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Battle Brewing Over McNair Estate

7/19/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNair EstateSlain QB Steve McNair may have left a mess behind, because a legal fight over his estate seems to be taking shape.

McNair did not leave a will. His widow, Mechelle, has been named administrator of his estate. She's named her two sons, Tyler and Trenton, as heirs.

But here's the problem. McNair has two older sons from a prior relationship -- Steven McNair Jr. and Steven O'Brian Koran McNair. Mechelle did not list either child as an heir.

Under Tennessee law, Mechelle gets 1/3 of the estate and the remaining 2/3 is split evenly among the heirs.

We don't know why Mechelle failed to mention the other two kids. There are reports she's not convinced McNair fathered the two older kids, even though one of them was getting $500 a month in child support from the NFL'er.

And the plot thickens ... McNair's agent is being coy about the possibility a will really does exist.

Stay tuned...

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Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears has 3 kids from 3 different mothers in 14 months...and he's crying about having to pay 1500 a week, after he landed some kind of 60million dollar deal...Two other Bears have a similiar problem, Brian Urlacher and Tommie Harris.

Is there some kind of mandatory clause in the Thug League that players have to become PLAYA'S?

Jeff Fisher and Lovie Smith ought to work more on Character building for their Team members, maybe they wouldnt end up like this. Fatherless children running around, Fathers being shot, etc. etc.
Shameful display of humanity that NFL is...and Michael Vick is coming back? Good Gawd Almighty...Roger Goodell, you havent cleaned up a thing...

1931 days ago

no no no    

Here I was feeling sorry for his wife and all of his kids...but she really is just being greedy...now I only feel sorry for the kids..."the love of money is the root of all evil".

1931 days ago


Once again this jerk shows how totally irrespondsible he was. Don't tell me what a great black role model he was, that is garbage. He violated everything that the NFL warns palyers about. He danced with the DEVIL and he payed the price.

1931 days ago



1931 days ago

Donald Ray    

#44, and just WTFK are YOU talking about??? You sound like a COMPLETE FKN MORON.

1931 days ago

laura bell lou    

No need to fight at all,you will lose. The money belongs to four kids just don't give any to the wife!!

1931 days ago


$500 dollars a month before McNair came into the NFL is reasonable. Some people do not even get that and the men may be billionaries. Mcnair was wrong for not making a will. But if he did not want to include his other two kids or leave them anything is ok. It is not right but it is McNairs choice. All he owes the other kids is child support and medical payments. His wife does not owe anybody anything. She was married to him and the other two women were not.

1931 days ago


Steve fathered the other two children before he married the present wife. What they receive is not up to Mechelle. It will be up to the courts. I recently read that they have been separated for about a year and a half. If he has been the Dad all these years he will continue to be the dad in the eyes of the court. Wasen't Michelle doing her owe thing. I hope she does not end up in jail. I think she wanted it all. I do not think his mistress killed him. Mrs gold digger will get 1/3 of his estate and the 4 kids will get to split the remaining 2/3. That is until the Will surface. You know he left his mother something.
Grandma McNair may end of with the kids because I believe Mom/Wife McNair had something to do with the killing. Greed will get you every time.

1931 days ago


greedy heartless bitch i hope it comes back to bite her on the ass no wonder he was cheating

1931 days ago


I'd request a paternity first. Why was he only paying for one child and not the other. And both were his name sake. So yes I would have a problem with that as well. Also why so little child support for a man that makes so much. That sounds odd, and like maybe he did have doubts. He should have been paying at least 1k a month for each. So Mechele was right, i would not list other heirs without proof.

1931 days ago

lucky girl    

People please Mechelle cannot file for anything for the older two boys, because she does not have custody of those boys. Their mothers or legal guadrians will haave to file for their share. Before you copmment please know what you are talking about.

1931 days ago


#12 I agree with you !!! Mechellle you didn't fight the fact he was the father when he was alive. She also had to know he was having affairs. ( didn't care until it might upset her gravy train ) . I hope the other (2) kids get there deserve. Thought I would never e-mail tmz. This is bull- crap !!!!!!!!! I felt bad for her before this. She is a bitc.......

1931 days ago


McNair's oldest son, Steven L. McNair Jr., is a senior and star wide receiver at Oak Grove High in Hattiesburg, Miss. His second son, Steven O'Brian Koran McNair, 15, lives in Mount Olive, Miss.

"He gave $500 a month for child support," said Cora McNair, the 15-year-old's grandmother and no relation to Steve McNair. "We don't know what's going on and don't know if he was entitled to anything. They need to get on board with this."

1931 days ago


Eh...I don't know Mechelle McNair, but:

1. Could be she doesn't, well at this point, didn't know she had to list the other children.
2. She would need their information such as soc.sec numbers dates of birth etc, more than likely she didn't have access to that information.
3. Steve's ass should have left a will and this nonsense wouldn't be happening.
4. I bet it will be changed immediately, I don't see why she would fight the other children, her and her children are still getting 66.67% of the estate.
5. The child receiving $500 a month maybe a child born before Steve made it to the NFL. If the mother didn't file to have the case reviewed or sought more money for her child once Steve made it to the NFL, then that is her fault.

1931 days ago


obviously no one here is a lawyer, because then you would know that mechelle mcnair can't just choose who steve's heirs are. in the system of intestacy, which is what governs when there is no will, the money automatically goes to the spouse (if living), and a portion will drop down to the children in certain situations. there will likely be paternity tests involved to determine if the other two kids really are steve mcnair's, but mechelle just can't choose who the money goes to. thing is, she's probably getting it all anyway.

1931 days ago
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