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Jackson Guardianship Hearing Delayed

7/17/2009 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe guardianship hearing in the Michael Jackson case has been postponed ... and our sources say the delay is because Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe are close to a settlement.

The hearing was set for Monday, but is now delayed to August 3.

As we reported, lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have been hashing out a settlement and we're told an agreement is on the horizon. The discussions, we're told, is amicable and it involves the children -- not money.

Sources say it looks like Debbie Rowe will not object to Katherine getting custody. As for Rowe, she had an agreement with Jackson that was signed several years ago that gave her an undisclosed sum of money spread out over a period of years. That agreement survived Jackson's death and is unaffected by custody issues.

The court ruled Katherine will continue on as legal guardian until the hearing on August 3.


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This is great news, I wish Katherine Jackson was my Mom.

1926 days ago

MY offer is    

tmz put someone the vacation spot.Who are they meeting

1926 days ago


and why is everyone so hellbent on who the biological father is. If my friends that have donor eggs and they meet an early death, their children will not go to some sperm donor, for God's sake! WHO CARES!!!!! MJ was their father and a damn better one than many people I know are! I wish people could have some respect for this family! Those kids are not going to be screwed up by him, they will be screwed up by the court of people's opinion and the media, just like their father was.

1926 days ago



1926 days ago


Debbie Rowe is pathetic excuse of a woman she's a big fat MONEY hunrgy CASH COW!!!!

1926 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

I hope this is true. This will be great news. Maybe the kids can finally drop off the tabloid radar and MJ can rest in peace. Maybe DR does mean well after all. Maybe she wants to make sure MJ's wishes in how the children are raised is honored, as far as minimum contact with Joe and other things we're probably not privy to that meant a lot to MJ's parenting. It will mean that MJ indeed had at least one true friend.

1926 days ago


Who cares I am sick of it, HE IS DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD. Move on. leave the kids alone stop taking pics of them let them lead semi normal lives.

1926 days ago

to little    




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1926 days ago


Debbie Rowe needs to go back in the pasture with the rest of the cows!

1926 days ago


Just goes to show Debbie Rowe just wants to make sure her agreement is still in affect...she doesn't give a damn about those kids...wants to keep her money and stay with those damn horses..and you know what that's where she belongs..

1926 days ago


I hate this fat whore! first she rejected kids for money and she is lovely mom...! Michael don't allow this woman playing your children. He take care about it that children didn't have a contact with this crazy woman.

1926 days ago


MJ should have given money to her ONE TIME ONLY!!!! The thing that irks me about Debbie is in her interview she makes it seem as though she was being so selfless in offering her womb saying "Let me do this for you. I know how much you want to be a Dad." Well you didn't give him the gift for free like you would have liked the public to believe at the time.

1926 days ago


its all about the money she doesnt want them

1926 days ago


RIP MJ you were the best performer, singer, dancer and much much more. Haven is has a line now to just see you. Please everyone go to BYZOON.COM and join the MJ Fan clubs....Only true fans.

1926 days ago


To "Kids need their mother" sound so ignorant. Who are you to say the kids don't have an ounce of "Jackson" blood in them? Even if they are not biological children....MJ raised them on his own, and is their father, who it is obvious how much they love him. Why would they not want to be with their gma, who it is also well known, that Michael adored? She is very loving, and they will also be surrounded by all their other family......

Debbie Rowe, is seems wants what is best for the kids...and that is to stay with MJ's mom. She has NEVER been a mother to them...and she seems happy to live on her own, with her horses.

It is such a shame that people are making such stupid comments...they need to stay with their known family....I think they are Michael's matter what....they always will be. She selflessly, (Well, I can't say that, since she was paid a great deal of money), but she gave him what he wanted, to be a father, and never intended to be involved in their lives. Anyway.....RIP Michael........Love to you always.

1926 days ago
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