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Andrews Peeping Tom -- ESPN Investigating

7/22/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin AndrewsESPN apparently took our story yesterday to heart ... that the peeping Tom who drilled holes in the walls of at least two hotels to sneak shots of a naked Erin Andrews may have been part of her production.

ESPN has released the following obtuse yet telling statement:

"In conjunction with Erin's attorneys and appropriate authorities, we are exploring all possibilities."

As we told you yesterday, six video clips show the ESPN reporter walking around naked in two different hotel rooms and there is evidence the culprit was familiar with Erin's travel schedule as well as her accommodations.

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"Also if anyone is curious, it does prove that Erin is NOT a natural bonde!"

Does she have a big dark bush? I would have thought she shaved. How about her boobs? Saggy with big nips?

1886 days ago


No her nips are not as big as you would think, but she does have a tummy. I understand there is another video out that shows her playing with her pubes. Do you think that was by accident???

1886 days ago

who dat    

While 99% of you yesterday were saying, oh how terrible, I was laughing. It was obvious Erin was involved. Here is why:
(1) The tiny hole used was PERFECTLY CENTERED in the picture. What are the odds of that.
(2) Erin danced & moved seductively (rubbing her rear , arching it out) the turn to give the full angle picture, PERFECTLY.Just like she was posing for a camera.
(3) The real tip off. This "leaked" film has been on the inet since Feb. of this year, virtually UN-NOTICED. It is so grainy, there was a real question who exactly was in this film. Erin obviously hired the attorney to put out that phony threat as a press release. Hey it's Erin, take a look.

That said Erin has a bangin body for 31. You know she is a pain in the a**, cause she is an attention whore. I say her publicist filmed it, or a woman friend she trusted. Mystery solved.

Now you ask why? This is the perfect crime. She could never pose naked due to a morals clause. This way she shows her bangin body (the attention whore in her) while she can play the victim. Most likely a contract year or she is looking for additional more lucrative offers. Also women who appear to be proper, with an inner whore attract richer men. Men love women who are secretly whores.

1886 days ago


Self Promotion, Publicity at it's finest. It has hardly been seen un edited at all. But it has put her name in the spotlight where should would want it to be.

1886 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

For God's sake, don't waste your time firing up your client and downloading this crappy vid from a torrent - just watch the stream of it on Videobay.

She spends a lot of time checking her ass to see if she in fact has one - funny. But not a bad idea in her case.

The quality is horrible and it looks to have been made by a Dollar Store peephole camera...costing one dollar.

And if she hadn't admitted it was her, you damn sure wouldn't know it, the quality is so bad.

1886 days ago


It's about time the Reporters got back some of their own medicine ... bit different when the shoe's on the other foot huh.

1886 days ago

to little    

I think Harvey is a little pig headed to think or even imply that ESPN came to TMZ to read and get the idea it was a inside job.

Harvey it is very clear your ego is much bigger then your pecker.

1886 days ago

to little    

Marv Albert did it

1886 days ago


The more i watch the video the more im starting to believe she was in on it. Theres one time she checks out her ass (which is very nice BTW) and she points her ass right in the direction of the camera. She also bounces up and down numerous times while she is doing her hair. Now ive never seen a girl do that while doing her hair. Not to mention ive never seen a girl do her hair naked. And at the end when she bends over (which is the best part) she is like right infront of the camera.

So either this dude got really freakin lucky or she is in on it.

1885 days ago


Erin good luck reporting to college footbal saturday in september with all those horny college kids drooling all over you!poor erin andrews.

1884 days ago

Las Vegas    

Oh..you all are a joke. She's got a smelly a__ just like all other fake blondes....Be proud you are a brunette..They are smarter and smell better (the ones with blue eyes of course).

1884 days ago


tmz has earned my respect for getting scoops ever since they delivered on the MJ death, but they, and everybody else missed the boat on this one, DonChavez.com has 5 times as much information.


1884 days ago
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