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Don Cornelius -- I Want to Die Alone

7/20/2009 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Cornelius Don Cornelius has made it clear he does not want to die ... married.

The "Soul Train" king was so desperate to get a divorce from his ex-wife Viktoria, that he actually put the following lines in divorce papers he submitted to L.A. County Superior Court:

"I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die."

The judge must have seen things Don's way -- the divorce was granted a couple of weeks ago.


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who the hell    

52. He must be one very bitter, miserable man to want to die alone. Stick a bone up his ass and let the dogs cart his sorry ass away to his grave
You know I had this friend that when ever something wasn’t going his way he threatened to kill himself somewhere away alone. But what he really wanted was to hurt the people closest to him. Because he needed attention serious attention. No one and I mean no one wants to die alone that is a fear of every elderly person alive today. Trust me I know.

1885 days ago


50. 8. Can we get on with some real news TMZ is getting worse than The National Enquirer. Give your readers a break Huh

Posted at 8:23PM on Jul 20th 2009 by HighwayStar
Shut up or they will put more MJ up there at least we have a break.

Posted at 10:41PM on Jul 20th 2009 by who the hell


1885 days ago


OJ and Ike Turner are actually not the only well-known accused/convicted woman beaters/domestic abusers/killers. Others
include Phil Spector, Robert Blake, Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Christian Slater, Sean Penn, Keith Moon, Ryan O'Neal, Nick Carter, Bobby Hull, Ringo Starr, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Eminem, Tom Arnold, Jose Canseco, Sean Burke and Gary Busey, to name a few. Violence against women is an equal opportunity crime.

1885 days ago

Alligator Purse    

That silicone gold digger was his second wife.....

1885 days ago


joos instigate fights between other races to keep them fighting while they r stealing all the money and gold(banks, goldman/sachs, bernie madoff). the more you fight, the more money gets stolen and the more control they get and the more wars go on. keep eating each other like dumb animals. it is so profitable.

harvey levin is playing you all like fools for profit

1885 days ago

Law 34    

Was there a prenup?

1885 days ago


Hookers are better than wives.

1) They don't like to you about love.
2) They tell you up front how much it will cost you to do them.
3) They leave when you want them to.
4) They don't take 1/2 your stuff.
5) They don't treat sex like its a reward for you being a good little boy.
6) They leave when you want them to.
7) The know their vagina is a piggy bank.
8) They don't pester you about what are you thinking.
9) They don't take 1/2 of everything you own as payment for having sex.
10) They go the Hell away when you want them to.

Why any American man would waste his time and hard earned money on what is really a long term hooker disguised as a 'relationship' is beyond me. Marriage is a losing business contract for the male business partner. Men are better off staying single and having sex on a 'pay as you go' plan instead of the balloon payment method -aka- Divorce.


1885 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

I can dig it. The man wants to suffer and die in peace. Guess he could never get the comfort zone he wanted by being married and figures the only way to have that comfort,you know, being able to breathe easy,not constantly having to justify his right to walk this earth to some woman whose more often than not going to be imploding with resentment and contempt, is to have solitude.
Take care Don. Hope the time you have left is peaceful for you.

1885 days ago

Linda Mott    

He sounds really bitter about his divorce. It is a shame that people break up and have such anger. Consentrait on the good times that you had together and let go of the bad times.

1885 days ago



1885 days ago


Oh for f**ks sake people, this isn't a white or black thing....idiots!

1885 days ago


If the old dude wants a "trophy" wife, he knows the deal--and everything that comes with it! It's a trade off. He allows her to play with his money while he gets that younger thang to stand next to him in public and boost his sagging ego in public, while he gets to play around with her at home. What's the surprise here?? You can't really believe that someone much younger REALLY wants some old dude, do you? COME ON!!!! Don't fool yourself into thinking someone much younger really gets turned on at possibly false teeth, peeing on themselves, diapers, medical problems, and wrinkles, do you? They're both grown. They know the deal. It's a trade off and they both get what they deserve.

1885 days ago


Loved him in the movie "Tapeheads". I wonder if he has any "production value" in his decree or if his attorney worked on spec? "Let's get into trouble baby!"

1885 days ago


No one wants to die alone. It is too bad that some people do not see it until it is too late & grasp on to the nearest person to find some companionship. There were many good women in his life, just like in any man's life. The lesson learned here is to know when you have it and hold on to it for dear life. Those are the type of people who make life worthwhile.

Women are worth 10x their weight in gold if you have the right one. And the wrong one will suck the last drop of blood from your veins and dwindle your life's work and legacy to the point of trivial just as the wrong man will.

There are plenty of amazing, wonderful, kind hearted, honest, intelligent women out there just as there are men.

No one should lose their hope on exiting life peacefully and happily with the knowledge that they are loved dearly. That is life's true accomplishment.

1884 days ago


I am sorry for the way his life ended. My sincere condolences go out to his family. I enjoyed his show as a youth. He was a giant in profession.

960 days ago
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