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Chris Brown

Apologizes for Rihanna Assault

7/20/2009 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a video of Chris Brown telling his fans how sorry he is over the Rihanna assault.

Chris Apology
Brown says he wanted to apologize earlier but couldn't on the advice of his lawyer.


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You are all acting like he is the ONLY man to ever hit a woman. Alot of men hit woman, and heaven forbid when someone "Famous" does it, he gets a bad wrap. He said he was sorry... now get over it!

1886 days ago

The animal apologizes. He avoids jail and the chance to be bitch-slapped -- or worse!

1886 days ago


Two words... Chemical Castration

1886 days ago

Smelly Jelly    

He reads a teleprompter better than some, but his conduct after the fact speak volumes about just how contrite he really is. Suffice to say I sensed no real sense of contrition here and I fully expect he will continue to repeat this behavior as he matures.

What he did to Rihanna was an act of savagery and cowardice and speaking to your minister, and your mom, will do nothing to change this. That he escaped jail time is yet another example of our two-tiered legal system. This man child should be serving a lengthy sentence for assault and battery.

1886 days ago


i have to wonder, is it as painful as it seems to be such an idiot/loser???? cause dude, you should be in agonizing pain. its over little fella, kaput, go on with your ownself and do us all a favor. ..... just die, will ya?

1886 days ago


I dunno. Whenever anyone describes beating someone repeatedly, as, "the incident" or, "what happened" my first thought is: still being cagey. Then there's the "not guilty" plea...after running to Las Vegas and then Florida thing.

On the other hand, Chris's half-assed apology might be the best he can do right now. Maybe he'll be more attuned with humility after his stint with community service. Time will tell.

We'll just have to see if he raises his hand again, and again and again.

And for right now, my daughter wouldn't be allowed to date him. Better to be safe now than really sorry later.

1886 days ago


It's called English, sir. Learn to speak properly like the rest of us. That ghetto slang is terrible.
And once a man beats a woman as badly as he beat her, they are never going to stop. Personal experience on that one.
Especially when they aren't really punished for it. What a d-bag.

1886 days ago


Maybe he should actually look at the camera and apologize to people instead of looking down and reading off of cue cards! Come back when your actually serious Chris Brown!

1886 days ago


He's still a douche. I'll never buy another one of his CD's or ever go to a concert of his again.

1886 days ago


Whatever! Took too long. You must have something coming out soon and now you are trying to clean it up. Whatever! You beat women. It takes years to lose that urge. You are not ready and you are not worthy. We are not ready.

1886 days ago


boy you white people kill me if it was justin timberlake hitting on her you would say give him a chance. everyone makes mistakes even all of you judging him.


1886 days ago

A fan who loves his music    

He made a mistake. He is sorry. Time to forgive.
He's a musician. He's not your pastor or role model. He is not perfect - neither are you.
Enjoy his music. Anybody that doesn't shiver when they hear "Tell Me" or "Winner" has rocks for ears. Could his lyrics be deeper? Of course. He's young. Let him grow. Some day he'll realize profanity is just a crutch for a poor and imprecise vocabulary. I bet his lyrics will take a dramatic step forward in maturity and depth.
Now lets see if Rihanna can turn this into something positive and show some forgiveness.
If they could show they have a civil, platonic relationship now, that would set the most marvelous example.
Women don't have to cave into their emotions and take the man back to forgive. It takes a lot more strength not to actually.

1886 days ago


I still love him and I am still a fan and I am not alone!!

1886 days ago


Exceptional and sincere apology. Very glad to hear he is continuing to seek guidance and I do believe this will put him on the right track since he is young enough to modify his behavior.

1886 days ago


if you listen to this poorly strung together set of words...when he talks about her he says..."i TOLD rihanna..." like he had warned her beforehand and this was the outcome!!!! i think they both need to return to obscurity...they have both f*cked up their chances!!!!

1886 days ago
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