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Ms. Rowe Cleans a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

7/19/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe spent some quality time going all dental with her horse.

The pic was taken at Debbie's ranch. We're told Rowe and Katherine Jackson are close to striking an agreement over the custody of Michael Jackson's kids. Our sources say the deal is not about money.

As we first reported, Debbie is already collecting cash based on an agreement she struck with Jackson around the time of the child molestation trial.

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1921 days ago

Rock Singer    

Hello Folk's I'm Mr. Ed

1921 days ago



1921 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#4,5,6 Linda, merrygoround, and mjfan, I AGREE!!!!!!
Read comments 4,5,6 again.
My take on it: Rowe is not the biological mother. Prince 1 and Paris look nothing like her and,of course,they are MJ's biological kids. They are ROWE and JACKSON's LEGAL kids and that is all that matters.Rowe surrgated these kids for MJ using Cacausian 's egg and sperm.
Everybody keeps talking about how the kids have all of these cousins,aunts,uncles grandparents in the Jackson family. Hmm,don't you think if these 500 million dollar babies were Rowe's her parents, siblings ,friends would MAKE SURE she got custody whether she wanted to be a full-time mom or not!!! Wouldn't you make sure she had her kids if you had to raise them for her if you were her sibling,friend,or parent? I sure as hell would,but for the right
reasons, not the 500 million.Larry Birkhed wasted no time and fought for his child even though Howard was the legal father.
Birkhead's parents, friends, and sister backed him up big time. AnnaNicole's mother was trying to get custody too but common sense she could not against the legal and biological father. Her lawyers were just blowing smoke up her as*. ANNA NICOLE SMITH"S custody case is just like this one including parents like JoeJackson and Anna Nicole'smom who see $$$$$ .
I hope the MJ kids get some therapy.Love,direction, from Katerine and she live another 10 yrs mentallyand phsycially healthy and with KJ only making the decisons for the kids. Yeah,,she has maids, cooks, nannies,drivers,gurads,tutors,etc..
I HOPE what I say is true about Rowe not being the bio mom. They kids hardly know her and know she is mom they call Ms.Debbie.What a pitiful thing
to see as they get older that their"Mom" loves ,cares and takes EXCELLENT care of her horsees,dogs...cries when they ae sold.

1921 days ago


The horse looks better.

1921 days ago


Um, she was paid and legally bound to be loyal to MJ, so I don't think it came from the goodness of her heart. You get involved in the intimate details of a major celebrity's life and guess what - your privacy will be invaded. You can't just collect the riches without the trade-off of people shoving a camera in your face or posting a picture from time to time. And I don't know how stable someone is when not too long ago they were so star-struck that they were willing to become a surrogate for the sake of being connected to a celebrity. She is definitely smart - or at least has good legal advisement. Why would she sell a story, when it could very well be used against her in any future legal proceedings? An interview would be small potatoes. She doesn't want to be a mom, and it looks as if she's trying to make sure her settlement will be honored by the estate without trying to act as if she is interested in being a mother as an insurance policy for the money she's owed. I think she made a deal and she deserves to get paid according to the terms of the deal. I think people who don't want their children - biology or not - don't need to be parents. If she wanted them, believe she could have them as the biological mother but she does not want them. If the Jacksons want the children, let them go where they're wanted. Even if Katherine weren't left a penny, I bet she'd step up and take in the children. Other takers? Not so much.

1921 days ago


I am also 100 % Debbie !! I alson believe the kid's would be much better off with her. I hope she fight's for custody. It would be the all around best for those kid's. That whole Jackson family ( Besides Jackie ) have much bigger issues going on than Debbie.

I also don't think it's good for those kid's to be brought up with all these cousin's living together & different Aunt's & Uncles on this Jackson compound where so many of them live. The kid's need to be made to feel special and have their own little family & that is with Debbie, NOT on this huge compound living with all these different relatives, that are alway's looking where the next buck is going to come from.

I cannot believe CA cps has not step into the picture yet.All those people living like a cult on that compound. I seriouly hope Debbie goes for full custody. I can't believe how people pick on her. SHAME on them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1921 days ago

nira k    

The body is not even in the ground and the Jacksons are selling interviews. Rowe has kept her mouth shut. The Jackson family should follow her example if they really are concerned about the kids.

1921 days ago


Even if Debbie Rowe does decide to write a book, I doubt she will say what the public thinks or expects. Someone who goes out of the way to willingly have two children for someone and leaves them with that person to bring up is hardly going to do that for someone who she believes is a child abuser, which is what many of the public would expect her to say. Therefore Debbie writing a book would be a disappointment for most even though she probably knows quite a bit about MJ.

The person who I would like to write a no bars book about MJ is Lisa Marie. Her story would be bombshell after bombshell.

1921 days ago


If Debbie Rowe is such a good mother as some of you claim, why is she not fighting for full custody to remove them from a man she knows was abusive to their father? A good mother would fight to the end for her children if she did not want them raised near a man like Joe . Why hasnt she? Whats preventing her from doing so? A good mother would step in now that the father is gone, and reach out to her children, and do whats right by them. I guess the answer is very simple. This woman does not want to play a mother role in these childrens lives. She is content with recieving payment for the agreement she made with Michael. She does not want to boggle down raising young children. This woman does not have a maternal bone in her body. Don't portray Debbie Rowe as a loving, caring person, because she is not. Any mother would have already stepped in and say I WANT MY KIDS !!

1921 days ago

marie j    

cant they stop trashing her all she did was keep het deal with mj and when ever needed even defrended him she also never ever sold her story for money which is more then can be said from all of mj s soc alled friends these days so i think she deserves some respect for this
also its only the jackson families and debbies business what they are dealing

1921 days ago


Trust me. It is not about the money. It never was. She's living on a freakin ranch in PALMDALE! She could be living it up in a mansion in Beverly Hills or a house on the beach in Malibu, but no. She is not attention seeking or money grabing. She just wants to be left alone. PALMDALE YOU FOOLS!

1921 days ago


Lousey mother -- she basically was a surrogate mother for Michael Jackson. That does not make her a bad person. Not everybody is cut out to be a mother, and I have great respect for people who realize that. She is one of the few people in this circus atmosphere who's not out looking for money. She knows the kids are close to Michael's family. Seems to me that she wants what's best for the children. WTF is wrong with that? I have a great deal of respect for her. She could be talking to every tabloid around and bringing in big bucks. She gave Michael his children, she wants to make sure they are protected and get on with her life. Leave her be. She's not bothering anybody.

1921 days ago

Tammy, Humble, Texas    

Debbie Rowe was simply a SURROGATE. She is only in it for the MONEY. She should be ashamed of herself.

If these children go to her then what’s the purpose of a will???? A will is SUPPOSE to be what WILL take place after one dies….. What is happening here?????

By her own admission she said that the children call her Miss Debbie…. Well, why would a MOTHER want to be addressed by her own children by her FIRST name???…. It’s simple…. She DOESNT’T want to be their MOTHER…..

Debbie Rowe should get a life of her own and continue to take care of her horses…..Debbie Rowe filed with the courts to give up her parental rights and that’s how it should stand….She also said these children were a gift to Michael….Besides it’s not fair for the children to be separated and shame on the courts if this happens…


1921 days ago

Dr. Hungwell    

Ms. Rowe is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

1921 days ago
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