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Moon Walk

7/21/2009 1:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aldrin, 79, Collins, 78, and Armstrong, 78, resurfaced at an event commemorating their historic space flight on Sunday, looking out of this world.

Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong

In his memoir, Aldrin discussed his post-NASA career battles with depression and alcoholism.

Collins never actually walked on the moon.

Armstrong uttered the famous line, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


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@8 - You'd be surprised how many morons there are out there, like those who believe the moon landing was faked. Dumbasses.

1887 days ago

Southern Girl    

Awwww how cute! Those gentlemen look great!

1887 days ago


Wow TMZ.....good post.

Congratulations're still looking great!
You have been Blessed.

1887 days ago


They maybe reached the outer space, but the moon landing was a massive fabrication to win the cold war and scare those who underestimated the USA.

1887 days ago


the whole thing was fabricated. no one has ever walked on the moon.

1887 days ago


Goes to show that even a walk on the moon wont slow ageing process.Still they look pretty good for guys approaching 80.

1887 days ago


What does walking on the moon and the whole space program do for the common man? What a waste of time & money.
If we ever had to leave this planet it ain't gonna be me and you that goes, it’ll be a select group of very elite people. The rest of us will be left behind to die!!!!

1887 days ago


These guys look great, certainly in a lot better shape than MJ.

Y'all seen the photos of the footpath made by the Apollo 14 astronauts as they walked back and forth to the scientific instruments they left on the moon? Still there after all these years. Cool photos

(Nothing will convince the it-was-faked folks)

1887 days ago


What a stupid, ill-informed comment about the space program. You can thank the space program for satellite technology, micro-miniaturized computer chips that allow your dumb ass to send stupid comments on your laptop. Oh and don't forget cellular technology, GPS, robotic surgeries, disease cures, etc, etc. Wake up, you teenage hack.

1887 days ago


Talk about heroes. These guys are the REAL thing!

1887 days ago


The space program has resulted in hundreds of inventions that has made life on earth easier and better. If nothing else it made math and science and focus and the resulting scientist and engineers kept America on top for years. It would be nice if today's "heros" could follow the example of humility Neil Armstrong has set. He rarely grants any type of interview, does not give autographs, always defers credit for the accomplishments he was a part of, and has gone on to lead a quiet life as a consultant and college instructor.

1887 days ago


Neils hometown of Wapakoneta (my hometown) keeps celebrating his accomplishments every year with festivals, parades, and now beer. Yet, the man has never came back to Wapak once he left. We even had a mural painted of him in the downtown area and overnight he'd grow a mustache, so the city painted over it.

1887 days ago

LA History Buff    

You got Neil Armstrong's famous quote WRONG!!!

He actually said, "That one small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind."

The static from the moon-based audio transmission only made it sound like the quote you posted, and now the world remembers the wrong version of one of the most important quotes of all time. Look it up TMZ editors and please make the correction so the next generation doesn't grow up to be a bunch of misinformed dumbasses!!!

1887 days ago

Veronica Aponte    

ZOD was the name of the leader not the name of the mirror

1887 days ago

Veronica Aponte    

We never went to the moon!!

1887 days ago
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