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Jackson Book Deal -- Seizing the Moment

7/23/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Book DealThe court in the Michael Jackson probate case just authorized the special administrators to enter into proposed book publishing agreements.

The deal on the table involves a reprint of Jackson's autobiography, "Moonwalk," with Shaye Arehart Books for U.S. and Canadian publishing rights, Michel Lafon for publishing rights in France, Heyne for publishing rights in Germany, and Heinemann for publishing rights in the United Kingdom.

How's this for brutal honesty? The documents state, "The Special Administrators believe that it is in the best interest of the Estate for all book publishing agreements to be entered as soon as possible, as sales of the book and profits for the estate will be maximized the sooner the book is released due to the notoriety surrounding Michael Jackson's unexpected death and the resulting heightened demand for such products."

Story developing...

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Michael Jackson    

Please let me clarify something. Barnes and Noble wasn't asking these rates as they themselves don't sell used books. These prices were asked for by authorized used book dealers.

1925 days ago


Did anyone catch Wendy Williams today? She showed the picture of MJ without wig and makeup from autopsy! It was unreal.

1925 days ago


68. According to TMZ, that $17.5 million policy covered a possible drug overdose from Michael. But the Lloyd’s of London policy did not cover his death of natural causes!

by Jacksons are all nuts

Regarding the "overdose policy", I wouldn't believe anything on TMZ

1925 days ago

London not England    

#53 - by holmes

My point is: Celebrity Kids are ROTTEN these days...and it started YEARS AGO. Look at Farrah's mess.....
these kids were ingrained with lavish spending that started with the things their dad showed them.....
they will not be raised like most other children....they won't even be raised like other Rich children......
The kids of tomorrow are going to be practically impoverished....not like the Valley girls of the 80' "Daddy's Gold Mastercards" here.....Daddy will be lucky to have a job...or a house. So these kids are going to know a wealth that most adults will never know when they become teens a few short years from now. And as for Paris Hilton, she may have come from the "Not so rich" side of her family..if there is such a thing...but her grandfather is a Billionaire....he's not going to let his children starve, or live in any sort of poverty, and to the average American, that's VERY VERY Wealthy.....
I just think it's funny people are soooo worried about these kids.? They will most likely be VERY snobbish, and very guarded, and VERY VERY SPOILED.....and when they start screwing actors, and international royalty, and getting arrested for cocaine possession in Malibu in their Porsche, I hope people remember those cute little sad children at the STAPLES CENTER that fateful day.....
As they get off like Paris Hilton did with a slap on the wrist. Someone pass me the platinum spoon, i wanna do another bump!

1925 days ago


I am going to buy the book.

1925 days ago


Can't this family earn money on their own? Those kids will never see a dime of his money. MJ has been their meal ticket in life and now in death.

1925 days ago


And the vultures circle. From what I understand, Jackson refused to reprint the book after the first printing sold out. In the next 25 years he never released another edition. He must have had a private reason for this. Why can't they even for once stop and think about what his wishes might have been?

1925 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

@ Holmes

Good to see your common sense here! Always enjoy reading your posts (when I can find

It is ridiculous the prices those dealers on Barnes n Nobles are asking. I'll wait till it is re-released. Definitely making sure anything I purchase has the end proceeds go to pay off MJ's debts so the rest goes to his children and charities. (I still firmly believe Katherine/Joe/McMilliOnS are going to get Katherine disinherited, so that with be another 40% to those children.)

The stories of Nanny Grace are starting to worry me.

Oh hey-- who do you think has the $2 million and jewels from Michael's mansion? And has anyone seen Toehme Toehme yet?

1925 days ago


Regarding the "overdose policy", I wouldn't believe anything on TMZ

Posted at 4:04PM on Jul 23rd 2009 by Jacksons are all nuts


Smart move Jacksons are all nuts, if they run out of REAL info they make it up and sometimes they just Start out making it up.

1925 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

I really don't see TMZ and other media anything different--they want hits, ratings and sales from this too.

1925 days ago



The song is good and the slide show is of Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson

Check it out:

1925 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Money talks... Big money moonwalks.

1925 days ago

just sayin    

yay good thing as well me and my friends have been wanting to buy the book for ages and when he dropped dead the prices suddenly shot up and became ridiculous i hope its cheaper than the ones on ebay and amazon

1925 days ago

First whores!    

I heard Michael liked to blow bubbles when he was a kid.

1925 days ago

Michael Jackson    

As stated before, I am a self admitted MJ hater. I do, however, agree with what has been said about interest in MJ dwindling over the years which I myself attribute to his somewhat tainted public image (whether that image it is deserved or undeserved is an argument I won't get into at this time.) I don't see Neverland ever becoming another Graceland, but, if they ever do try to make it one, I think it will ultimately become a financial sink hole and the venture collapse due to, once again, MJ's tainted image. I think that tainted image will also cause his estate to ultimately collapse if it doesn't already collapse as it tries to pay off his creditors. Once again, I am a self admitted MJ hater and I have delighted in the past at trying to get a rise out of you fans. I am this time, though, being serious and just stating the way I think the future will play out. It remains to be seen of course but I think time will prove me right.

1925 days ago
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