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Brit's Conservatorship - All Good Things Must End

7/21/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

britney spearsBritney Spears' daddy is ready to release his daughter into the wild again -- we've learned the conservatorship may be coming to an end.

Sources tell us Jamie Spears will ask the court to review the terms of the conservatorship after her concert tour ends in November. Jamie can't ask the judge to end it -- just to review it. The judge then decides if Britney should regain control of her life.

We're told Jamie thinks Britney is ready to roll on her own. He has made her life his full time job since February, 2008.

Fact is ... if it weren't for the tour, given Britney's progress, the judge might already have made the decision to undo the conservatorship. The various vendors were promised under their contracts that the conservatorship would stay in tact throughout the tour.

A little editorial comment ... it may be the most remarkable turnaround we've ever seen. A year and a half ago, people were worried for Britney's life.

Britney's Circus


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Just sayin'    

Say what you want about her Dad but she better be thanking God that he stepped in when he did. She might not be here otherwise.

1899 days ago

for now    

I hope she's ready. Her dad & mom and others saved her life.
If it's legal,maybe some kind of a partial conservatorship would be good.
Kevin & Britney need to do what's best for their sons.
Let's hope and pray that things work out for her.

1899 days ago


You know what, people gave Jamie a lot of crap when he did this, but he has turned Britney around and she isn't the big ugly mess she was 1 1/2 years ago. It's good he didn't listen to public opinion and did what was right for this daughter. I wish them both the best.

1899 days ago


Spears is a has been, a total wreck waiting to happen, I hope no gets injured, I believe she should be medicated with Thorazene, and let her walk up and down the halls of a mental insitution,banging her head on the wall just to break up the day. She use to be nice looking but let herself go. She's not Ugly but has become FUGLY.Go away Brit

1899 days ago


I'm telling y'all...

She's Ralph Macchio in drag!
Look at the face... You know it's true!
I swear it is!
I read it on the Internet.
That makes it 100% FACT!

1899 days ago


SERIOUSLY????? HAVE YOU LOOKED AT HER LATELY ????? If she cant even take cair of her HAIR........BAISIC HYGENE......hows she gonna take care of herself ??????? The lawsuites are waiting on the sidelines for her return!! I predict 3 months at best and shes locked up again. And we'll get to see it again ,because the woman is CRAVING the paps.

1899 days ago


I am not confident that she will make it on her own! Once there is no one around to control her, I think she's gonna slide backwards again!

1899 days ago


britney reminds me of pam anderson in alot of photos...

1899 days ago


As soon as the concervatorship ends it will be the beginning of her downfall again. She's just like MJ in that she surrounds herself with enablers. She'll stop her meds and before we know it she'll be riding around LA without panties and partying it up and be a loose cannon again. Bad idea.

1899 days ago


I completely agree with # 1. My friends and I have talked about this since the world learn about MJ's drug problems.
Britney Spears's parents (but specially her dad) look very smart beside the whole Jackson clan. And Britney Spears owes
her life to them!. Like it or not.

1899 days ago


Hi Britney! I'm so happy for being able to see you live in Sweden. Thankyou! It was exciting.
I'v always liked you. Especially for your eyes and smile and personality.

1899 days ago


It is probably past time that Britney is allowed to try her life without someone watching her every move, however, if she is truly bipolar as reported that may be the sticking point. If she is currently medicated and if she continues to take her medication the odds are on her side. Otherwise she may end up back in the control of others. We can only hope for the best and wait and see.

BTW, her father has done a great job. I hope that she appreciates all that he has done for her.

1899 days ago


Is not only Britney Spears who is confused these days.. leave her alone! So what if she dig some new info is all good. Now eat this: Allah is the name of Biblical God who created the world, some guy named Arthur Vonshtain discovered this and claims to have proof of it. This is news...!!!

1899 days ago


"Intact" is one, single word and I know it is rarely used on this website. I'm willing to come to work for TMZ as a proofreader as I obviously have no job and way yonder too much time on my hands. I can even do it the TMZ-style of proofing - "Two much time on my hands." See!

1899 days ago


Britney, Your dad was named as your conservator for your best interests, and here you are today, successful and happy and SANE. I hope you get down on your knees and thank him profusely, because your dad gave you your life back. ENJOY.

1899 days ago
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