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Paula Abdul -- One Pissed Off Judge!

7/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul is pissed off that Ryan Seacrest is a very rich man, our "American Idol" spies say.

Abdul isn't angry at Ryan personally for his new $45 million, 3-year deal, but she's bent out of shape at producers that she's making minimum "Idol" wage -- we're told between $2 and $3 mil a year.

Our spies say producers want Paula back for sure, but she's now doing the Hollywood thing of pretending like she'll walk.

Here's the fun part. Auditions for the next season start on August 6. We're told there are already plans to start the auditions without her if they don't have a deal.

As for what Paula wants -- we're told somewhere between 2 and 3 times what she's making now. Here's our guess -- $4.5 a year ... a lot better than the $5,000 a week she pulled in for season one.


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Jlos fan    

I am really pissed too! I love Paula on Idol and my loyalty for the show will be in question if this happens. Kara was cool but She is/was no Paula.

It just doesnt feel right :(

1919 days ago


That show couldn't work without Ryan Seacrest, he's really good at what he does. He keeps the show moving smoothly, even when the judges and the contestants start getting off-track. That said.. the show also will not work without Paula and I think they know that. All the talk about her leaving will just get her more salary.. and more power to her if she can get it. That show is making a mint, they can afford it. The best thing the show could do is get rid of Kara. Having a fourth judge just didn't work, and she is annoying beyond belief. Besides, any credibility she had as a songwriter went down the drain when she penned that awful coronation song "No Boundaries".

1919 days ago


It won't be taping on our Tivo without Paula. She's whacked but that's half the fun. Fox is crazy if they think that show can survive without Paula. Talented singers are already a huge void in the show, don't take away the crazy bitch too.

1919 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I don't really understand why Ryan get s paid $45 mill for Idol - he's just the host and utterly replaceable. The host should be paid less then any of the judges.

1919 days ago


Why do you clowns even watch this stupid show?

1919 days ago


Just because some of you morons are unemployed and whining about it doesn't mean Paula doesn't have the right to negotiate her contract.

1919 days ago


Hard to imagine one gets paid this much to just sit there and not sing, not dance, not show any talent whatsoever on stage or sitting in that chair as a panelist acting like an authority on entertainment.

If that's not enough money to pay for the recreationals then put the money where the slurring mouth is and give it to charity.

Impress me when you sign over that pittance of an annual salary to charity, since its so demeaning.

Otherwise shut up or better yet just go away. It's a very stupid show anyway.

1919 days ago


WHat all these celebrities need is to get a real job for a while and have to live paycheck to paycheck Then maybe they will appreciate what they have. ANd stop B^&#$ and complaining.

1919 days ago


People aren't going to watch Idol anymore because Paula complained about her contract? Please, people. That is just ridiculous.

Anyway, other than Idol Paula is a choreographer (discovered by the Jackson 5) and she does a lot of work with different charities and organizations, and she's endorsing some fitness thing. So I guess thats what she does in her spare time..?

1919 days ago


Paula is a plus for the show but she already makes plenty.
The outrage should be that anyone would make 15 Million a year like Seacrest.
If you buy a product you are paying all of these peoples salaries.
This is another reason our economy is so screwed up.

1919 days ago


They should replace her with Whitney Houston. She is trying to make a comback and i'm sure many people would tune in to see her opinion since Whitney can actually sing and Paula is a dancer. I think Ryan Seacrest is overpaid also. The show would go on without either one of them. Ditch Paula and Kara and get a real star in their places.

1919 days ago

Dr. Fraud    

She's lucky she's managed to hold down this job for so long in the midst of a serious drug addiction. Only in Hollywood -only in Hollywood (and perhaps other places too).

1919 days ago


$15 million a year for Ryan Seacrest??? $5 million a year for Paula Abdul? We should ALL be pissed off at these stupid celebrity salaries, because ultimately we the public pay the price at the cash register for the products advertised on these idiot TV shows. TV sets have OFF buttons, don't they? Let's use them more often...

1919 days ago


Let Paula go. She's actually the weak link in the whole show. Last season her critiques were scripted (by someone else) and stupid.

1919 days ago


If Paula leaves because they are to cheap to pay her what she is worth, I hope she leaves and I WILL NOT be watching anymore. How much to you pay he cow....Simon Cowell? He is pure nasty and he needs to be the one leaving. He makes me sick!!!!

1919 days ago
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