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Jessica Simpson

Loves the Ladies

7/20/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a few of her close gal pals including former assistant CaCee Cobb, newly dumped Jessica Simpson had a girls night out on Saturday.

Jessica Simpson

The 29-year-old Tweeted, "Love my ladies!!! Wish I could be with them everyday of my life. Laughter is wonderful :)"

With no man in her life, Jess can always turn to women.


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

When will she learn her lesson?I hope the LITTLE GIRL has figured it out this time.
1-reap what you sow. She dumped Nick unbeknowst to him.She and HER FATHER told him of the divorce.
Tony Romo dumped Jessica in the worst,ugly way.
2- Don't talk all about intimate details about your special friend ,get allon the mags to do interviews,etc and say crazy childish things. She did People mag cover about John Mayer.She did People mag cover aboutRomo.WithRomo,She went on and on and on talking like a school girl about Romo-"He brought me back to myself.He is the love of my life.He is my future husband.He is going to be the father of my children.etc. Romo never went on like that about her.
3-Rumor has their family has no srespect for Lachey after what he did to their Jessica.All he did was fianlly grow aset of balls tooooo late and stood up for himself by getting a fair finanical settlement of what he contribute during their marriage-Dessert Cos.line, Newlywed show, property,etc.Her family liked Romo!!! Still probably do.Ranbehind him when he broke it off sort off so their could be nice pics of Romo and Jessica at the sister's
wedding.NICKLACHEY IS A REALMANSHOWING HIS COLORS by saying he wishes her well. Never said a bad thing about her but her camp andJessica has said about him.4-SHE needs to grow up. Tell her father stay out of her business.6-Stop travelling with an entourage -her parents everywhere, KenGayPAves,etc.

1898 days ago

Jay in NYC    

Looks like that pic has been photoshopped. TMZ - I love ya, but I think you got scammed on this one. How much did you pay?

1898 days ago

who dat    

Tell me you wouldn't love to motor-boat jessica. She has gained some weight. Her breasts a bigger than ever. I'll take the girl on the right, with jessica size breasts.

1898 days ago


sooo... why all these celebrities can't afford a decent camera-phone that doesn't take such grainy ass pics?

1898 days ago


She looks soooo much happier and she looks gorgeous. Why does she "need" a man??

1898 days ago

Philly Boy in SoCal    

Wow, every one of them is SMOKIN' HOT. Jess must be totally annoying, 'cause I'd hit that forever, I have no idea why she keeps gettin' dumped.

1898 days ago


Say what u want...but I don't think she is crying on her way to the bank. She has keen business sense which is more than what you can say for most folks. She made something of herself. TMZ commenters are such F@#$ing haters.

1898 days ago

Marc Alexander    

Why some are people so quick to slam a celebrity down on his or her luck? Some of you jerks love the term "has been." The problem is the YOU never were and will never be anything or anyone. Hell, you don't even know the meaning of basic decency.

1898 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Pretty sad for being famous for being dumped by your BF, god knows she can't carry a tune in a bucket

1898 days ago


Pink to the Lee what does Nick have to do with Tony Romo? After and maybe during her marriage to Nick Lachey Jessica said "she needed to spread her wings" she spread more than her wings. She spreaded her wings for Bam Margera, Jude Law, Adam Levine,John Mayer, Dane Cook,Tony Romo and a couple other guys.What happened to the Christian Girl with Morals. What a Slut. What a dumb SLUT.

1898 days ago


I'm not trying to be negative about her when I say that it seems to me like she either is not that bright or she is not a very good listener. I mean, as a guy who only payed a tiny amount of attention to her and Romo I had to shake my head when I read that she was planning a Barbie-themed birthday party. How could she possibly think Tony would find that anything but unbearable to contemplate attending?

1898 days ago

Just sayin'    

Why do I have the feeling she is going to die a lonely spinster with a ton of cats?
Beg Nick to take your @ss back you retard, before it's too late!

1898 days ago

Just sayin'    

Don't be a douche! What doesn't Nick have to do w/ Jess?!

1898 days ago


Good for her!
She shouldn't be crying over
that meat head anyway.It's too
bad John Mayer's too young to settle down
because they made a cute couple.

1898 days ago


Glad to see she is having a good time.

My best advice is to NOT let your father be so involved in every aspect of your life! I understand he is her manager and father-but sometimes family and business just do not mix. It really seems to me that her father is more interested in Jessica being with "someone famous" than someone that could truly make her happy. I wish her the best of luck in love and life.

P.S. Jessica-get a new manager and tell your dad to mind his own business!

1898 days ago
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