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Why is Michael's Mom Mounting Legal Challenge?

7/19/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's MomSources connected to Michael Jackson's family tell us some family members as well as lawyers for the estate are ticked off at some legal eagles who may be trying to start a legal war.

Attorneys Londell McMillan and Burt Levitch do not represent Michael's estate -- they represent Katherine Jackson personally. They filed legal papers Friday asking a judge to rule if Katherine can object to the appointment of the executors named in Michael's will and still collect the money her son left her.

Here's the issue. There's a "no contest" clause in the will, meaning anyone who files objections to the will automatically gets no money. McMillan and Levitch want to know if the "no contest" clause would apply if Katherine only objects to the executors Michael chose.

Here's what's bugging some family members and the lawyers representing the estate ... the will gives Katherine 40% of Michael's estate, so she can't be upset about that. The will names Katherine guardian for the children .. again, that's what she wants. And the named executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are Michael's longtime, trusted advisors and friends.

So why would Katherine object to the will or the executors? A lot of people who are in the middle of it all feel Katherine is being manipulated and doesn't really understand the implications of mounting a legal challenge.

So why are McMillan and Levitch kicking up dust?

Stay tuned...

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no 68, lawyer info am sure you are very!! the only one laughing all the way to the bank collecting jacksons hard earn cash will be the lawyers in the end cos this could get ugly and you know as well as i do that god dont like ugly!!lol! .its so sad cos there are children involved and who will be used as brick bats in this adult game of money porn..behind all this is joe jackson rubbing his hands and collecting the dosh.. ( MONEY) ... micheal jackson is gone but his children are now going to be used to make even more money for the jackson clan .. quite frankly am disgusted at the turn things are taking with the litigation that will be cranking along nicely for some.. its all such a bad scene which ever way you look at it.

1888 days ago


with family and lawyers like this, maybe MJ is better off gone:(

1888 days ago

Las Vegas Greg    

I think Katherine is worried that the named executors just want control of Michael's music catalogs. They have links with Sony, so it doesn't take a genius to come to that conclusion. It's the only reason I can think why she would question the motives of the executors. Apparently, she doesn't have an issue with anything else in the will and we have to remember that we do not know the exact ins and outs of the will and the trust and maybe she has hard evidence to back up her suspicions of the executors. I doubt she would risk her 40% if she didn't have a good reason...I mean think about it!

1888 days ago

mrs h    

I think Mrs Jackson is trying to get any money that might one day become available( after the debts are paid) AWAY FROM THE KIDS.
I said from the beginning that there was no way the Jackson clan would let those kids inherit anything.
I read somewhere ages ago that Mrs Jackson wouldnt accept those children and referred to them as "the Girl and the Boy".

I think Debbie Rowe will fight tooth and nail for those children. She testified in Court during the molestation case that she had been promised access to her children in return for her testimoney. She called and called but was never granted access.
Some father MJ was telling his kids they didnt have a mother and deliberately stopping her from seeing them.
A lunatic left in charge of minors, thats what he was. He wasnt thinking about their feelings only his own selfish desire to be "everything" to them.

I hope those kids have a good lawyer looking after their interests because if the Jacksons get their way those kids will be out the door.

1888 days ago


My grandfather's estate was around 2 million, the executors (wachovia bank no less) were paid $45,000 to execute the will. FORTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They get paid WAY TOO MUCH for doing WAY TO LITTLE if you ask me.
Not to mention the loss of a few hundred thousand dollars because they took their own sweet time getting the money out of the stock market. Geez, I could go on and on...........

1888 days ago


It makes one wonder if Michael really even ever thought that he would die before his MOM? I have been reading more and more about the Jehovah Witnesses and that is ironic that Michael celebrated parties, holidays, birthdays, year round and this sect doesn't believe in that. I can't get past that the refuse to vote and won't salute the American flag... These poor children keep running into walls and they don't even know it. Also sounds like right now everyone is SO worried about the money. IF Katherine passed today, those kids would then get sent to Dianna Ross who has a substance abuse problem. This is beyond sad. What do Jehovah's say about greed? ney or hey?

1888 days ago


Michael knew how greedy his family is , that is why he initialed every paragraph of the will. To show that he
understood each and every part of the will and wanted it followed to the letter. He also, knew how easily
his mother could be manipulated still by the father. If the woman can't even understand the 'no contest'
clause how the hell does she expect to understand the intricate nature of his estate. How sad that in
death , the one person he loved the most and trusted is betraying him and his children and his final

1888 days ago


If Katherine does not have the wherewithall to understand the "NO CLAUSE" stipulation in the will, then should she really be caring for three young children? It's cut and dry, fight my wishes and you get nothing. It's a no brainer. Has Joe "The Abuser" Jackson left and gone back to Vegas yet, (you know, that place he's been living the past 10 years) or is he still hanging around Encino?

Her attorney's are doing nothing but filing paperwork and each time they do that, they GET PAID. What might cost you or I a couple of hundred bucks to file, I'm sure they are charging a couple of thousand.

While it is true that Branca was fired by MJ a few times, is it not telling that MJ kept re-hiring him? That alone should tell anyone that Mike trusted him. And did anyone else notice that we really aren't hearing anything from these attorney's? I guess it's because they are honoring MJ's wishes and doing what they need to do to get the Estate settled and back in shape. Good job guys.

They (especially Joe I'm sure) want 100% control of the 80%. The other 20% they can't touch and thank God, or they'd be ripping off the charities MJ loved so much too!

1888 days ago


One can only hope this is a very astute and child-oriented judge who will immediately assign Guardian ad Litems on behalf of those children and find a more suitable domestic environment for them outside the dysfunctional and greedy Jackson Family. People who are vultures attract and surround themselves with like vultures so nothing they do would surprise most of us. The supposedly "grieving parents and 'family'" certainly moved fast to take control over his possessions and monies, eh? The sweetest revenge right now would be that the biological mother of the youngest one (born in San Diego County) surfaces before any final decisions are made on behalf of the kids and then see if Miko Brando fesses up at that time - smile!!!

1888 days ago


Michael Jackson died and he was supporting his mother and father and 6 of his siblings Suddenly the whole family is wondering who is going to support them now. If they let the executors handle his affairs there will be no money for them. Katherine and her lawyers realize that all of Michael siblings will have no one supporting them. If the executors handle the estate they will cut the payments to the siblings and try to pay off the debts that are owed. It's a no brainer that they want the money and they don't want to be denied access to it. Katherine obviously wants to continue to support her children and grandchildren with Micheal's money otherwise there is going to be all kinds of financial chaos amongst her children. Jermaine et al the free ride is over!!!

1888 days ago


If Klein is the father, it could be that Debbie might be able to get her children away from the Jacksons without having to foot the legal bill. Klein who has the money can do the legal fighting to get his kids from the Jacksons whilst Debbie does the we are still talking with the Jacksons. If Klein was able to prevail in the legal fight to get the two oldest children, the scene will be set for Debbie and Klein to co-parent their kids and finally free themselves and the children from keeping MJ's secrets. If this happened, the media might follow them around for a while but once these children are no longer caught up in the MJ drama, the media will find there is very little to report and move on to another story. I hope that this is how it plays out. Sorry about the youngest one but MJ cooked up this ridiculous situation. MJ's pretend world is set to unravel big time.

1888 days ago


Its obvious that Katherines' lawyer Londell McMillan is behind this legal battle. He was on television after Michael passed away and in talking about the will that had not surfaced at the time he made it very much appear like he would be the one controlling things on behalf of Katherine. Clearly he thought that would include Michael's Estate. This is about the millions of dollars in legal fees that any lawyer who represents Michael's Estate will collect. Londell McMillan wants to be the guy who bills for those fees. Basically he is a greedy self serving bastard, who is not the best person to oversee the business affairs of Michael's Estate. John Branca is one of Michaels trusted advisors who negotiated the deal which brought Michael the music publishing catelog business in the first place. He knows more about Michael's affairs better than anyone else and is one of the most respected lawyers in Hollywood. And Londell McMillan is who? That's right a lawyer trying to make a name for himself and get a free ticket of wealth through life. I hope the judge throws him out of the court and holds up the no contest clause. I believe what we will see is the judge will say that the no contest clause applies to all aspects of the will. Everything in the will from the first typed letter to the very last. "No Contest" is a common practice in Hollywood as many famous entertainers such as Frank Sinatra put this clause into their will. No one was stupid enough to challenge Franks will.

1888 days ago

lawry, from France    

Thanks to 'Truth b told', #51, explaining the jackson family, wowwww.. i didn't know about this mess with Jermaine& Randy, when i see Jermaine on itw, i just think he is very naive or really greedy -like the others- overall father Joe,who is a frightening guy, even he's so old (won't he de some day? alas, i hope so...)

Thanks to Lawyer Info too.. here in France it's VERY different.

MJ had been under pressure (family, media) for decades, it's a very very sad life.. i wonder HOW i he managed to make so great music & to be such an entertainer.

1888 days ago

lawry, from France    

"won't he de some day?"
sorry, i meant: won't he DIE some day?

1888 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

John Branca and John McClain -- are Michael's longtime, trusted advisors and friends.

So why would Katherine object to the will or the executors? A lot of people who are in the middle of it all feel Katherine is being manipulated and doesn't really understand the implications of mounting a legal challenge.

Who are you kidding Michael COULDN'Ttrust anyone and certainly SHARKS can never be anybody's friends. By implications do you mean the mob at Sony TOMMY MOTTOLLA(TOOL) is gonna whack Katherine off too??

1888 days ago
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