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Anesthesiologist's Records Taken by Coroner

7/23/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned the L.A. County Coroner paid a visit to a Beverly Hills surgery center this week and took Michael Jackson's medical records ... and there's a Dr. Arnold Klein connection.

Sources say Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter went to see Dr. Randy Rosen, an anesthesiologist at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic in Bev Hills. Sources say the coroner's office became interested in the clinic -- which is also a high-end outpatient surgery center -- after Winter went to the medical office of Dr. Arnold Klein last week and obtained Jackson's medical records.

We're told a review of Dr. Klein's records led the coroner to the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic, which was founded and run by Dr. Rosen. We're told the coroner was interested in procedures Klein performed at the clinic several years ago, with the help of two anesthesiologists. Dr. Rosen was not involved in the procedures, but ran the facility at the time and voluntarily turned over medical records to the coroner.

And how's this ... as we first reported, Debbie Rowe delivered Michael Jackson's second child, Paris, at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic in 1998.

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Crimes may lie with the doctors, but responsibility remains at the feet of Jackson.

1897 days ago


This is screwed up. Really. Just when I think it couldn't get any weirder, BAM! another twist is thrown into the plot. MJ's life/death gets more complex & strange with each new revelation. Is this real life??

Are we at a Murder Mystery Dinner Party or something?

Forget "six degrees of Kevin Bacon"...this is more tightly woven...."two degrees of Michael Jackson." Everybody in MJ's world knows everyone else! Unreal. Dr. Klein and Liz Taylor twitter back and forth just days before MJ dies, the doctors/clinics are all connected, MJ fires his new team advisors and on June 17th rehires his old school, reliable lawyer/legal advisors he used in the 80s, who know his spokespeople who are friends with the Jackson family who have ties to some paparazzi and on and on.

1897 days ago


The clock is ticking on some arrests. My bet is that Michael Jackson was using Propofol for years as a sleep aid and was scoring it from multiple sources. Dr. Klein, Dr. Murray...who else? I wouldn't be surprised if their reluctance to keep providing the drug to Michael caused him to break off relationships and go 'doctor shopping' until he found another star struck doctor willing to feed his addiction for sleep via Propofol. We could have a whole line up of docs through the years here folks. It'll all come out in the trial...

1897 days ago


Surely the whole bunch will be arrested soon and charged with murder? Funny that no-one managed to alert any authorities to help MJ while he was alive. There must have been quite a few people that knew he was being given these awful deadly drugs??

1897 days ago


This makes me sick. Chris Tucker's wife talks about what REALLY happened to the Arrvizo family at Neverland. The media who told all those lies can go to hell!

1897 days ago


I think this publicity stunt before the 02 concerts has gone on long enough.

1897 days ago


No homicide here, - probably not even Involuntary Manslaughter. I totally agree with BFM that it was probably an on-going process with the addicted Jackson and there will be a trail of offenses from over the years, in multiple countries. It will probably come down to multiple physicians (past and present) being charged with Criminal Neglect and/or various levels of Malpractice. If your willing to buy it, there will always be someone willing to sell it.

1897 days ago


Please stop with the "secret son" nonsense. That kid just met Michael and MJ was fond of him. MJ didn't father no babies, not even the one he tried to claim were his. For whatever reason, he didn't want to have relations with a female and have kids the natural way...even though he was married to their mother. Go figures, huh?

Ola Ray (Thriller video), Tatiana T. (The Way You Make Me Feel video), Stephanie Mills (dated MJ back when he had an afro and real nose), Brooke Shields (escorted to Grammys), Tatum ONeal (friend growing up). MJ had an opportunity to date, sleep with etc any of these women and yet all of them say he did not. Brooke went as far as to say he was "asexual." GO FIGURE!!!!!! The only woman who claims to have slept with MJ is Lisa Marie Presley but I do not believe her. lol By all accounts, MJ had "no use" for women. GO FIGURE!! He didn't even like little girls around, just little boys. GO FIGURE!!

I hate to say it, but just like the Pepsi footage, I think we'll end up see all sorts of crazy stuff about MJ soon. Remember the LAPD took photos of his penis and buttocks (as he called it) during his trial? You think we won't see those photos "leak" out some day on the internet? Or pics of him on the slab at the morgue without his wig? I can just picture it....poor Mike!

1897 days ago


Juju....that is only your opinion, which of course you have the right to express. But make no mistake, but thrusting your opinion out there without some credibility behind it (like some real research on the subject) you look as ridiculous as the sensationalistic/tabloids that are spewing nothing but speculation.

1897 days ago


"juju", you're leaving out many statements made by Michael, himself, regarding the kid. It's pretty well balanced from the "sources" that claim the stories you portrayed above (which may be just that, - stories to protect his privacy and image), to those who say he knew his mother befor the kid "met" him. You don't KNOW and I don't know, either. There is enough to report on it and see it resolved. Michael and the mother are the ONLY ones who actually know, for sure. Aside from DNA, it's ALL speculation, on BOTH sides of the debate.

1897 days ago


seriously pple need to STOP with the fourth child bull... imean one day the headlines say he was gay , the next day the three kids are not his , today he has a fourth child? come on now ...make up your minds, which one do you want it to be? ohhh and he was sterile because his father beat him in his genitals, so how the hell did he supposedly conceive all these kids??? leave the man alone he is DEAD who cares if the kids are his or not he raised them , so they are his PERIOD!!! IF REALLY THIS FOURTH child was his ,why would he hide it ? everyone knows he wanted to have kids real bad so why in the hell would he hide him . seriously pple stop with the bull already let him rest in peace

1897 days ago


Apparently according to UK laws regarding residency in their country you must pass their health screening, this was set in place due to unhealthy people going to live their and sucking of the health care system. Well, despite AEGs desperate attempts to make us believe that Michael was healthy, passing a 5 hour physical blahblah, the UK reports say otherwise. Britain turned down Michael's request to reside there for the O2 concert duration. Reason being he was 20lbs underweight and did not meet the criteria for residency and was turned away, being told to gain 20lbs and then come back.
For other findings...
I don't know if this site is a tabloid/rag paper... =(

It's all looking like AEG staged this to bring Michael down one final time... Only God knows and I pray each day that He makes the truth known, bringing justice to his passing...

1897 days ago


Kermit The Frog murdered Michael Jackson.

"Murder rumor.

1897 days ago


I love this post Hideaway. This is the best post I have read (and I've read TONS) that I have read in several days. Very nice.

1897 days ago
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