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Paula Abdul -- Will Work for Food?

7/22/2009 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New developments in Paula Abdul's "American Idol" contract negotiations -- Ryan Seacrest, who's pulling in $15 million a year, has agreed to buy her lunch every day if she comes back.

Ryan Seacrest: Click to watch
As we first reported, Abdul is holding out for more dough. We're guessing somewhere around $4.5 mil a year.


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Who cares they are both boaring douche bags - (Booya)

1917 days ago


Abdul is not worth the bucks and either is Seacrest - have the people gone insane who pay these people? This is an example of what a sick and decandant society does, an empire gone awry and now the entertainment industry pays people like this millions to do what most dummies could do with blue collars slurping beers at a bar. I would love to see everybody trash their TV or just turn off this mind softening crap and go to RedBox and buy the mind softening crap at a buck a pop. Who really needs this crap and what a life waster it is, tell them hell no we won't watch anymore!

1917 days ago


Stop help me I'm Crying.........NOT

1917 days ago


He's agreed to buy her lunch everyday? That's kind of insulting.

1917 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again, Go to the nearest un-employment office and approach the people in line waiting for thier $350.00 a week un-employment check. And tell them your troubles..I'm sure they will help ya or beat yo-azz. Thankyou for your time

1917 days ago

Common Sense    

Better to pay Paula, an American, than to pay a Brit by the name of Cheryl Cole 4 million pounds as reported by the "Daily Mail newspaper. This means the Brit is being offered over $6.5 million dollars to judge American talent. Let's keep the money in the US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1917 days ago


I say "go for it "Paula. I do not blame her for holding out for more money. She's worth it. My family, friends and co-workers luagh at her sometimes. However, we would really miss her. She cannot be replaced. I feel that people give her a rough deal.

1917 days ago


It is gender discrimination at its greatest. She deserves equal pay for equal work. Sue them if you do NOT get a good deal.

1917 days ago


Sex discrimination is alive and well in the United States, Paula should make the same as Randy and Ryan in my opinion, why is she getting less? She is more well liked than all of them, I just don't get it.

1917 days ago


She should hold out for lunch & dinner...

Honestly, that show could easily get RID of every single present cast member besides Simon and be just waste of money.

1917 days ago


None of them are worth more than $500,000 per year. They should be happy they even have a job with the very little intelligence it takes to do their nincompoop jobs.

1917 days ago

john undras    

Way to go, Paula- even us- foreigners love to see you on that judges' desk. We will surely miss you if they lose you... To the management of that TV Show- be fair, guys, this beautiful, talented, appealing - lady deserve it, give what is due to her....

1917 days ago

flamingo 5    

(to #9 and #10) - Equal pay on relates to ratings in the Entertainment World. Ratings go down if Simon is not signed up - that is just a fact and you dont have to like it. Paula adds NO VALUE - MAKES NO SENSE - and the BS with her trying to get attention from Simon is just getting old. I say kick her off the show - and put Sharon Osborne on there !!!! Simon and Sharon are too funny together !!!

1917 days ago


Let her walk, put this show to rest already. It's jumped the shark with 4 judges - more innane chit chat we do not need to listen to . Give Simon & Randy their own show, they at least deserve to have one, send the 3 stooges on their merry way. The producers don't have the guts to actually choose the correct winner because he's gay - Clay & Adam .

1917 days ago


A lot of people in the United States is struggling, yet these flipping idiots are trying to survive on this much money. Come down to the real world. I have never watch American Idol and dont plan on starting. How dare they idiots demand this much money you are replaceable. there is always someone better

1917 days ago
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