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Let's Get Ready ... for Laser Removal

7/21/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's shaved, pumped and man-pantied WWE star Dave Batista.


Nothing's scarier than a man with a reverse tramp stamp.


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The tattoo is so ghey.This "man" looks like he belongs in the circus FREAKSHOW!

1884 days ago


Yeah Baby, fine ass looking man.

1884 days ago


Hmmm...grown muscle bound men wearing nothing but baby oil and speedos...rolling around on top of each other. Nuff said!

Perhaps a feminine "girly" naval tattoo isnt so hard to beleive after all.

I know I wont be surprised when TMZ posts a pic of this dude wearing nothing but butt-less chaps and a cowboy hat with whistle.


1884 days ago


Batista looks great can't wait til he returns!!! ^_^

1884 days ago

allie riggs    

Not all wrestlers and muscle men do steroids some people are just jealous. They need to keep in mind Dave batista is in the gym more hours in. One day then most men in a week

1884 days ago


I agree with Julie. All you people on here saying bad things about him are jealous. So lay off the donuts and soda... get in the gym.

Damn is one hot mess. hahaha

1884 days ago


I was really hoping that it was douchebag Jeremy Piven.

1884 days ago

Johnny Ringo    

"People stop critisizing such men that are making an honest living" Honest living? Using steroids? Puh-leaze, Loreno. I suppose you think Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds are also making an "honest" living?

..."admired by so many...". You're referring to the kids who watch wrestling 'cause they don't know it's fake or that their "heroes" are juiced up on steroids? Being on steroids isn't an honest living and shouldn't be admired by anyone.

1884 days ago


I don't think there is anything that looks gayer than male wrestlers' costumes and their wrestling poses. All I see is gayness. I do not see it as a macho sport at all. It makes me wince when I see these guys wrestling in their tight spandex costumes and in their '69-like positions! That men get into this sport is just a total confusion to me! I could see how a gay guy could get into it, but not a non-gay guy. It makes me laugh! Its embarassing!

1884 days ago


I knew exactly who this was, His picture is on my Wall lol, and I like the tatto , Read his book, Hes NEVER done steriods you idiots, Just people being Jealous because they dont have the will power, or Concentration that Batista has. Get over youselves

1884 days ago


What is wrong with you people? Do you not have a brain? Stop saying nasty comments about Dave. He's a great looking man and doesn't deserve these nasty uncalled for comments by you brainless idots! Get over yourself!

1884 days ago


awww the guy who dissed Dave must be jealous. Don't have a hot and hard body like Dave?

1884 days ago


I have been a Dave Batista fans for years now and have had the great pleasure of meeting him a few times and he really nice guy but to me it sounds like we went from talking about his tattoo to slamming him on things we dont know about him. I have his book and I want to let people know what pages in his book to read, first off Batista never said he did steroids in his book he does talk about drugs and paranoia and a drug charge and them are on page 32-33 of the book but lots of people when they are young do stuff that shouldn't do. A;so if you want to talk about his kids you need to read about them on pages 42-44 then decide if you want to say mean things like hope he don't loss it and kill them he has gave up alot in life for his kids. With that said I would just like to remind everyone of two things are parent told us when we was children, fist if you dont have nothing nice to say then just dont say it at all, and second don't judge a book by it cover go to a meet and greet and meet him first then decide if you hate him.

1884 days ago


But I did forget to add that I think he looks Super Hot and that speedo doesn't look any smaller then the wrestling shorts.

1884 days ago

allie riggs    

Not all wrestlers and muscle men do steroids some people are just jealous. They need to keep in mind Dave batista is in the gym more hours in. One day then most men in a week

1884 days ago
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