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Roethlisberger Accuser -- I Tried to Report It

7/21/2009 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben RoethlisbergerThe woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault claims she tried to tell the head of hotel security about the incident the day after it happened -- but the guy completely blew her off and threatened her job.

In her lawsuit filed last week in Nevada, Andrea McNulty claims Guy Hyder -- the chief of security at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe -- told her she was "over-reacting" and that "most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger."

McNulty also claims Hyder told her that John Koster -- the president of the hotel - will "personally fire you for starting rumors about Roethlisberger's personal life."

McNulty also claims Hyder told her that Koster would be impressed by the sexual encounter, allegedly saying "Koster would love you even more if he knew about this ... Koster would suck his d*ck if Roethlisberger let him."

In the suit, McNulty claims she assumed the incident would be investigated by hotel security, but Hyder "did not do his job of investigating the assault." McNulty also claims she was "afraid of the consequences of going to police authorities since it was obvious to her that Harrah's and it's personnel ... would side with and support Roethlisberger."

McNulty also claims several Harrah's employees broke into her home and ripped files off of her computer, presumably for the purpose of defending themselves against a possible lawsuit.

Several months after the incident -- after McNulty claims she sought psychological treatment because of the encounter -- she claims she had a conversation with Hyder. McNulty says she told Hyder that she had been hospitalized specifically because of the Roethlisberger incident. Hyder allegedly replied, "I figured that was what was wrong, but I thought it was just like a date rape thing."

McNulty claims her bosses told her she was on thin ice at work ... so she preemptively lawyered up.

McNulty is seeking $380,000 in medical fees plus an unspecified amount of punitive damages.

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Stupid Whore !! First she Fs around with a married man and now she wants money!
Cokkomamie story, no one believes her version.

1918 days ago


Hello? Obviously she set him up because she was looking for money. What a tramp. I hope she doesnt get a penny and he sues her!

1918 days ago


how about some news about Misha Barton in the psycho ward?
According to radar she's been partying like an addict.

1918 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I have been assaulted, and I know many women who have been assaulted. I also know many women who have been assaulted and who have NOT reported their assault for various reasons. I know women who have reported their assaults, and then been victimized a second time by the system. Those of you who think it doesn't happen anymore because there have been too many Oprah shows about it or too many Lifetime movies about it - that we are all now so "aware" and "evolved" that the victim never gets blamed - you are living in a fantasy world.

Finally, I know it is not possible to have a rational conversation with the whack jobs on the TMZ boards, which are notorious for having the lowest form of contributors of any entertainment Web site around. That pains the few of us who try to keep it real here.

So, yes, I know there will be those who will come out and use profanities and other disgusting methods to attack me. Go for it. I get to live my life as me, and you have to live your life as you. That is the best "come-back" ever for me. But I'm still going to say what is right here:

Sexual attacks aren't about beauty, they are about control and violence. I don't know if a sexual attack happened in this case. The courts can figure that out, as they should. However, the only thing ridiculous about this story is those of you trying to apply what you think you might do in the same situation to this girl and what she did. The only thing ridiculous is you thinking that sexual attacks always happen "by the book" and that the actions that follow said attack, by the victim and the perpetrator, always go "by the book." They don't.

Maybe this happened; maybe it didn't. But is her story plausible? Do superiors really say those kinds of things to women? Do men (and some women) actually view a sexual attack by a celebrity/athlete to be an "honor or privilege?"


1918 days ago


Barton and Lindsay Lohan must be kindred spirits.

1918 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Woman cannot work for her money, since divorce is not possible; she goes for the false rape charge.

Book deal, then Oprah and The View.

1918 days ago


Can a whore be raped ? LOL She put out and later decided she wanted to get paid.

1918 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Yeah. American chicks are virtues virgins. They never sleep with celebrities. They never lie.

How do you tell a woman is lying? Her lips are movin’.

1918 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Most rape claims are false.

Alleged rape victims admitted that they had made the false rape charges:
· to create an alibi;
· to get revenge; or
· to get attention or sympathy.

1918 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Oh, and another thing. Sexual attacks are NOT made only by those who cannot get sex any other way. So to say a predator couldn't have committed a crime because he can get sex anytime only shows one's ignorance about the subject.

Sexual attacks are NOT about sex. A sexual predator may have women wanting him every day. He may be totally hot and otherwise desirable. That doesn't mean the woman he attacked wanted to have sex with him. Sexual attacks are about CONTROL AND VIOLENCE.

1918 days ago


Beam me up Scotty, natives on planet McNutty all look like Bugs Bunny.

1918 days ago


This nut case is already seeing a shrink for falling in love with a non-existent soldier.
She is a weirdo and a liar with zero credibility.

1918 days ago


I still find hard to believe that a profesional athlete has to force a random woman to have sex. Isn't it what all women want? sex with an athlete?

1918 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

More than 25 percent of rape accusers admitted -- either just before they took a lie detector test or after they had taken and failed it-- that they had lied about the rape charge.

1918 days ago


Put the ho in the bed next to Misha Barton. Those two lying bitches need to be shocked into reality

1918 days ago
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