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Owen & Woody

Wet & Wild

7/18/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With no ladies in sight, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson got into it this weekend in Portofino, Italy -- taking their bromance to the next level by wrasslin' on a giant raft.


From the looks of it, Wilson's fighting skills pale by comparison.


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lmao 2 men wrestle and there are a million posts about a gay relationship...have you never been around a group of jocks, guy friends or even some brothers at a BBQ, family get together-it starts with frisbee or half court or some backyard football and usually disintegrates into this "I can take you" kind of fun.
Of course I will admit my first thought was they would be good friends, Owen would start whining about something and Woody would kick his ass right back to reality.

1920 days ago


Tap Out Woody, Owen has skillz see that leg lock coming around your knees?

1920 days ago


There is nothing to this photo @ all but two friends having fun! Go to: & you will see the series of photo's leading up to this one.

1920 days ago

Two F@golas!!    

Woody should be ashamed of trying to hump poor drug-addled Owen!

You can see in this pic (and The MailOnline pics) that Woody is getting some sexual pleasure out of it while poor Owen doesn't know what's going on!!

BTW - If these were taken this weekend, why was Woody spotted in NYC on Saturday and Sunday? Were these older pics just released to counteract the pics of Owen getting his drink on in St. Tropez (7/14)? Noticed that you didn't run those ...

1920 days ago

Joe Bescophilis    


1920 days ago


Come on, people... it is a freeze frame. It's easy for it to be taken out of context. What about the Obama pic of him oggling the shapely backside of the lovely young lady in France! Oh wait... he WAS ogling her! Whatever, Owen and Woody. It must be nice to have money that you can do whatever you want wherever you want.

1920 days ago


All you obese overweight people out there can learn something from us. This is called "wrestling" and it involves strength and stamina. (Something you, obviously, don't know about or have too much of).

1920 days ago


Aren't they at George Clooney's Mediterranean boys' club???

1920 days ago


30. Only in America, everybody is gay or a molester. Give me a break. Two men wrestling, guys do that all the time. Good clean fun. Americans are EVIL.

Posted at 3:44PM on Jul 19th 2009 by buzz

We may be evil but we're also right. So STFU.

1920 days ago


Looks pretty gay if you ask me. Another example of why kids should stay off drugs.

1919 days ago

Two F@golas!!    

Owen's the bottom? What a surprise! Anyway, this pic should put crazy ole Owen right over the edge!! He already had to leave the country with his brothers as babysitters because he can't deal with A-Rod banging Kate. You treated her badly and she dumped your pasty @ss! Deal with it like a man, you big baby!! No-one can stand you, Owen - they just put up with you for the money, the leftover chicks and, in some cases, (see above pic) to get a cheap sexual thrill off a drugged out fool!

1919 days ago


LoL! They look so silly. But, then again, i tend to think guys tend to like silly when they wrestle each other and do those play fights. Males amuse me, they're fun to observe.

1919 days ago


2 hot boys having fun. I wonder when the baby is due?

1095 days ago
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