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Jackson Guardianship Hearing Delayed

7/17/2009 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe guardianship hearing in the Michael Jackson case has been postponed ... and our sources say the delay is because Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe are close to a settlement.

The hearing was set for Monday, but is now delayed to August 3.

As we reported, lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have been hashing out a settlement and we're told an agreement is on the horizon. The discussions, we're told, is amicable and it involves the children -- not money.

Sources say it looks like Debbie Rowe will not object to Katherine getting custody. As for Rowe, she had an agreement with Jackson that was signed several years ago that gave her an undisclosed sum of money spread out over a period of years. That agreement survived Jackson's death and is unaffected by custody issues.

The court ruled Katherine will continue on as legal guardian until the hearing on August 3.


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Jesus juice summed everything up!!!

1924 days ago


Michelle C, it is great that you are apparently Fertile Myrtle and can have your own children- good for you. There are many people that cannot and end up in all sorts of arrangements in order to raise children in this world. She was Michael's friend and she wanted to give him the gift of fatherhood- i Just don't get why people cannot give her the benefit of the doubt- the same thing that many people should've afforded Michael all those years instead of lambasting him on every detail of his life. You are doing the same thing to her that people did to Michael- making caustic accusations and judgments when you don't know jack. Debbie Rowe knows that MJ did not want his father to be a part of their lives, I think everyone would agree with that. Is it completely out of the realm of possibility that she might have wanted to have a say in this to help protect them, on behalf of Michael? WHy is everyone criticizing her for not being in their lives- this is what they apparently agreed upon- that was the arrangement beforehand- geez, do you guys judge your non-fertile friends in such horrific ways? I realize that anonymity affords many of you the false bravado you spew, but come on, be real people. She is just a person- stop tearing her down like this- we don't know the whole story- man, society is jacked. Cruel intentions abound.

1924 days ago


Has anyone noticed there is a HUGE difference between Michael Jackson and the guy that did the press conference for the London concerts???
I just checked it out on YOUTUBE and that guy is taller his face looks similar to Michael's but his chin and lips are totally different+ the way he walks in? That's not Michael's walk and also his voice is deeper and he just kept repeating himself like he was not sure what to say or afraid someone would notice....
Dunno about you but that is pretty weird stuff....

1924 days ago

I speak da trooph    

Is anyone else tired of hearing about MJ, yet?

1924 days ago

just sayen    

Just wanted to share with the fans a MJ video I hadn't seen as yet & really enjoyed it,

RIP Michael

1924 days ago


# 69 So what Micheal Jackson has fans worldwide the famous artist in the know to date to who really gives a sh@t about your not a fan Micheal has sold more records that anyone in the world HEis the KING OF POP love you Micheal RIP!

I don't think he'll miss one fan to the millions that love him and his music.

1924 days ago

Jesus juice    

LJS...cut the crap. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. If she was close to MJ...since the Pepsi commercial incident (as the news is NOW reporting is when he became drug addicted)...wouldn't you think she'd know???? WHY in God's name would you give the guy a couple kids when you knew he was a drug addict/junkie??????????? Again, bottom line....those kids are f**ked.

1924 days ago

to little    

66. Michael said in an interview that he gave HIS sperm to be used! I believe those are his children they look like him! and even IF for whatever reason they are not his whocares Michael raised them,took care of them since the day they were born! Those 3beautiful children should stay with the Jackson family!

Posted at 7:23PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Missy


Your just plain ignorant stupid and dumb to even say that . Take a close look at Michaels brothers that are going to Jamaca, Michael before his skin bleaching used to be JUST AS BLACK AND AS NAPPY HEADED as his brothers.

The simple understanding of genetics tells you if those kids were his they would either have a back persons hair or a darker skin color then the mother sin ce she is Caucasian. None of that is present so it is easy to exclude Michael as the biological father.

You to just fing dumb to understand genetics and infatuated with a freak of a man that you don't even know. If you had half a good brain you would be able to figure that much out. Lay off the drugs looser

1924 days ago

Jesus juice    

To #77...yes, I am glad I am NOT a fan of a JUNKIE.

1924 days ago


Those poor kid's had no kind of life being brought up with a junkie, say what you will but we all know it's the truth.

Now they are to be saddled with old grandma in a wheel chair to give them their care and the whole crazy Jackson bunch. Oh but wait, it's such a huge loving family, everyone will chip in to help grandma in the wheel chair raise those kid's, NOT. Who need's fifty million Jackson faces in those kid's faces. That would not be a stable enviroment for those kid's.

Debbie FIND the strength to fight for your flesh & blood. Are you really going to leave them with stranger's that they are not blood related to ??? If Debbie doesn't want custody the state need's to step in & find a good home for them.
I CANNOT see any judge letting them stay in that Jackson household.

Get your kid's Debbie. You will be glad in year's to come you did the right thing.I believe you would be great for them, don't paid attention to all the foul mouth's out their or the media, the kid's father is dead, now you need to stand up.

I hope this artical is wrong. I cannot believe Debbie will just let the old lady in the wheel chair have these kid's either. I don't believe for a minute this is what MJ would want either with a somber brain. Reguardless who he willed them to. He was a junkie. Who leaves their kid's to Dianna Ross and he NEVER even talked to her about it or had anything to do with her in 20 year's !! She had NEVER even met those kid's !!!! She was shocked when the will was read. Who does that but a junkie who NEVER took those kid's serious. If he did he would of NEVER mentioned Dinna Ross or his OLD MOTHER to leave the kid's to.

Get your kid's Debbie. SAVE THEIR LIFES !!!!!

1924 days ago


Micheal sold out 50 concerts in in hours after his concert anounment in London so what does that tell you and he was coming out of retirement the man was BAD, nobody can do like Mike he's the best from Off the Wall to his lastest he's still sounds good and can dance his a@@ off can't nobody do it like Micheal can be duplicated can be touched on of the most talented artist of all time.

Micheal Jackson Fan!!


1924 days ago


To the poster about genetics.. that is so no true. As an african american or black person, we come in varying shades within families from almost white (can pass for white) to blue black) within the same family. This depends on the lineage of the family. So it depends. So it is possible. My husband's grandmother who was a black woman looked white and people thought she was, but his nephew is very dark. and there are others in his immediately family who are dark. My husband looks hispanic but he is african american.

1924 days ago


And not all black people have nappy hair as you so eloquently put it.

1924 days ago


you american's condemn all other cultures of being narrow minded and look at your self. You guys are crucifying a woman for being a surrogate. Talk about double standards!!!!!! Being a surrogate is the most beautiful and honorable professional one can have. You are giving people the gift of life. Debbie gave MJ two gorgeous kids. They only married to shut people's mouths coz you 'Modern' Americans would've prob shot them all if you had found out she was just a surrogate.
And OF COURSE she got paid for it. Why shouldn't she have?? No one seems to have any problems with celebrities making millions. Why should surrogates be any different?

1924 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

ohhhhhhhhh Debbie, ur smooooth...u know darn well Kathering won't b living alot of yrs in the future, so, better get in the door and start making contacts with the kids monthly or whatever u r fanagling...cause sooooooo easy to see thru this set-up, let the grama take care and go in for the big swoop when she passes..and get the real will know u and oh boy...they will all b in their teens and nice a rich..nice set up huh??omg..poor kids

1924 days ago
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