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Jackson Doc Declines to Chat with Cops

7/18/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Dr. Conrad Murray canceled an interview with the LAPD.

As we have already reported, the LAPD is treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide. Detectives have their sights set on Murray, as the person who may have administered the drug Propofol, which we're told is the primary cause of Jackson's death.

We're told the LAPD planned a third interview with Dr. Murray earlier in the week -- the doctor was interviewed the day Jackson died and again two days later.

Reps from the L.A. County Coroner's office planned to attend the third interview, but we're told Dr. Murray's lawyer called and said the doctor would not be speaking to the cops at this time.

And here's the best part. Our sources say the cops called the lawyer back and they were referred to the lawyer's lawyer who said Dr. Murray's lawyer would not be speaking to them!


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He killed MJ, that´s sure!
And he will be punished for that!!!!!!!

1860 days ago


Dude, you know your SCREWED whenever YOUR lawyer is unable to defend HIMSELF and HE NEEDS A LAWYER! I have never heard of such a thing in my life. This shows that even Conrad Murray's lawyer is a dishonest crook. He knows that the ONLY WAY to defend this guy is to cover it up and LIE. That is why he has decided to get a lawyer to cover up HIS COVER-UP. If I were a lawyer, I wouldn't touch Murrays case with a 10-foot pole. I think Murrays lawyer took the case thinking he would pull a slick one like OJ's lawyers did and get Conrad off. He knew that this would get him TONS of publicity and if he got him off by some MIRACLE, he would be seen as this SUPER LAWYER and all the Hollywood stars would hire him to protect them. Then he could charge TONS more money to his clients. SORRY,,, that will NOT happen in this case. Dr Conrad Murray is AS GUILTY AS THEY COME and I am sure there is TONS OF EVIDENCE to take to trial to convict this money-grubbing murderer. This lawyer needs to just DROP CONRAD MURRAY as a client and get out while he still can before HE GOES DOWN WITH HIM!!

1860 days ago


You know your F@CKED, when your lawyer has to lawyer-up

1860 days ago


Dr Murray has proven himself to be a lying coward. After he was interviewd the second time by LAPD, his lawyer stated that Dr Murray would stay in California as long as the investigated was going, in the event that they would need to interview him again. Now he;s in Texas, and refusing to speak with police. From day one I knew he was guilty. Michael was just blocks away from the hospital, if the situation got so out of control, he should not have hesitated a second to do whatever possible to get Michael to the hospital. What he did was try and clean up the crime scene as best he could to save his own ass, while Michael laid there dying. He needs to be arrested and charged with Michaels murder. I just hope a fan doesnt rip into him first, and the police better be watching his moves, because he sounds like he could be a flight risk. I want to see this man behind bars.

1860 days ago


MJ a 50 year old(which is not old) pathetic loser!
120lbs, to weak to perform, junkie, burned out, pedophile

The king of pop my asz

1860 days ago


Not only should the doctors be charged for the death of Michael Jackson, but the FDA, DEA and the Pharmaceutical Companies should be held liable. Pharmaceutical Companies pay the FDA and the DEA to hide vital information that can cause death, while giving doctors huge kickbacks and trips for giving patients their medication. The big global Pharmaceutical Companies have one interest ONLY; making money no matter whose life they ruin and how many people, they kill, including children. Pharmaceutical companies put all the responsibility on the pharmacist, when telling the patients the side effects of drugs. Pharmaceutical Companies know most patients do not consult with the pharmacists, while grocery shopping or even take them seriously after their doctor gave them the drug! I bet when Michael Jackson was first given morphine in the hospital, he was never told this “In controlled studies comparing the physiological and subjective effects of injected heroin and morphine in individuals formerly addicted to opiates, subjects showed no preference for one drug over the other.”
Morphine and heroin are identical!
IF TWO MEN CAN MAKE GOOGLE OUT OF LEGO’S, WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR THE FDA, DEA AND PHARMACUETICAL COMPANIES TO MAKE A DATABASE THAT CROSSED REFERENCED EVERYTHING, PREVENTING ABUSE! Why is it ok to arrest people for doctor shopping, knowing that the addiction is so strong physically and mentally? Why wont the pharmaceutical companies take full blame and start-placing people in a blush 6 months rehab that works, on their dime! If they stopped lying and telling the truth, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Abbott would have to GIVE UP THEIR BENTLEY , SEVERAL MULTIMILLION DOLLAR HOMES ! Stop lying and killing people!
Example of what these idiots are making killing people and children. Do you think Michael Jackson meant anything to them? No, they rule everything in the United States!

1) Abbott Laboratories -- CEO Miles D. White earned a total compensation of $25,104,085, which included a base salary of $1,795,471, a cash bonus of $4,200,000, stocks granted of $7,499,925, and options granted of $10,757,796.

2) Novartis'-- CEO Daniel Vasella - earned $15.5M in 2007. That is down $17.5 million - a figure that some say places him among the highest-paid executives in Europe. Company worth 40 billion dollars

3) GlaxoSmithKline –CEO Sir Gent - considered in 2008 to be the most overpaid CEO with receiving $ 34 m in 2007 and $ 40.5 m

4) Johnson & Johnson- CEO William C. Weldon -- In 2008, Weldon earned a total compensation of $29,392,224. Company worth 63.747 Billion dollars

5) Pfizer- Jeff Kindler- CEO Jeffrey B. Kindler earned a total compensation of $14,788,302, which included a base salary of $1,575,000, a cash bonus of $3,000,000, stocks granted of $7,553,015, and options granted of $2,222,026. Company worth 48.418 billion dollars

1860 days ago

sure man    

are we sure this isn't sarah palin in drag? he's choosing to hide from responsibility, and lie, and deny.

1860 days ago

Master PO    

DOC MURRAY! ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!!! You are as GUILTY as they come!
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for YOU, CONRAD MURRAY!

Conrad Murray is TOAST AND WELL DONE, put a fork in him!
Bye Bye and Bubba says HI to you in SING SING.

1860 days ago


Shocking - Dr. Conrad Murray =An AMERICAN HERO ??? Come, see the video and comment on:

1860 days ago


#80--I think #65 (RN) is correct in that it's pretty cut and dry that this is a a case of pure ethics and criminal liability out the gate, and the LAPD already know pretty much about basic causes and what not...BUT, I think the delays and attorney turmoil and coroner confusion (waiting for two more experts reports) MAY be because Murray already talked too much, thinking he could psych folks out. In other words, the forenics may be saying one thing--but Murray added to the mess by already saying too much of another (for ex, horrible speculation, but Murray may have admitted that MJ was alive, and indeed he was, but the problem became that Murray foolishly didn't seek help, thinking he could handle matters--and that caused a fatal delay....or Murray left MJ unattended, hopefully not, etc)......again, I suspect the coroners wanted to talk at this meeting, because forensics MAY not be adding up to Murray's previous statements of what happend, whatever they were..... when lawyers start to clam up and leave, espcially how these just immediately were spouting, it's usually a sign that either ethics are going off the hook or the client's boo boo pile was bigger than you thought or hoped.

1860 days ago


gary in australia

The didnt bury MJ body officially yet because they might need it for further evidence. They said it on the news.

1860 days ago


"Reps from the L.A. County Coroner's office planned to attend the third interview, but we're told Dr. Murray's lawyer called and said the doctor would not be speaking to the cops at this time."

ummm... would not speak to the cops at this time, sorry but HE HAS TO & if not get a arrest warrant & talk to him that way.

he waited 10-20 minutes before calling 911 WHO THE HELL DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!

BS that he wasn't sure if EMS would know where the house was because it's a big street. They always find any house. I was outraged when I heard that!! & who knows he might he got the guy to just start CPR as he called.

Going by those two, he sounds guilty.

1860 days ago

Master PO    


If anyone knows his where abouts... please tell him to turn himself in.

Murray's in like flynn.... I mean he's gonna do some sing sing action.
There's alot of MJ fans in prison... and Murray's pretty much going to be ABUSED.

If Murray's fellow inmates are like those in the Phillipines, doing the Thriller dance and dance tributes.
Maybe Murray can be sent to that prison in the Phillipines... LOL!

Also, I bet when he realized MJ was dead or about to... DOC MURRAY turned as WHITE as Michael ;)

1860 days ago


Get the FBI involved now he has feld the state!!


1860 days ago


Dr. Murray won't be speaking with cops because he's somewhere south of the equator!

1860 days ago
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