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The First Men on the Moon: 'Memba Them?!

7/21/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forty years ago today, astronauts Neil Armstrong (left) and Buzz Aldrin (right) -- with Michael Collins (center) orbiting above -- became the first men to walk on the moon. Guess what they look like now!

The First Men on the Moon: 'Memba Them?!


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Someone said Neil Armstrong looks like Joel Mchale...I actually see more of a Ryan Seacrest smile in him. Anyone esle see it?

1857 days ago


Come on TMZ, don't disgrace these brave men and heros by mixing them with celebrities. What heroic and great thing has a celebrity ever achieved?

1857 days ago

Total Package    

We never went to moon. We can't even get to the moon now... 40 years later.... yet we are supposed to believe they got there in a washing machine... landed perfectly and then got back to earth perfectly. First time???

hahaha check out how many people died in PLANES in the early formative years.... it took decades to perfect the design and engineering on planes... and many people lost their lives in poor designs like the Comet.......... yet the Government and the other fanatics out there that think the government could never lie to us.... want us to believe we travelled into space..... where nobody had ever been.... landed on a place we've never seen before... and had no idea about... and got back safely....


1857 days ago

Total Package    

The most damning evidence of all was Neil Armstrongs cryptic speech... in one of the few times he ever spoke publically.

"There are great things undiscovered........... breakthroughts available for those who can peel away one of TRUTHS PROTECTIVE LAYERS"

He was trying to tell everyone 10 years ago it was fake!!! He has obviously been silenced and threatened by NASA into not telling the truth.... so he is resorting to dropping hints about "TRUTHS PROTECTIVE LAYER". What protective layer???? why have they got a protective layer over the truth??? what is NASA protecting us from?

1857 days ago


Let's see if TMZ has the GUTS to air the footage of the video with the WIRES clearly visible..... Stop believing everything the gov't tells you. JFK assissinated by one bullet from Oswald? Remember when people used to think that was 'the Truth?'. Pick a side, but first educate yourself to ALL the facts before you make your decision. It is easy to call people stupid and trash them, but if you can't even answer basic questions (and even NASA can't answer most of them -- hence the original footage being 'lost'. I mean, really? You loose the most important video of human history you irresposible piece of sh*t and now you want more tax $$$ to got 'back' to the moon?) Hahahahah.

Educate yourself here:

People are too afraid of being ridiculed. When the theory of Evolution was proposed, very few people got on board. it was easy to ridicule. The only believers, the smart sciency types. I'd rather be in their league, even if they are the minority. It's better to be right and smart than uninformed, gullable and naive. Enjoy The Bachelor you slugs.

1857 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

For all those doubters out there that believe that man had not landed on the moon are a bunch of morons. You will believe any kind of horse crap you are fed. These men achieved the most amazing scientific feat in our time, so pay them the respect they are due. By the way, man landed on the moon six times (between 1969-72), so get your fact straight.

1857 days ago


Sorry, my spelling was atrocious above.

1857 days ago


Hahaha, even better. They went 6 times??? And we can't go today? Even more logical sense.

1857 days ago


ok.........kinda freaky...........but you CAN see the wires in that video Holy Sh--

1857 days ago


What about the time delay? I mean, the peeps at Houston ask something like: "Hey how's it on the moon?" and Buzz Boy answers: "One small step....blah blah blah". What was the time delay on that? I mean, THEY'RE ON THE MOON!!!! 240,000 MILES AWAY and the time delay is less than 3 seconds? Huh? In 1969? I mean, Larry King interviews someone in San Fransiso and the time delay is like 2 seconds and that's like less than 100 miles away and this is in the year 2009 with satellites and such. Just use common sense people. WE . CAN'T. GO. TO. THE . MOON. TODAY. 40 YEARS IN THE FUTURE.

Technology has progressed by some would say, hundreds of years in the past 40 chronological years, yet NASA has regressed to the 1920's? We should already be on the moon with a base camp and a luxury resort by now.

Why can't we go? The radiation is TOO strong to send living things. End of story.

Your lesson today has been brought to you by the letters: W
and U

1857 days ago


be sure to post a picture of yourself and a comparison, in 30 years or so

i'm sure you'll have to cut it out of GQ, right?

1857 days ago

kiki. rova    

this is what you call, the greatest story ever told! total , total, lie. oh my god! how easy it is to fool people. take a good look at how that barack hussein obama got the americans under his spell.unreal! but yet true. may God help this country. but i think it is over!

1856 days ago


TMZ you could break the biggest story in history. Post the video with the wires CLEARLY visible and ask people to vote on it. NASA will flood your site with their stooges, but at least you aired the video. You don't have to take sides if you are too afraid of ridicule. Just post the truth.

PS -- no moisture on the moon, yet their are footprints everywhere. You can't have defined bootprints without moisture. Try making clear bootprints in dry desert sand -- can't do it. You can make the prints in wet sand, or slightly damp sand. There is no moisture on the moon. The dust should not make prints.............THINK.

1856 days ago


There is no way we ever went to the moon exept in our dreams. Now if we did it sure looks like we put the cart bfore the horse kind of deal. PLEASE look at the technology we have now compared to then? PLEASE! NO WE DID NOT EVER! It is a lie so we could make us look bigger than Russia at that time. Look at all what was going on back then. We didnt evern have the tecnology to fight in vietnam nd so much much more? Oh well it served the purpose for then.

1856 days ago


Does young Neil Armstrong look like Ryan Seacrest?

1856 days ago
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