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Jackson Book Deal -- Seizing the Moment

7/23/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Book DealThe court in the Michael Jackson probate case just authorized the special administrators to enter into proposed book publishing agreements.

The deal on the table involves a reprint of Jackson's autobiography, "Moonwalk," with Shaye Arehart Books for U.S. and Canadian publishing rights, Michel Lafon for publishing rights in France, Heyne for publishing rights in Germany, and Heinemann for publishing rights in the United Kingdom.

How's this for brutal honesty? The documents state, "The Special Administrators believe that it is in the best interest of the Estate for all book publishing agreements to be entered as soon as possible, as sales of the book and profits for the estate will be maximized the sooner the book is released due to the notoriety surrounding Michael Jackson's unexpected death and the resulting heightened demand for such products."

Story developing...

Michael jackson Launch photos


No Avatar


I hope Michael Jackson family makes sure that his autopsy pictures are protected- I do not think that they should be released to public - Michael should be able to rest in peace- Showing his autopsy would be showing disrespect to him- Let him rest in peace-

1885 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Again please let me clarify. I mean I think that FUTURE interest in him will dwindle over the years and cause his estate to collapse financially. Once again, I mean no offense to his fans. I'm just stating what I think will happen.

1885 days ago


LakersFan1118- I love that song -

1885 days ago

EC From Canada    

Hey Business is Business eventually this was going to happen. Everyone will now profit from MJ's death and at the same time hopefully the monies earned will go to his kids. hopefully.

1885 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Akon & MJ's song "Hold my Hand" was leaked last year. Not new.

Omer is reportedly not his son-- however, I find it **very** interesting to know his placement @ the Memorial. He sat between Janet & Joe-- front row, center.

I wish they'd leak the *whole* song of "Place with no name."

1885 days ago


It's not that I don't want to debt to be cleared before the children reach 18, It's just everyone that hasn't been in MJ circle for awhile are all in line with thier hands out..I't's just a sad, sad thing....

Why is Jermaine wanting to bury Michael at Neverland? Didn't Michael vow to never return there? I mean it's been how long? Beside Michael said he did not want to be buried anyway...So creamate him and spread his ashes around the world....just my 2 cents for now

1885 days ago


Michael Jackson said he liked climbing trees and water balloon fights- He had a oak tree at Neverland he called the giving tree - where he wrote a lot of his songs.

1885 days ago

welc ome    

If the Estate will dwindle down after years, then I guess sellig the books are a very good idea right now. I think MJ VS SONY speech interesting. There are alot of people who were never exposed to his music that have been now. When i think back on all the years that passed and never hearing MJ on the Radio , not even his old songs you have to wonder how big and what was really behind this downfall. When he split with Sony he owned 1/2 of SONY. Very interesting.

1885 days ago


#15...Yes, I agree also, that is a good picture of *MJ*.....

1885 days ago


Michael Jackson said he would visit Neverland but would never live there again- He said it was a house not a home- after the trial.

1885 days ago


Michael Jackson did a lot of charity work- you never heard much about that- He was always giving- Go see Geroldo's interview with Michael and you will see why he built Neverland- If any karma it will be on the people that tried to get rich off of him- The world is got so much cruel in it - that to see someone with so much kindness- people thought him strange in that way- he was a sensitive, caring person and very generous and people just wanted to get rich off of him- He was a good person I believe-

1885 days ago


As callus as it may seem this is a savy business decision.

1885 days ago


96. Karma...

He also paid a Voodoo Priest to kill Steven Spielberg.

1885 days ago

First whores!    

MJ was a disgrace to our gay community. He made it difficult for people like me to come out of the closet. Shame on you Michael.

1885 days ago


Hey #13, you're a freaking idiot!!! I don't know how someone as evil as you are can live with themselves. I feel sorry for any family you may have!!!!

1885 days ago
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