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Welcome to Hollywood -- Abdul Threatens 'Idol'

7/19/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula AbdulPaul Abdul is hurt, angry and threatening to quit "American Idol" ... like "60 Minutes" wants to snatch her up.

It's absurd, but Abdul's manager told the L.A. Times, "Very sadly, it does not appear that she's going to be back on 'Idol," adding "Idol" producers have been "rude and disrespectful" by not offering her a new deal.

Ok, let's now get real. Our "A.I." spies say Abdul is raking in about 2 1/2 million bucks a year -- a nice check, but compared to the $15 mil a year that Ryan Seacrest just sealed ...

In Hollywood, stars have to talk the walk in order to rob the bank. Paula's manager says since "Idol" hasn't offered her a new deal she's now considering starting a competitive show. Here's the deal ... Paula tried starting her own series a few years back with Paramount .... NIGHTMARE! The idea crashed and burned.

So it's yet another ploy for more moolah, and more power to her. Whatever the deal it's a long way from Paula's first season paycheck -- our "A.I." spies say she was pulling in $5,000 a week.


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Fairly Clear    

The easiest 2.5 this career B Lister and world class DFNR (Diva for no reason) has ever made in her life, she shouldn't blow it by getting suddenly greedy without Idol she's just another 80 forget me not. Maybe she and Arsino Hall can go to a career fair and find new lines of work.

1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    


1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

I heard that she wanted to be a Laker cheerleader again and Phil Jackson said it would not be a good idea at this time under her current condition. I'm just saying...Damn, get a life bitch!

1859 days ago


PAULA SHOULD GET THE SAME PAY AS RYAN """""""""""""""""""""""EQUAL RIGHTS""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

1859 days ago


I like watching her craziness, it is the only reason I watch the damn show..

1859 days ago

Tariq Aziz    

Sorry Paula, but you're no fun to watch when you're not sober. If I wanted to watch a stupid drunk, I'd watch an old geez like Jack Cafferty on CNN!

American Idol: Please dump her. You gave her a chance to clean up her life this past season, but she failed and fell right off the wagon.

Kara can do a much better job. She's a qualified judge and she's SOBER!!!

1859 days ago


I say good bye to Paula (what does she really add?????) and Ryan (who is so in love with himself). Keep Simon and Randy - even though people might not like what Simon says, its not as bad as what they'd hear if they were trying to make it on their own.

1859 days ago


You see people: The glass ceiling was never broken and there are no cracks in it either!

1859 days ago


I am so tired of seeing Ryan Secrest's puss on tv. He could have been replaced with someone at the same salary as Paula and the show would not have skipped a beat. I cannot see his contribution. He's a fake, a robot, a puppet....wind him up and everything he says and does is exactly the same. No personal opinions on anything. Stands for nothing in my opinion.

1859 days ago

I Love Memphis    

She has GOT to go!!! She is such a loser. She should be thankful she made it this far on no talent. Sick and tired of her lip synching, Does she actually think she is good??? Bye Bye witch!!! Now I can enjoy the show. Hated it when she was always trying to grab Simon underneath the table. Who the heck wants her?? She can't talk, slurs her words, makes absoulutely no sense at all. She is dumb as rocks.. Good get her off... My prayers are answered. She looks bad also. Lot's and lots of wrinkles. They have to get someone who knows how to talk and is excellent in that field. Guess she will have to go to the unemployment line like the rest of us....I really hope she is gone. She is known for pulling this stunt every year. Don't give in to her. We need a fresh new face on there. Not this no talent ...

1859 days ago

laura bell lou    

I hate the show and leave the room when my family watches it!!! The show is such a fake! The people that have the talent never make it to the show. You have to act stupid to get on the show. I hate the way they make fun of people. I think it's real cool to to laugh at someone that's ugly or can't sing at all. Please let the show be taken off the air!!!!!! Please people are you that stupid to watch trash like that!!!!

1859 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Good. Let her get her sorry #$% off the show. She never added anything anyway. She is definitley on drugs. She is looped every week. No other show has commentators like her. She is a joke. Time for her to move on.

1859 days ago

Dot Perkins    

Paula is the BEST!!! Please don't let her get away from Idol. I won't ever watch it again if she is not on the show!!

1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

Vicodin, Norco, Soma, Percocet,Oxycontin, Demerol, Darvocet, Valium, Xanax and Heroin. I wonder what combo she takes to reach her peak? LISTEN TO HIGHWAYSTAR! STOP DOING HEROIN! OR ANY COMBO!

1859 days ago


Paula does a good job of judging the contestants. She's an experienced choreographer, has had hit albums too. Ryan could be replaced by someone else just as good and at a lot less pay. I think her relatively low pay is clearly sexism.

1859 days ago
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