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Settlement Near in Jackson Custody Case

7/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told lawyers for Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson are working out a custody settlement and the discussions are amicable. One source connected with the case tells us, "It should be settled very soon."

Micheal Jackson's KIds
As for what they're discussing, our sources say the custody of the children -- not money -- is the issue on the table, but that it looks pretty clear Katherine Jackson will end up with custody, assuming the judge goes along. As for what Debbie Rowe wants ... we're told she too is interested in making sure the children are okay.

We're told Rowe is still collecting money from an agreement she and Michael struck several years ago, around the time of the child molestation trial. That agreement was drafted so it will survive Michael's death.

As for additional money, we're told Rowe is not requesting that. In fact, our sources say lawyers for Jackson's estate have not even been consulted about the discussions between lawyers for Katherine and Debbie. If there were any issue of additional monies, the estate lawyers would have been consulted.

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Well, hopefully those children can stay with Katherine. They need to have a lovely mother figure around them, and she's seems to be the perfect one.

1926 days ago


I have said from the beginning of this, I believe all she wants is some sort of assurance that Joe Jackson does NOT have access to these children. I believe she knows how strongly Michael felt about it and that is her only concern regarding custody. I don't know why everyone is bashing her. She has not done or said anything to warrant the kind of hate that is on these posts.

1926 days ago


The Jackson"s are their family. Let them be with family. They have been through ENOUGH!!!
but I do think Janet should be the one to care for them!

1926 days ago


Again, lets look at whats at steak here 3 very little childen who's lives are never going to be the same they were a month ago. Be a fan or not a fan of MJ he was their father in all ways that do count. Nobody knows what happenes behind closed doors so who are we to sit back in judgement of who is right for them and who is not. The media portrays the Jacksons they best way it can to get the ratings it wants. We've never met them nor Debbie Rowe to say who is fit or not. Pray for the safty and that the kids know oneday, they will stop crying at nite alone asking why? why did daddy go... its heart breaking being a child and thinking grown people don't think they can "handle" stuff. I am sure they deserve lots of props. My thoughts are with those three beautiful kids.


1926 days ago


Katherine is already indoctrinating these kids into the Jehovah's Witness cult, which Michael left many years ago. Very sad.

1926 days ago


GWAR Will Get Custody of the Kids and Will Sacrifice Them!!!!!

1926 days ago


I knew it. What kind of person would not only come once after money, but then a second time? I am glad I left that bs behind. I could never sell a child regardless and then return again for more. Debbie should be in jail for blackmail and selling children. (in my opinion)

1926 days ago

to little    

LOL The Micjael Zone doesn't know what the hell they are reporting. Last we heard from TMZ she setteled for 4 mil on one last pay day and that she didn't want kids just more money.

I am betting money this is rumor like all of the reporting on this subject

1926 days ago

a total fan    

Debbie is not in this for the money, at least not addition money. She is only getting what she should have had coming years ago and never recieved. And if Jackson did make it possible for her to keep recieving the income after his death, then that only tell me that he really loved and appreciated the love she had for him and showed it by giving him the family he always wanted.

1926 days ago


If I were blanket, I'd ask for a name change!

1926 days ago


MJ was my friend. But TMZ won't let me tell my story. He also did demerol. The propofol killed him, but his big thing was the demerol.

1926 days ago


Odd. Nothing about Mischa Barton on TMZ. Did you guys suddenly grow a conscience ? :D That'd be cool, but hard to believe.

1926 days ago


i still don't get it...what is to discuss ? michael left the kids to his mom....the kids love being a jackson, specially being with janet jackson...they have a family !....they want janet ro raise them....debbie did not wanted them back...what is so much to discuss ? Joe jackson ? how come neither of the 30 + grandkids say he is an abuser grandfather ? they say he is a teddybear !...people do change !

1926 days ago


Elizabeth - If MJ was truly your friend, and you want to talk about it so badly, why don't you sell your story to TMZ and then they will post it, and we can all come here and tell you how sorry we are that we didn't believe you.

1926 days ago

Now, Joe Jackson will be beating the 3 kids with his belt, as he did iwth Michael.

1926 days ago
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