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Kelis to Judge: Sorry, Baby ... I'm Busy

7/21/2009 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nas & KelisThere's a damn good reason Kelis is skipping out on today's scheduled court date to fight Nas for child support and baby and prenatal expenses -- she's giving birth right now!!!

TMZ has learned the singer is currently in labor, about to deliver a brand new baby boy.

We also know rapper Nas -- the baby daddy -- is definitely not by her side.

The two were scheduled to battle over expenses. She says he's paid nothing. Nas claims he's paid some.

But the big question -- will Nas actually have the stones to show up to court and argue against his baby mama while she's pushing out their child?!

UPDATE: Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, just told us Nas is in New York for the birth of the baby and he is now "rushing to the hospital to be with her."

Story delivering...


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Law 34    

" The baby daddy" That's a cheap shot... How about " The child's father?

1921 days ago

sayy it aint so    

nas knows that he is wrong for that and how do he think that he's going to ever be blessed during her like that, hes less than a man to spread lies all over on her and then treat her like that karma is a bitch nas and just to think that i have always loved you ad a artist and to find out thaT YOU ARE A HORSES BATOOHM nas you will get yours you just watch and see, the lord bless us but he can turn around and take everything back that he once gave you you are a low -down dirty dog nas.

1921 days ago


Nas is a punk! I don't care how much you dislike the need to man up and be at the hospital for the birth of your child! When the kid gets older and asks daddy where he was that day, what are you gonna say? "Mommy was trippin' so daddy wasn't there." Good job!

1921 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

She is not a baby mama, she is a wife. They were married nearly 5 years. This is a legitimate child conceived and born in wedlock.
Get over yourselves. Stop viewing people in caricatures and gross stereotypes.

1921 days ago



1921 days ago


kelis is unattractive as sh@#... Nas homie stop dealin wit dis nasty broad... take care of your kid n let her ride... She is scary!!!

1921 days ago


...and Who?

Never heard of either of these people.
There is a guy who hangs around by the dumpster of the local dot-store who looks a lot like this guy though.
Wonder if they're the same person.

1921 days ago


OMG she did not have a one hit wonder!!!!! You people are obviously not into hip hop. She has had several hits, before she met Nas she had an album produced by the Neptunes when they first came out and there was a single on there called "I Hate You So Much Right Now!" Kelis was already and established artist before Nas came A long I personally think her career took the back seat like most women's after they wed.

1921 days ago


Kelis is Nas' wife and he has cheated on her while she is pregnant! Since she is his wife, it is his responsibility to take care of her and their child. In response to Hotdog on a Stick, Nas is one of the most celebrated rappers around!

1921 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

Actually, it's not a great picture of her, but she is by no means ugly!!! What I don't understand is, what's theproblem with her asking for spousal and child support????????????

1921 days ago


NAS is a LOSER.... The woman is having your BABY you idiot. Handle your business and take care of your responsibilities! I will definitely NOT be buying anymore of his music since he has the NERVE to not want to take care of his duties as a father. What a DOUCHE BAG!

1921 days ago


Another inspirational black couple. LOL

1921 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

Congrats Kelis!!!!!! Im a bit dissapointed in Nas....when they were together they seemed so happy....Nas, you loved her at some point should be by her side right soon as you take a look at that baby you will want to put your differeneces aside....dont be a d!ck....your wife needs emotional support right now.

1921 days ago


Damn it's your child ! If your with her or not as the father you are going to pay one way or the other...
Stop being cheap and be a man !

1921 days ago


whats the big deal...

It's just another day in the Hood.... girls in the hood who have more than one kid always have 3 times as many guys
that Cold be the Babies Daddy... thats is why they are called Ho's

1921 days ago
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