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Jackson's Mom Keeps Option Open to Contest Will

7/17/2009 9:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's mother Katherine filed legal papers setting the stage for a fight over the singer's estate.

Katherine's lawyers are not willing to accept that the will presented by Michael's lawyer, John Branca, is valid. In the papers, Katherine's lawyer writes about the "purported will" Branca filed.

Katherine's lawyers note that the 2002 will has a "no contest" clause, meaning anyone who mounts a legal fight over the will gets nothing.

Katherine's lawyers want a judge to decide if that clause would apply if she fights the appointment of the executors under the will.

Katherine's lawyers are hedging their bets, saying they are "continuing to collect and review relevant information."


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Just shows further how greedy these Jacksons really are. They're all after his money. No contest means just that. I hope Katherine loses it all. As for the brothers in a concert using 5 of Michael's songs, just shows how they are all trying to make money due to Michael's death. They should be more concerned about putting Michael in his final resting place than trying to make money due to his death. They are a shameful lot.

1924 days ago


This is a flipping mess. Michael did NOT want his kids raised Jehovah Witness. It's not a religion, it's a CULT! Those poor kids.

1924 days ago



1924 days ago


I thought she had collapsed with grief over MJ's death? Probably Joe put her up to this.

1924 days ago


Not so fast.....

I would bet it was MJ himself, smart cookie, who had that Pepsi tape, but unable to legally release it as part of the settlement w/ Pepsi

Yes, MJ stated who twould he execute the will, a long time attorney and a respected music exec.

But with that combo can we trust those twio won't cash in on EVERY SCRAP of MJ...every private thing?
Who knows what promotion they are trying to think about long-term.

She was and still is MJ's mom. He trusted her. None of the family are stupid, every legal aspect is weighed, you have to know ALL your options, just common sense.
She can't worry what we all's a wonder MJ lived as long as he did under the microscope, like a bug.

RIP Michael, you are loved & missed.

1924 days ago


Unbelieveable!! I don't know why I'm shocked, but I am.

Why don't people want to abide by Michael's wishes? Its all about the $$! She is set to get some serious cash and it STILL isn't enough for her.

Shame on her - the sheer fact that she will go after MJ's stuff in his death proves she isn't the 'perfection' he thought her to be. Truly sad.

1924 days ago


26. Maybe Katherine knows something we don't know. She never struck me as a money hungry person. I
Posted at 9:12PM on Jul 17th 2009 by I call shotgun
Are you serious?/
She filed bankruptcy for an estimated 233 million..Sureee shes not money hungry...:o(

I find it funny though.....
The Jackson's want his wishes honored as far as the child custody BUT then turn around and DON"T have to honor the part of NO CONTEST.

.double standard much????

1924 days ago


Yes maybe so hellnurse. Branca seems like a good guy since he was the one that brokered the deal for the Sony catalog for Michael. However, Michael has known for quite some time that he was going to do this tour, and yet Branca steps in (after a very long absence) only eight days before his death. That's just too much of a coincidence for me. I never will believe that Katherine Jackson is money hungry.

1924 days ago


These lawyers sound like golddiggers. They know good and well Michael did not give them the rights over his will. He married Elvis' daughter and bought the publishing rights to the Beatles and you think he would give the rights to his estate to 2 lawyers of which one he is rumored to have fired! And who stole the jewelry from his home after his death?!!! Something isn't right. They changed or added pages to the will for their greedy scheme. Hope all this dont affect Mrs Jackson health. Hope her lawyers are working day and night to get this mess straight! People dont love people, they love money and what you can give them.

1924 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Karma at it's best!!
I guess the three way call today with Katherine, Debbie and the Judge didn't go well.

Michael knew exactly what he was doing when his Will and Trust were written. He was tired then of having to support the Jaclson Family Compound.

The Jackson Family Trust was referring to his Children and how they would be taken care of.
I bet Katherine just found out the money left for her is under the control of Michael's attorney and is for the care and support of his children. I wonder if their is a stip in the Trust that in case of his Mother's death her share is retain by the Trust and given to his Children.
Wouldn't that be the cat's pajamas... lol

1924 days ago


That's where I think MJ was a very smart cookie - that no contest clause will most likely shut them all up when it comes to messing with the will.

I'm not buying there is another will out there, I think it would of been brought forward by now.

1924 days ago


The whole Jackson family disgusts me!

1924 days ago


So what if she filed bankruptcy for that amount of money? That means she's money hungry? Maybe that means she's easily manipulated by those around her.....and her son inherited that trait from her.

1924 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Willard gives a rat's ass!!!!.....RIP Michael

1924 days ago


one would think that 40 percent would have been enough..micheal was kinder than i might have been... would have been 66 percent for the children and 20 percent mom and balance to cfharities. none of these jacksons with the exception of janet, seem to have a handle on finance . i guess including micheal himself...But none of the rest of them have 2 cents -combined, One or 2 work in retail which is a fine career, if u did not at one time have exposure to all the money they did,, no one saved up for a rainy day and it rained, With the exception of the sony catalog, michaels estate is extremely in debt.. now that the spending has stopped, and music sales are up, there is some chance to recover, Having said that, I think that Michaels wishes should be respected and this should be the end of it. Branca that came back on board recently with him and has exectorship of the estate is the guy that got him the sony catalog out from under Paul McCartney, Had. it not been for that,,, the estate would be in even worse shamlbes, I am just hoping that judge sees the need for outside accountabiloity to the estate so that there is something left for the children,,, there are a lot of jacksons to support,
michael was making the mortage payment when he was five ,, not he is still going to be making it from the grave.. how sad,

1924 days ago
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