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Jon & Kate Plus AWKWARD!

7/16/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After hanging out in Europe with his new 22-year-old girlfriend, Jon Gosselin was spotted being uncomfortable around his estranged wife Kate at their PA home.


Silence is golden.


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He alwasy looks like he has a load of crap in his pants. I bet hes a jerk to be around.

1889 days ago


These two have done nothing but exploit their kids and act like selfish brats. I can't wait for the media to be through with them.

1889 days ago


He is such a douche and a child. Grow up, Jon! Real men don't leave their wives and EIGHT children for skanks.

1889 days ago


They never should have gotten together and Im glad they broke up. Kate ran him away, can you blame him for cheating.. he was a battered husband.

1889 days ago


Jon is a TERRIBLE role model for his sons. One of them was already play acting out at their play houses "having his girlfriend over."

1889 days ago


Reading through some of the comments, I'm amazed that people can actually think that what Jon is doing is a "good thing"...right now, while everything is so confusing for these children on a "normal day", he is galavanting around the globe and then pulls up on his "free" Harley, wearing kids clothes from head (baseball cap) to toe (Keds tennis shoes), flashing a 22 year old "nobody" all over the covers of the magazines proclaiming their "love" and possible engagement??? After a couple of months of dating??? Wait, the divorce papers were filed less than 1 month ago...and he's been "dating" this one for 2 months!!! Where are the morals, where is the "father" figure for these children? Does he want some man to treat his daughters like he is treating their mother???? I wonder, 15 years from now, if one of his daughters marries a "slough" like him, and she has to do "EVERYTHING" because he can't seem to even dress himself, who's side would Jon be on...her husbands, or hers??? History has a way of repeating itself, Jon...WAKE UP!!! You WILL reap what you SEW...

No matter what went on in the "marriage", the "family" is still there, and these children are going to pay for their father's's not too late Jon...STEP UP & show your children the "right way" to live with morals and respect for others! You are selfish and childish, and I wonder what your father is thinking of your actions now??? He is probably looking down from the heavens above and just shaking his head in disgust...and wondering, "where did I go wrong?"...think about that, Jon!

1889 days ago


#73 EXCELLENT POST !! You said it all for me. Also, What are they famous for ????????? Because they had a litter of kid's you say ??? And because dumb America sat and watched their show & made the trailer trash rich. The trailer trash who exploiting their kid's,( they make the kid's live in front of the camera's to earn the two trashy parent's a living ) so they can have the mansion, two full time nannies, two part time nannies, TWO chef's, maid's, while they sit in their plastic chair's in their driveway so they can have their pictures taken ??? They both act like white trailer trash. I don't blame John for that. The husband usually follow's the wife and learn's class from her.

I hope America has learned a lesson with all of this, and they stop watching all of these reality show's with kid's on. Now eight kid's are really going to be messed up for life because of the greed.

1889 days ago


kate is fine id do her

1889 days ago

Common Sense    

Kate treated him like dirt, it is time some of it goes back at her. She is nothing but trash. Jon, best of luck in the future!

1889 days ago


With all of the tension visible between the two of them, how is this the best thing for their kids????

1889 days ago


43. Women, take a good look at Kate. You can't change a man. If you think, like she did, that he will "grow up" once he has the responsibilities of parenthood, THINK AGAIN. He's the same shiftless BUM he was at 22.

Actually is should say...Women, take a good look at Kate. You can't change a man. If you think like she did, that he will "change", you will end up picture perfect like Kate in this photo. She barked orders at him & their children, she belittled everyone around her, she cut off all contact with friends & relatives, she become so self absorbed & greedy, sold her children & crushed her own marriage. But hey, she knows all there is and no one is going to tell her any different, it's her way or the highway!! Jon loves his kids, bathes & feeds his kids, nurtures them, spends quality time with them. Jon wanted the filming to stop, but oh no! Kate will not have it, thus being the reason she parades herself & her children around in the front yard to make sure the paps get photos to keep the money rolling in & kept herself in the spotlight!!! And FYI: Johns family has money, it's Kates family that is the poor side!

If the man you meet is not everything you thought, why marry them? You cannot change a person, you just keep looking till you find what you want & need. If you feel the need to change or control your partner, just get a dog!! I don't feel sorry for Kate at all, she did this to her family on her own, John didn't have a voice in his own home. She refused to let him be a man, a father, a husband. She talked over him, down to him, as if he was a child....and she thought he would do what?

She's a bitter woman with 8 kids, no husband & pissed at the world that her own doing ruined her marriage, but she's too greedy & controlling to see it's her own fault and she has no control to fix it!!! All that plastic surgery and she's still just as ugly on the outside & she's always been on the inside! Jon hasn't changed, he's still the same guy he always was, except perhaps a little wiser as to what he doesn't want in a woman and glad he's free of her lunatic clutches!!!!

Jon didn't abandon or leave his children & family, he left his wife!

1889 days ago


To the person who said he doesn't have much in the toolbox department. WELL, he is part Asian...

1889 days ago


Until all this publicity about these two idiots,I would have never heard of these two.Famous for being famous.A trend that is growing.

1889 days ago


Kate has every right to be pissed off at Jon. Jon wouldn't even try to mend the marriage by going to marriage counseling, he just wanted out so that he could go party and hang with younger girls. Sure she gave him a hard time but he just took it and didn't tell her where to get off. My husband wouldn't take that crap from me. He just took her crap and when he finally got his balls back he didn't know how to handle the testosterone and needed to get his rocks off with any young girl that would look at him. With what he did to Kate, I would have packed his bags and told him to leave and don't come around if I were there to see the kids. Jon is a complete tool.

1889 days ago


Jon brought back a souvenir t-shirt for Kate that read "My good for nothing, low-life cheating sh*t of a husband went to Europe with his tramp of a girlfriend and all he brought me back was this lousy t-shirt".

1889 days ago
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