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Second Worker Dies -- Madonna Breaks Down

7/17/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna took a moment during her concert in Italy last night to pay tribute to the two men who died constructing her stage in France earlier in the day.

Madonna cried as she called the loss "tragic" and said she was "devastated to be in any way associated with anyone suffering."


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Of COURSE the show must go on! We can't stop living because bad things happen. I believe she was sincere too...nobody wants to have people lose their lives working for them!

I agree with all the comments regarding the crowd. A little respect wouldn't hurt.

1925 days ago


First of all, saying a prayer for the men is too late as they are gone. If they hadn't already accepted Christ as their personal saviours, they are in Hell now. Prayers for their families on earth is all that we can do now.

Secondly, don't judge Madonna as that will be done by our Lord.

1925 days ago


accidents happen everyday.....thats why we should live life to the fullest.....its not Madonnas fault.....

1925 days ago


I bet the old bag's crying. This will cost her a bundle.

1925 days ago


Just please stop !!! - I dont care how in shape a 50 year old is- leave the short shorts and dancing to the young ones - why wont people grow with maturity...oh the $ i 4 get - keep spittin the oldies granny!! - gross!! just like mike - please dont let Gwynn stephani do this - but i see it already happening - like motley crue - wtf - your old - not a young attitude punk band that destroys stuff - LEAVE IT TO THE KIDS !!

1925 days ago


#25. The majority of these comments reflects what is wrong with today's society. It still amazes me how negative and hurtful people can be when they can hide behind a computer and blog away. It is so easy to judge and criticize "anonymously". The concert she was playing at was in Italy. Most likely the audience had no idea what happened and probably couldn't even hear here.

1925 days ago


They were probably clapping to show their support and encouragement towards Madonna, as the tragic accident was in no way her fault.

U guys sure enjoy looking at things in the most negative light.

1925 days ago


Right Madonna, I bet you bawled your eyes out just like you said you did over Michael Jackson then the next day you were in People magazine laughing your head off. I think she is a big phony.

1925 days ago

love her!    

It is sad when anyone passes and death just touches the human spirit no matter who you are. However, these fans are cukoo for Madge because she mentioned "A crane fell and a large piece of the set fell" these crazy fans were like WAHWHOOOO! YEAHHH! WE LOVE YOU! um, the morons must have thought it was gonna be a joke that had a punch line. Insert crickets here.......

1925 days ago


While I am not a Madonna fan whatsoever, some of you have made some really idiotic statements. Do you realize this concert was in Italy? Now, if there was some Italian guy or gal performing here in the United States, speaking Italian to a primarily English-speaking audience, do you think very many would understand more than a couple of words being spoken? While I'm sure the Italians apparently love Madonna, and many probably do understand and speak some English, my guess is the majority of the audience hadn't a clue what she was talking about.

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she does care what happened to the workers. Before you criticize her for not helping out the families of the dead and injured, maybe you should give her a couple of days.

1925 days ago


First, It's not hard to figure out why they are clapping. They are clapping because they don't know what the heck she's saying. She's in Italy... language barrier... dumbasses. Second, Madonna didn't have to say a thing about it outside of her publicist. But she took the time to address it. She's not getting anything from it, so the fact that she stopped her show to send her condolances is an honorable thing. I don't follow Madonna, but I also don't understand why people are so quick to judge her. Guess it's easier to knock her than to listen to her appeal for kindness.

1925 days ago


If she's so devastated then she will have no issue signing over a few compensation cheques to the families of these people who have died creating a stage that allows her to charge $350.00+ for tickets to the show.

Or are they crocodile tears...we shall see.

1925 days ago


Somebody has been brushing up on her acting skills. This is her best performance in decades!

1925 days ago

s jules    

HELP WANTED AD: Help the economy by working for Madonna as a stage hand. Benefits: being in the presence of the perosn who thinks she's the second coming of Jesus. Bask in her glory. Become a MARTYR and die for Madonna....death only a stage collapse away. Hurry...........apply now.

1925 days ago


If Madonna was worried about bad press then she wouldn't of spoken about it at her concert. That fact that she did mention it & paid tribute to these men should speaks volumes to her character & caring nature. For those of you who are throwing stones at her for not offering to compensate these family do you know she won't? Simply just cancel a concert - have you actually thought of what that means? Although this is tragic you have to think about the thousands of people who are involved in the current show, the fans that have travelled, taken time off of work & on & on. What about all those people who would have lost out? I am certainly not saying out of pocket expenses are more valuable than a loss of life but the big picture has to be looked at.

1925 days ago
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