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Paula Abdul -- One Pissed Off Judge!

7/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul is pissed off that Ryan Seacrest is a very rich man, our "American Idol" spies say.

Abdul isn't angry at Ryan personally for his new $45 million, 3-year deal, but she's bent out of shape at producers that she's making minimum "Idol" wage -- we're told between $2 and $3 mil a year.

Our spies say producers want Paula back for sure, but she's now doing the Hollywood thing of pretending like she'll walk.

Here's the fun part. Auditions for the next season start on August 6. We're told there are already plans to start the auditions without her if they don't have a deal.

As for what Paula wants -- we're told somewhere between 2 and 3 times what she's making now. Here's our guess -- $4.5 a year ... a lot better than the $5,000 a week she pulled in for season one.


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Come on Fox give the lady a raise, I would rather watch her than Ryan The last time she got one was in season 5 or 6 I only watch because of her and Simon If they can afford to give Ryan $15,000,000 a year to continue to be the annoying host and give Simon anywhere from 36-100,000,000 a year then they can give her between 5-10 million why are the women making so much less than then the men on this show, Get real people the only reason we watch now is beause of Paula and Simon if it had not been for those two and their fighting we would not have tuned back in the show has produced some good talent, but for now I only watch because of them one minute foighting the next kissing and making up. Ijust ihave this left to say give Paula a raise KEEP PAULA KEEP PAULA KEEP PAULA KEEP PAULA KEEP PAULA KEEP PAULA

1899 days ago


It's hard to believe the FOX management and show producers are so STUPID or ARROGANT that they are ignoring the new Lily Ledbedder Equal Pay for Women Law.

They are going to get their ashes legitimately sued big time for giving Ryan Secrest the huge contract, and they denying equal pay to Paula, or just blowing off Paula entirely.

Sad that one of the first people to potentially benefit from the law is someone who is both black and female.

FOX television, sexist pigs in their News Department, and sexist pigs in their Entertainment Department.

1899 days ago



1899 days ago


Even though I think they are all drastically overpaid people we need to remember that both Simon and Ryan are developing other shows and ideas for Entertainment 19. I am pretty sure that is why their salaries are higher. Simon is in fact a producer and also was part of the team that brought American Idol to America as it is based on his show from England.

Almost every contestant has stated that the only judge they pay attention to is Simon. Even though he comes across as rude he does give them constructive criticism and he does know what he is talking about. Paula for the most part blathers about what color of the rainbow the contestant is and/or how pretty they look. I won't even mention Randy since every sentence he seems to utter contains the words "dog" and "phone book".

And I have read that Paula was offered a new contract for 10 million a year but she is holding out for 20 million. I hope that Entertainment 19 calls her bluff and tells her goodbye. Then we would see how fast Paula would backpedal. I really wonder how much money Paula made the year before American Idol...I bet she would have turned back flips over the offer of 2 million. Paula should be happy with what she is getting...and as far as her trying to sue them because she doesn't make as much money...she does not do the same job as Ryan and Simon. I can just imagine her trying to host the show.
Hell, she can't even string together 2 coherent sentences...let alone be able to banter with everyone and fill up all the dead time in between commercials and songs.

1899 days ago


I've heard that they have not offered her a contract if they don't want her back just say so, but to keep her waiting is wrong. I like Paula on the show Karta was a waste if space last season if it ain't broke don't fix it. Yes sometimes her positive feedback is over the top rainbow colors and all, but the show would not be the same without her and Simon, as much as I like Randy you can getrid of him, Ryan and Kara and the show would still work look what happened when the second host Bryan moved on show keep on going . Without Paula and Simon noone would watch atleast not the millions that are watching now. If they can afford to Ryan a raise to stay then Can give her few extra to come back. Stop joing the I want to hate or diss on the Paula bandwagon people just for the sake of doing so most of you don't even watch the show and if you do it's only one or two here and there real fans know the reason she's still there. With Paula what you see is what you get . it is what is . She just have her on way of saying things, shes real people. Kara seems like a Simon wannabe, Ryan gets on my nerves he's annoying, and has become so big headed Randy is Randy got love him. Paula, SImon and the talent the show has found are what makes me continue to watch without Paula their I will nolonger watch. I just want to say pay her you guys at fox you paying Ryan and Simon top dollar man even S

1899 days ago


Keep Paula!!! Give her a raise

1899 days ago



It's a fact. And all of you who love hating on her ... get a life.

1899 days ago

Amber Bennett    

She should make a little more money if hes really making that much. Greed does get the best of all of them though.

1899 days ago


We can only hope that Paula walks! Idol will be better off without her.

1899 days ago

Fast Eddie    

Without Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell's remarks would seem nasty,
disrespectful and mean-spirited. It's Paula who makes Simon's antics
"acceptable." American Idol producers are making a really big mistake
--- and it will "cost" them in market share.

Simon reminds us that the music business is tough, and talent is a
prerequisite. But it's Paula who reminds us that it need not be so
ruthless as to preclude encouragement and sensitivity. She brings
common courtesies to the judges table!!!

1898 days ago

Amanda - Ohio    

I don't understand celebrities! they make so much money and they whine about not enough!!! She makes more in one episode than I do all year!!!! ANNOYING!

1889 days ago


I hear a loud flushing sound!!!!!!!!!! NO PAULA - NO IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1884 days ago


Paula is Paula. That's what made AI exciting. Grammy award Kara should just be a guest judge.No need for a female Simon.AI should stick to the 3 original judges. It worked- why mess it up! A bunch of us always enjoyed watching AI, partly because we enjoyed those 3 judges. If they can pay Seacrest that much- dont understand why they cant pay Paula 3 or 4 times more. She deserved it. In our opinion its a disrespect to her as a judge who also have been contributing her silly nonsense in the show. . We love the Paula / Simon crap on the show! Didnt think Seacrest is worth that much either! We will not be watching American Idol anymore now.

1884 days ago


I think it's not really fair that she was only getting a small salary. I think this is kind of discrimination. Paula has been in American Idol for 7 years? and she's only getting that much? If that's your excuse that she's not doing much on American Idol why did they hire Kara? Paula Abdul brought enthusiasm to American Idol. Her good sense of humor and constructive comments to all contestants , it lifted up their confident . I hope that Paula should come back because she deserve to be in American Idol. I think it's good to have Paula Abdul on American Idol, it's kind of boring without her.

1883 days ago

calendar girl    

I have always liked Paul the most of the three judges as I am someone empathetic who feels for the contestants as Paula does. didn't see Simon getting Scott a seeing eye dog, no that was Paula. I have long been disgusted with Simon's personal attacks over things not connected to singing and his lack of feedback as to what the person did wrong or how to improve. Paula. on the other hand, gives constructive advise so contestants can try to improve which helps the company making money off them benefit. To give the men way higher salary's than the female is sex discrimination. Obviously, the show wanted to get rid of Paula when they hired Kara and we all seemed to sense this. can her as so many do not really like Kara not think 4 Judges benefits the show and do what one poster said..give her salary to Paula. I did feel Paula really had much better critiques this year and tried hard likely caused she saw this coming. They tried to pick someone who looked a little like Paula to replace her the following year and personally, I think it was the show who did what they could to disrespect her in contract negotiations and goad her into leaving and it looks like she did what they wanted. Although all these salaries are ridiculous, it is wrong to pay her so much less than seacrest who I also like. randy is good but I would be less upset if he left..Paula and Simon's back and forth with Ryan jumping in is what makes much of the show. I was extremely disappointed with her unprofessionalism and taking advantage of her position of authority during the Corey Clark thing but the show rushed to do damage control mocking the whole thing on SNL..they should have got rid of her then but they choice to overlook it..had they dropped her then, It would have been for the right reason..mores and values and right, but now it is over money and wrong because as has been the case since the show is all whacked out on its over morals and what watching adults openly insult each other does to kid's who learn from this it is ok to hurt people..this kind of stuff leads to suicides and high school shootings. It seems since the show';s main priority is money and that is why it rigs the votes etc and not the good they could do having such a large audience and the impact they could have..and this lack of disconnect with the average person is why they innately seem to make decisions which tick off their viewer...

I feel all the negative comments and hatred towards her on the American idol board is what sealed her doom..they thought she was not good for the show but actually she is and it was a bad move to not give her more money..she had been hopeful they would but they apparently were not recognizing what she brings the show during negotiations and ticked her off. first they added Kara and then they gave Ryan several times more money and finally, she said I had enough. I have been addicted to the show but for the last several years several things they did pushed me to boycott the show but I kept coming back though one year I did not watch till week 6. I decided in the past to not give them any of my money for the tour or buying from artists UNTIL they were out of contract to not support things I did not like, I think getting rid of Addul may be the final straw that gets me to not lend my viewing support anymore as I feel the show producers have a negative effect on the country's youth, but luckily Simon greatly reduced the personal attacks the last few years after the public outrage over comparing a boy whose disabilities caused his appearance a creature from the jungle and said he had eyes like a monkey. finally they reined him in..People said they did not care for Kara but the show kept her so why can Paula. Simon will not be as good without Paula. I would hope Paula or the show would relent for the viewer's sake but it seems doubtful now. I feel the show is making it out like Paula wanted to leave but I think the show's sex discrimination and lack of seeing what she brought to the show forced her hand, so the bottom line is the producers ruined the show more and I should express my displeasure by discontinuing viewership..Now the only show I still watch is SYTYCD, Seems like the show got worst when Lythgow left too.

Can instead of Paula the people making decisions as they need to be more in tough with the things people who watch say and this is making people mad each season where so many get so upset they say they will stop watching..some come back but then idol messes up again and makes people mad..eventually., like a wife in a love hate relationship with an abusive spouse, the person leaves more than not..I think this one may be my final tipping point as I will definitely miss Paula. They should get rid of the producers and get better producers and pay Paula what is comparable with the other 3 show regulars. anyone so sensitive as Paula will feel the diss of this wide gap in w

1883 days ago
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