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Jon Gosselin Plus Date -- a Lohan!!

7/23/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin's GF Hailey Glassman may be trouble, but she's nothing compared to his date last night in the Hamptons -- Michael Lohan.


The Ugly Truth: Nothing like two guys bonding over the exploitation of their kids.


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This man needs to grow up. I was on his side at first, but SERIOUSLY!!! He has 8 CHILDREN, and he's running around acting like some college frat boy. Grow up Jon, your 15 minutes are almost OVER!!

1865 days ago

First whores!    


What the hell is a Moran? You are a nanny? Very scary!

1865 days ago


First of all, didn't Jon purchase his new gf a $27000 ring? So, what's up with the cheap Keds tennis shoes...what a moron!!! He is trying to be "cool" and it's just NOT happening, JON!!! You know the old saying, "you are known by the company you keep"? Well, let's see, he's hanging around 22 year old pothead, another blonde "Kate" (also in her 20's); and now a looser - Lohan (who, by the way, is also astranged from his children) ...well, we're all getting to know JON pretty well just by the "company he keeps".... druggies & loosers...Jon fits right in!!!

Go buy yourself some decent shoes and quit flashing your money (or should I say your kids money) to the loosers of LaLaLand!!! Idiot!

1865 days ago


like honestly....HONESTLY who cares about them!??! These are guys who live off the money they make on their spawn!!! Jon is basically mentally disabled and has nothing to offer why not live off the 8 kids he helped reproduce..then move ot new york city and pay thousands of dollars in rent a month.. btw off the kids money.. and enjoy living a carefree life and also again...NOT WORK!! this guy is a total loser.. what makes him any different then some other jobless person walking down the street?! oh right he gets free ed hardy shirts.. the worst of the worst..and free hair plugs.. i think jon forgot he was also going bald in the back of his head aswell. ugh get them off of tv..and have the paps stop following them... i'll see jon in 5 years living out of a box down by the welfare office in Reading.

1865 days ago

pop tart    

I actually met Jon once at the Philly airport when we were both waiting for a plane several years ago. I told him that I was a great fan of his show. His gave me a drop dead look and had his security people surround me and tell me not to attempt to talk to him again. I am a senior citizen, and I was with my young granddaughter, so I did not look threatening. I thought that he was a total jerk and never watched the show again. It seems that I was correct. He is a total jerk.

1865 days ago

Sandy Beaches    

Umm, Jane Doe? Stalk much?

1865 days ago

Barfy Douche    

Two Douches, One Cup!

1865 days ago

josie jones    

Hate Jon
he is a loser and sickening--fat bloated person with earrings
he always has a cigarette hanging and prob is on drugs now
hope kate gets everything--didnt like her but do now
he is a jerk and loser--no wonder she was rude to him--what a jerk!!

1865 days ago


what a jackass! i say to kate good riddnace.

1865 days ago


Jon your 15 minutes is up, please pack your bags and go home. You are acting like an idiot.

1865 days ago


hahahahahahaha this is hilarious!!! GO JON GO!! Anyone can see that Kate is f**king nuts, she pushed Jon out the door being a maniacal controlling power freak. How could any woman expect a guy to stick around in that situation. I hope Jon gets another bimbo pregnant, and they have 9 kids.. So then octomom and Kate will be jobless.

1865 days ago


What about his comments that he will do anything for his kids? If that is the case he should RUN as far away from any of the Lohan's. The Lohan's have surly proved how well they did raising kids! Taking advice from the most famous dysfunctional, dilusional family in the world is not doing the best for his kids!

1865 days ago


Jon is so getting FAT!

1865 days ago


how sweet, these 2 are total morons

1865 days ago


Give them a break ,I heard they were there conducting business- planning the 1st annual Deadbeat Dad’s Convention.

1865 days ago
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