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Roethlisberger Accuser -- I Tried to Report It

7/21/2009 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben RoethlisbergerThe woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault claims she tried to tell the head of hotel security about the incident the day after it happened -- but the guy completely blew her off and threatened her job.

In her lawsuit filed last week in Nevada, Andrea McNulty claims Guy Hyder -- the chief of security at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe -- told her she was "over-reacting" and that "most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger."

McNulty also claims Hyder told her that John Koster -- the president of the hotel - will "personally fire you for starting rumors about Roethlisberger's personal life."

McNulty also claims Hyder told her that Koster would be impressed by the sexual encounter, allegedly saying "Koster would love you even more if he knew about this ... Koster would suck his d*ck if Roethlisberger let him."

In the suit, McNulty claims she assumed the incident would be investigated by hotel security, but Hyder "did not do his job of investigating the assault." McNulty also claims she was "afraid of the consequences of going to police authorities since it was obvious to her that Harrah's and it's personnel ... would side with and support Roethlisberger."

McNulty also claims several Harrah's employees broke into her home and ripped files off of her computer, presumably for the purpose of defending themselves against a possible lawsuit.

Several months after the incident -- after McNulty claims she sought psychological treatment because of the encounter -- she claims she had a conversation with Hyder. McNulty says she told Hyder that she had been hospitalized specifically because of the Roethlisberger incident. Hyder allegedly replied, "I figured that was what was wrong, but I thought it was just like a date rape thing."

McNulty claims her bosses told her she was on thin ice at work ... so she preemptively lawyered up.

McNulty is seeking $380,000 in medical fees plus an unspecified amount of punitive damages.

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McNulty is McNutty, it would seem...

1928 days ago


Just another CRAZY-ASS, GOLD-DIGGING BITCH. I hope she's eating out of garbage cans this time next year.

1928 days ago


He is fugly so if we're going to use looks as the standard for whether someone is telling the truth or not then I believe he is a rapist. Ugly, ugly rapist.

1928 days ago

Grammar nazi    

"Harrah's and it's personnel "
Ugh. There's no apostrophe in "its" when used as a possessive.

1928 days ago

reach around    

daaang he's no prom king but she is uglier than a mud fence unpainted.....yikes!

1928 days ago


Another wanna be famous & rich in a matter of 10 secornds ugly & filthy WHORE!!!!! I hope she goes in jail for this. There is no logic at all in her story. Not reporting one year, My ass.

1928 days ago

Karrine "SuperHEAD" Steffans    

What is up with athletes these days... leave the young psyco ugly freaks alone... they are headcases... y do u think they r single and willing 2 give it up so ez... holla a@ a real chick like myself playaz

1928 days ago

Just sayin    

Anyone believe her?

nope me either....

1928 days ago


This supposedly happened last year while Ben was participating in the Lake Tahoe celebrity golf event. This is the same golf event that took place this past weekend at the same venue. The timing of her coming out with her "story" is very interesting to me. Perhaps she was pissed that Ben didn't give her the time of day this year and decided, "I'll show him!" The sounds of Kanye singing "Golddigger" is so appropriate right now......

1928 days ago


I hope everyone reads this story! It now just not about the guy that sexually assaulted her, but the hotel didnt do anything and then threatened her job.... Oh believe me I would be suing there ass too. Sounds a little like Mafia.
How dare this guy sexually assault her and think its ok, what if someone did this to his daughter? I betcha he would be filing a lawsuit immediately. To me he is f*&king ugly, no amount of money would help his ugliness, and if the truth be known he has a wife and the bitch isnt bending over for him

1928 days ago


she could have just shot him while he slept on the couch..............skank!!!

1928 days ago


I'm sorry but, why she waited almost an entire year ti report this is beyond me. I think she's after the $$$. It was consensual I'm sure and then when he did not call her again; she went C R A Z Y!!!

1928 days ago


So, she waits over a year and loses all evidence? No cops were called?

NO FREAKIN' CASE! She's looking for a pay-off. Big Ben will walk.

1928 days ago


We don't know and never will know went on behind closed doors. Just like we don't know what happened in the Kobe case. My one question. I'm female and have traveled extensively with my job and stayed in hotels weekly for 9 yrs. Some high-end, most middle of the road. I have never had a blond chick come up to repair anything. I've had maybe 5 or 6 maintenance requests over the years (including the TV not working). The maintenance crew were exclusively male, (as most maintenance crew are) overly polite, etc. Kept the door open while they were addressing the issue. I don't buy it!

1928 days ago


Ok this one isn't too bright, you went to head of security and not the police? Secone why did she take so long to have this surface, a year after the fact? Third she is worse thn Kobe's accuser she waited and something here stinks to high heaven. One year after the fact she is reporting this, and it's just hitting the media now? Something isn't adding up!

1928 days ago
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