyone? Joe Jackson is a crook so it stands to reason he would be partners with a crook!

1871 days ago


I think Michael Jackson is far from being the retarded junkie everybody is trying to picture. He surely was very smart, and not only for developing choreographies. We made brilliant career moves most of the time and he seemed to be very efficient in getting what he wanted.
He was also not the candid boy-man some people imagine. He was capable of lying. He did it on camera, several times, for instance, with respect to its appearance. All the other things, we will never know for sure, and lets leave it to rest, but it is undeniable that he dramatically changed it appearance, and he always denied it, one way or the other.
He was not the only person in the world to have an abusive father, maybe he was one of the only to have and abusive father and great talent at the same time. I think his problem was an absolute lack of common sense. I am not saying that was the press did to him is fair, it was not, but he gave them the opportunity most of the time. I think it started as a PR move, Bubbles and all that, but somehow he lost control of it. There is a moment in your life, superstar or not, that you have to behave as an adult. No one’s childhood lasts 30 years, and few have the opportunity to bring it back again.

1871 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Do you think Joe beat Michael because he knew what a little girly man he was?
All the beatings in the world could not
"man-up" Michael, I just saw parts of making the Thriller video and Michael was running around like a little girl in a pink Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, he was gay from day one

what did Michael and his dad do on fathers day? Do you think Michael would curl up in the fetal postion sucking on his thumb in his bedroom closet floor and cry?

1871 days ago

Fairly Clear    

Nothing sadder than seeing these two tired old wanna be gangstas retreads with their respective Mr. T starter kit neck chains and nasty looking hats talking about working for a living, which would be a major stretch for Joe. Any recording artist who would sign with this pair would have to be a total idiot or just wanting to have their money jacked.

1871 days ago

just me    

Oh no!!! I loved, loved ,loved the Chi-Lites! Don't tell me he's a crook and mixed up with creepy Joe Jackson? How sad.

1871 days ago


all the more reason to make sure the Jackson family keep this man away from MJs children.

1871 days ago
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