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Jon & Kate Plus AWKWARD!

7/16/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After hanging out in Europe with his new 22-year-old girlfriend, Jon Gosselin was spotted being uncomfortable around his estranged wife Kate at their PA home.


Silence is golden.


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These photos are worth a thousand words......
Well Kate I hope you can eat what you dished out....she's the one looking really defeated here......bitch.
This is where bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitching can get you Kate!
Just hope Jon chooses wisely in his choices on the rebound. You did your duty 100 fold Jon for this family. Love your children, keep their best interests at heart when making those choices. You can always get another woman (bitch)....but you cannot replace your children!

1903 days ago


Jon should be uncomfortable. What a dog! Can you imagine how hurt Kate is? I don't know how she maintains control. To think, this couple was once so much in love. I think he's being a complete jerk. He could wait to date until the divorce is final. He's always saying his priority is his kids, yea, right Jon.

1903 days ago


There are so many sides to a story, and it’s said that it takes two to ruin a relationship.. BUT I feel sad for Kate.. she probably has terrible, disgusting images playing in her head of him "being with" his new girl friend. It's probably like a bad movie, playing over and over. Jon is such an A$$, and I bet that she feels ill when ever he is around.
Like I said, I actually do feel very sad for her. I hope that she moves on, once the divorce is final. She deserves a real man in her life, and those kids need a father figure, not a playmate. This family has really fallen apart, too sad.

1903 days ago


jon is such a douche bag!!! i used to like him, mid life crisis, c'mon a..hole you have 8 KIDS , your time t be a kid has passed, get over it!!! wonder how long his skanky a.. whor.. of a g/f would stay with him if he had to take care Of all 8 kids at his place, think she'd stay around to help?...step mOmmy.....probably NOT!!!!!! jerk jerk jerk, always thought kate was kind of a bit.., but she didn't deserve to be treated like that, he could of manned up to her at any time, not run off like a high schooler. those poor kids.

1903 days ago


Women, take a good look at Kate. You can't change a man. If you think, like she did, that he will "grow up" once he has the responsibilities of parenthood, THINK AGAIN. He's the same shiftless BUM he was at 22.

1903 days ago


Jon probably smells like nasty ass, booze, pot, and stale cigs. No wonder kate has that disgusted look on her face.

1903 days ago


Misha come on now...."stop humiliating this woman" it's not something that she did to Jon 100s of times.
Jeez....this man was publicly humiliated over and over and over....
And NOW he's being ostracized for finally calling her cards and putting an end to her abuse!???

1903 days ago


Uh...leo 2:21 ---- True, Jon got married & had kids young. That was his choice. He also CHOSE to marry a bitchy wife. Frankly, Kate had to be bitch & nag him because he was spineless. I used to like him, but his mid-life crisis is just embarrasing for him. He has the right to a divorce, but he is not handling it with class. A real man does not go parading around with a 22 year old so soon after separating--- especiallly when he has kids & is being watch by the public. What do you think that is doing to his kids??? Even if you keep them away from the tabloids they will still be teased about it at school. He is ONLY thinking about himself right now. Sad

1903 days ago


Is that a bottle of Jack jon is holding??? And Kate is just thinking about how the Doctor that told her that her tummy tuck was free,but she really ended up paying for it with Jon. The doctor and his wife pimped their daugther out,they planned that it was all a sat up because when kate and the wife of the doc. got close kate told about all the problems Jon and her where having. Her fault!!!

1903 days ago


Anyone MINUS a brain would date either of these two parents with 8 kids. Have 1 kid is a full-time job in itself. Having 8 kids is a 2-people job. These poor kids are going to be retaliating during their teenage years. These 2 parents do not know what they are setting themselves up for. It's not about them, it's about the future of these poor children.

1903 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Hi this is Kate,

As you can see my douchebag hubby is home from his globe trotting excursion with his wh@re. Spent most of the day laughing on the phone with my attorney, we can't beleive how stupid he is, what a dumb asz. Also, that jackasz actually thinks he is going to design childrens clothes, I hate to break the bad news, but he can't even tell the difference between the kids clothes, half the time the girls are wearing the boys tops nd vice versa, what a di@khead.
Anyway, got to run, I have a tanning appt. and then have to stop by my parents and yell at them for no reason.,


1903 days ago


I feel bad for kate, she looks miserable. i'm suprised she didn't trip him after his cheating ass was caught with his hoe bag girlfriend. Kate looks awesome and Jon looks like a LOSER!!

1903 days ago


Don't they have a backyard ??????????? Two greedy people. Kate had it coming & more. Should of of cancelled the show two year's ago when John wanted to. Can't blame John. Hopefully he comes to his senses thou on the shank he is dating. At this time it is nothing more than rebound.

All this sitting out in their driveway is to get the public to watch their show. They are just doing it to draw attention to them self's, so people will watch the show to see if they will snap at each other or what nasty thing they have to say to each other. It is no longer about the eight kid's. For the kid's sake, please every one do not watch it any more.

All it ever has been about for Kate is the good life & the money. Maid's, nannies, TWO chef's, freeies, mansion. All off of their kid's. All the money need's to be put in trust for the kid's and John & Kate need real job's. Than they can come home from work and clean, and cook, and take care of their family like the rest of us have to.

I can see the first few year's where they would of needed help. Not any more. I raised six. My mother ten, neighbor's any where between six & 11 kid's. We all did so shouldn't Kate.

It's time now. They had their fifteen minutes of fame. Let this teach you a lesson Kate. Don't treat anyone like a dog.

These two need to grow up now and work and take on all the chores themself's. I never had time with my six to sit out in my driveway everyday, or go to town every day dressed up for hour's on end.Or fly around the country on book tour's. Give me a break Kate. You had eight kid's, now sit home and raise them. Trust me, someday you will not regret it !!! They had eight kid's now get busy raising them like the rest of us had to the old fashion way. No maid's, nannies, chef's. Just a mom & dad !!

I urge everyone NOT TO WATCH, let's save those poor kid's. The parent's have no sense or TLC it's up to all of us !!!

1903 days ago

Bella's Mommy    

Jon is a total piece of s***. Here he has a very attractive wife (despite her bad hair choices) and he cheated on her for some skanky ugly a** 22 yr old! Kate should at least feel good about the fact that she is in fab shape right now and he is a lumpy piece of lard who only has a 22 yr old gf because she is even more of a d-bag fame seeker than he is!

1903 days ago



1903 days ago
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