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Sanford's Mistress Shops Around

7/16/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When the guv's away, the mistress will ... buy groceries in Buenos Aires.

Govenor Sanford's Mistress Shops Around
New pictures of Gov. Mark Sanford's former mistress -- Maria Belen Chapur -- surfaced just as he's heading to an undisclosed location to make amends with his wife Jenny. We're guessing they're not hiking in the Appalachians.


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Black Teef    

The Gov musta been pumping her doggie-style b/c she got a face like a mule. Wonder if he got Argentine-poopy blast smell while doin' it???

1889 days ago


Is that her feed bag she's carrying around on her shoulder? She looks like she's been ridin' hard and put away wet....

1889 days ago


R. Zimmerman, you are pathetic. Stop using the legendary Bob Dylan's real name for your ignorant comments. I also suggest you travel about the world a bit.

1889 days ago


She looks like a tranny. After 5 women, this one was probably the only one who opened her legs for him. He had to set the bar low or not get anything at all.

1889 days ago



1889 days ago


One word - HIDEOUS!!!!

You're wife is a supermodel compared to that.

1889 days ago


first of all, gov sanford is quite attractive for a man his age. And second, the woman looked beautiful in the 2001 footage -maybe eyebrows were a bit on the bushy side-. I think the whole thing must be really embarrasing for children on both sides.

1889 days ago

dr. fill    

Soulmates?? More like brother and sister. Amazing resemblance. But can you blame him? The wife is a witch.

1889 days ago

Bash a Pap    

#68 is pathetic. Obviously you think it's OK for a father of four boys to cheat on their mother and abandon them on Father's Day to screw his mistress in Argentina.

1889 days ago


In regards to his wife still wanting to be with him after he called another woman his soulmate and left to see her, some woman like that their men have affairs and will stay with them even if he makes a fool out of them. I used to work for a married man who slept with his girlfriend on the mornings his wife was helping out at their son's school. no problem, she stayed when she found out about it.

1889 days ago


Uh,she looks similar to his wife,her facial features(bone structure) except for the haircolor and minus the heavy eyebrows. I thought she'd be some real Sexpot,since that's what these guys usually pay for,I mean go for! What a way to disgrace yourself. His wife is a sophitiscated lady,so who needs his sorry butt! His love letters(ok emails) have been put out for all to see so how could she ever again feel like he's really in to her? It's pretty evident that he's not. And,here after she gives him 4 beautiful kids and I'm sure it hasn't been easy trying to raise them while he's been gone away to events,etc. Ungrateful jerk. Good enough to give birth and take care of his kids but he still feels he can stray and have mistresses on the side. These guys are always sorry ONLY when they've been caught! Unreal. And even though his wife is willing to forgive him,his disregard for not just her but their boys as well,is going to hurt them forever!

1889 days ago


To save myself from seeming ignorant and illiterate, I meant to say his wife is a SOPHISTICATED lady! Hey,it's late so forgive the typos. lol

1889 days ago

tmz fan    

They look like fraternal twins...I guess ppl who resemble one another have a higher chance of pairing up. For Ex: Noah Wyle and his wife

1889 days ago

bitch please    

The biggest fool here is Jenny Sanford. All her bible thumping and having spiritual advisers chaperone her husband won't change that it is Maria that he truly longs to be with and it is her face he sees when he closes his eyes and thinks of true love.

Wake up Jenny and move on while you still have a tiny shred of dignity left. This isn't about GOD you moron. Quit being pathetic, your husband loves another woman, period.

1889 days ago


Shes fine, If we could only get King Obama to start spending time doin what Sanford was doing he might stop trying to take over the whole country & tax us into slavery.

1889 days ago
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