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Feds Raid Dr. Conrad Murray's Office

7/22/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned the Houston office of Dr. Conrad Murray is currently being raided by federal authorities ... and we've learned they are looking specifically for all medical records relating to Michael Jackson.

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We're told 8 Drug Enforcement Agency vehicles arrived at his offices about 30 minutes ago. Two LAPD detectives also arrived on scene along with uniformed members of the Houston Police Department and 10 members of the DEA's Tactical Diversion Team. There are another dozen or so DEA agents on hand.

The law enforcement agents, armed with a search warrant, entered the property and began going through the property.

We're told the LAPD asked the DEA for help in serving the warrant on the Armstrong Medical Clinic in Houston. The warrant is sealed.

Dr. Murray was Michael Jackson's personal physician -- he was the man who performed CPR on Jackson before he died.

UPDATE: Last night, Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, issued a statement on his website regarding investigators asking for more medical records:

"The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death; we share that goal. Based on Dr. Murray's minute-by-minute and item-by-item description of Michael Jackson's last days, he should not be a target of criminal charges."

UPDATE: It appears the DEA has left the building.

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Where are the doctors who treated ELVIS ?????????and HEATH LEDGER????????

1864 days ago


Dr. Conrad said,"That he administered diprovan along with other sedatives to "michael" hours before his death, why would he do such a think knowing as a doctor that the combination would have killed him? i think that there is more than meets the Eye in this case, I'm sure that he was put up the giving "Michael" both diprovan along with the other meds, that way (they) could just say,"Yes he was given diprovan, but it may not have killed him if he hadn't taken the other drugs(Which we knew nothing about), I think that they wanted Michael to look like a drug addict and that he himself took the sedatives because he was an addict, when infact the doctor adminitered all of them to michael,"Remember when michael asked his nutritionist about diprovan? she told him it was a dangerous drug, "Michaels response was," No My Doctor says it's safe. The Doctor most likely told michael it was safe to take and he trusted the Doctor. I think that this whole thing was Planned from the minute Dr.Conrad was Hired, (They) and they know who (They ) Are purpusley Hired Dr.Conrad to do this Job and (They ) knew that michael would be killed and made to look like he either killed himself or took too many sedatives without the Dr. Knowing. . I Hope the Truth Comes Out soon, and those involved will "Rot Inside a corpse shell"...Just my 2 cents...

1864 days ago

Mathew Rennie    

Good Call Guys!!!!!

1527 days ago
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