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Items Seized in Michael Jackson Case

7/23/2009 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayWe now have a copy of the law enforcement document listing the items seized yesterday at Dr. Conrad Murray's medical office in Houston.

The items include 1 vial of Phentermine (weight loss drug), 1 vial of Clonazepam (a muscle relaxer), a photocopy picture of Dr. Murray, Rolodex cards, public storage receipts, bio info on Dr. Murray, emails from Stacey Howie (we do not know who that person is), and a Rolodex card with Fed Ex information.


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Good job LAPD. Murray has only had about an entire month to destroy anything in his possession pertaining to Michael Jackson. They expected to find what in the raid, bottles of propofol with Michael's finger prints and the IV hookup that Murray probably ripped out of Michael's arm in his mad dash to clean up the scene. This guy has been flying under the radar for almost a month now, he's not going to have any physical evidence laying around his office on July 22. He cant be that stupid. If this is all they got then what did they go to Houston to raid, his pockets? I have more than this in the glove compartment of my car. I hope LAPD doesnt' blow it if they haven't already.

1915 days ago


And the trail for the lot numbers (potential deliveries) of the vials of dirprivan begins.

1915 days ago


Has anybody even seen that quack in the last four weeks?

1915 days ago


I think the LAPD has already blown it. They blew it in the first couple of days after Michael died when they didn't treat the house as a potential crime scene and allowed Janet and God knows who else to go through that house. That fact alone is probably enough to create reasonable doubt in a juror's mind as to why the meds were there AFTER the house was cleaned out. Stupid cops....

1915 days ago


Jessie, thanks for posting that Hoeflin interview-- I was wondering about him since day one.. being so quiet--now,I'm glad he's speaking out.

I have no doubt,he was telling the truth-- he just confirmed what I 'sensed' about Klein whose been instrumental in getting Mj heavily into drugs from the 80's-- and having Debbie as the delivery gal.. going on sets to deliver Mj these drugs and giving him injections.

yeah,Klein should be looked over very closely- most of his clients are druggies! he likes having heavy inflences over his clients too.

somehow,I just know-- he played a 'part' in Mj's demise-- directly or indirectly. MJ saw him fewdays before his death.. MJ made a drug connection?

1915 days ago


Like any doctor that ever had anything to do with Michael Jackson hasn't cleared their offices of anything incriminating a month after his death. Gve me a break. Keep waiting and doing these raids, and the only thing they'll come out with is a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

1915 days ago



1915 days ago


I always had a feeling something happened between the doctor and the lawyer (that was REhired only DAYS before his death).

It seems like knowing what they were dealing with, they were able to easily hide their tracks. Like, this is only the visible part of the iceburg. I can't wait to hear the details under the surface.. It's so very sad, and he was a huge impact on my childhood. His family deserves to know the truth, and once the honest truth is know, will Michael Jackson FINALLY be able to rest.

1915 days ago


TMZ is pissing me off...2 out of 3 times I don't get an email to confirm my post.
Short version of my question cuz I'm tired of retrying to post...why didn't doc have a pulse oximeter attached to MJ as he got the drip (going by the UK article). The machine alarms have limits to let one know if the patient's oxygen level are dropping to a dangerous level--would have gotten the doc's attention.

1915 days ago


I agree, Holmes. Hopefully they can find the smoking gun that links Klein to MJ, like a prescription for Demerol found at the house under an alias that can be confirmed through a pharmacy as having come from Dr. Klein.

I don't know him so I shouldn't speculate BUT he strikes me as the type who would LOVE to have celebrities eating out of his hand for his meds....the power, oh the heady power he must have felt to have "friends" (who would have dropped him the first time he said no) like Elizabeth Taylor who supposedly started going to him on MJ's recommendation. He's slimy, smarmy and just strikes me as an all around no-gooder.

1915 days ago


Simple question.............. What are they waiting for to arrest this SOB????????????

1915 days ago


Rainbow - The question should be why was he giving MJ propofol at ALL????? It is NOT TO BE USED OUTSIDE A HOSPITAL SETTING.

1915 days ago


I keep thinking the Diprivan/propofol was used as a rapid detox method, but I may be the only one who thinks that.

1915 days ago


I dunno Bronco, all I can guess is they haven't found the "smoking gun" yet. And even if they do, they are going to be hard pressed to make manslaughter charges stick because of their handling of the case so far. Any cops or lawyers here feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but it seems they could have done more sooner, investigation wise, before the tox screens came back. I think they have slipped up big time and now have to make triple sure they are right before they press charges. I don't think it's going to be any time soon.

1915 days ago


I know the Jackson's are broke and are sitting around all day waiting for their SS checks to arrive. I wonder if the subject of laying Michael to rest ever comes up.

Is their a more dysfunctional family on the planet.

1915 days ago
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