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Anesthesiologist's Records Taken by Coroner

7/23/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned the L.A. County Coroner paid a visit to a Beverly Hills surgery center this week and took Michael Jackson's medical records ... and there's a Dr. Arnold Klein connection.

Sources say Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter went to see Dr. Randy Rosen, an anesthesiologist at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic in Bev Hills. Sources say the coroner's office became interested in the clinic -- which is also a high-end outpatient surgery center -- after Winter went to the medical office of Dr. Arnold Klein last week and obtained Jackson's medical records.

We're told a review of Dr. Klein's records led the coroner to the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic, which was founded and run by Dr. Rosen. We're told the coroner was interested in procedures Klein performed at the clinic several years ago, with the help of two anesthesiologists. Dr. Rosen was not involved in the procedures, but ran the facility at the time and voluntarily turned over medical records to the coroner.

And how's this ... as we first reported, Debbie Rowe delivered Michael Jackson's second child, Paris, at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic in 1998.

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im tired of hearing about mj hes not the only person in the world. i dont think hes very ineresting or that good of a performer, and i think he is a child molester and molested kids at his ranch. the only reson he got aquited of charges is because his family and himself are rich and are celebertys and not very good at that.

1895 days ago


debbie poo will have the shock of her life!
ah.. this is all a show.. the only person who'd know exactly the gene pool those kids came from is MJ's lawyer John branca..

those kids don't look a bit like Debbie.. boys more often then not look like their mothers.. and girls their fathers. plus, Debbie is Jewish.. forget about it!

1895 days ago


This is really cool! I can picture those kids doing Asian artistic dances /moves to Centipeeeeeed! "you'll be craaaaaawlin' like a Centipede........Centipede.......!

1895 days ago


you know what ? the media has been lying about A LOT of things ,maybe Debbie never even said she would volunteer for a DNA .its all speculation coz as far as i know she hasnt given any interviews as of yet .so whwere did they get that information from????????

1895 days ago


tazman.. believe what you like.. but the truth wills out-- those allegations were always groundless.

1895 days ago


Say what you will, the Jackson family would NOT negotiate anything with Debbie if she wasn't the children's actual mother.

By that reason alone, it is foolish to think they're not biologically hers. They would have NO reason to talk to her about anything. They're inherantly selfish, controlling people, and wouldn't include her in anything.

What would be their reasoning, otherwise.

The Jackson's actions clearly tell the truth about this one, at least.

1895 days ago


Tres, - from her attorney's statements. It's not really debatable.

1895 days ago


Where is this story coming from? Thought it was Aunt Janet. I guess tomorrow's story will be Aunt LaToya. In non-celebrity families, children go with their grandparents after losing their parents all the time, so I don't know why all the Katherine-hate. She's old but in that huge family she'll have plenty of help. At least with her, all three could remain together. As far as Joe, everybody's got a "Joe" in their family. At 80 years old, I doubt he's still trying to chase down kids with his belt - he's too busy out in Vegas trying to sew his dirty old oats and nobody's trying to hear his record label pitch.

1895 days ago


"Tres", if you didn't hear her lawyer confirm her statements, then common sense should tell you that the Jackson family would never, never, never, be negotiating terms and agreements with her if she wasn't. Think about it, what possible incentive would they have, otherwise?

The Jackson's confirm it, themselves.

1895 days ago


To CS,
Joe's "guidance" is FAR more harmful than his belt. At least, according to his children. And, Katherine is slowly being revealed as an enabler to everyone in her family, - not a pillar of strength and virtue.

1895 days ago


I agree that it makes absolutely no sense that if the Jackson clan didn't already know that Debbie Rowe was the biological mother of the two older children they would be in legal negotiations with her about them. If that were so, Rowe could be shut out completely.

Nope, she's the biological mom. Anything else is plain stupid.

1895 days ago


It's probably so much deception and cover-ups in this it's not even funny. The LAPD, the DA and all of their staff involved in untangling this mess must be working 24/7 to get this straightened out.

The enablers have been having a field day with MJ for a long time. I know these doctor's had to know MJ was taking too many different types of drugs at one time and was addicted to a lot of them, but instead of trying to wean him off these drugs they kept giving him anything he wanted because MJ paid them well, so they weren't about to say no.

I fault MJ too because instead of trying to get well he decided to deaden the pain with more and more drugs. MJ said in an old interview I saw on TV the other day, he became addicted to certain pain medication because of the Pepsi commercial that set his hair on fire and in IMO he never really got off of them.

Then with all the other aliments that was going on with him, he probably added more powerful meds to his body just to function and coupled with the fact he was getting older, he damn near gave his own self a death sentence and the doctors involved with him didn't care. I know they had to know MJ was an addict.

Anybody who want to take Propofol just to get some sleep must be pretty bad off or their body must be immune to ordinary sleeping aids. The doctors who enabled him with the unnecessary drugs are nothing but a bunch of parasites in my book.

The suppose to be love child of MJ's is an MJ impersonator who had surgery to look like him. MJ met the boy and his mother a long time ago and became close to them. He was suppose to be part of the tour.

If he wants to say he is MJ's child then all he has to do is take a DNA test. MJ might be dead put I am sure the coroner has some fluids or something from MJ's body to have this test done, if necessary.

1895 days ago


clearly,Palmer-- don't you see, Debbie's name is in the birth certificate too just like MJ's.. so the Jackson had to deal with her.

we'll see.. but.. the most telling psrt is--MJ shut her out of his Will when he could have easily given her custody if she's the actual mother.. also challenge his estate.. BUT I KNOW SHE CANNOT DO THAT.. she can try but it won't bring her anywhere.

MJ's Will says it all.

1895 days ago


Jackson's DNA has already been mapped. So, all that would ever be necessary for the supposed "son" to do is have the court open Jackson's file and have it compared to the other's. Actual "material" is no longer necessary to match Michael's DNA to anyone else's as the result's are already in multiple files and archived.

1895 days ago


I think that if you research California Inheritance Laws you'll find that, though anyone can legally contest a will, Rowe would have no grounds to do so. They've been far from recently divorces, she's not a custodial parent, and isn't a factor in their lives. If there were no actual biological ties beyond the signatures on the birth certificates, the Jackson's recourse would be to have her legal ties removed by the courts, - NOT by negotiating with her in regards to them about anything.

They're contesting their son's provisions in his will, - don't you think they'd dismiss her standing if it were only on paper? Of course, they would.

1895 days ago
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