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Michael Jackson's Kids to be Raised By Aunt

7/23/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebbie JacksonMultiple sources in the Jackson family tell us even if Katherine Jackson gets custody of Michael Jackson's kids, Michael's big sister Rebbie Jackson will raise the children.

The 59-year-old singer, who shares a home in Las Vegas with her hubby of over 20 years, has kept a low public profile, but privately she has been deeply involved in the lives of Michael's children.

We're told Rebbie is currently living with Katherine at the family's Encino home and is caring for the kids day-to-day. As for the kids ... they all adore her.

Although the family is divided on many issues involving Michael's estate, we're told there's no argument when it comes to Rebbie caring for the kids. Whether she eventually becomes the custodial parent in name or not, she will end up with the primary responsibility of raising Michael's three children.

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26. Some black people get really upset when they hear of white people
raisig children of color. So why is it OK for black people to raise
these white kids? I don't care one way or the other, but why the
double standard?

Posted at 3:04AM on Jul 23rd 2009 by Dot

>Because MJ paid high $$$$ for those booger pickers fair and square.

1898 days ago



Leave your son Michael Jacksons Last Will and Testament alone. Be thankful for what he gave you while he was alive and what he so thoughtfully is providing for you even in his death.
Try to spend your remaining years not so preoccupied with what you can hang around your neck, on your fingers, in your ears and on your backs and in your earthly house....and those of your offspring. And Joseph your unhealthy preoccupation with wheeling and dealing and capitalizing on the talents a son who truly loved you....though you were not worthy of it..needs to come to an immediate STOP.
The two of you need to start setting up your rewards in Heaven.......NOW....if you ever plan to make it there.
Make that your priority.
Just some friendly advice!

1898 days ago


Everyone is worried about MJ's three children, but as long as TMZ is keeping a vigilant watchful eye on the them -- they should be alright -- and MJ can rest in peace.

1898 days ago

welc ome    

Rebbie who? Oh I get it she has had a fantastic relationship with these kids for years. lol
Hopefully it ends soon, so the kids will get somewhere permanent.
god bless those little ones.

1898 days ago


Why does anyone here feel they have any right at all to say where these children should be raised? The truth is that none of you really know anything about the the private lives of anyone in the Jackson family. Michel Jackson made it very clear in his will - custody to his mom- not Rebbie or Janet or Joe or anybody else in the Jackson family. If for any reason his mom couldn't do it he stipulates his children should be placed outside the family with Diana Ross. That fact speaks volumes about the lack of trust he had in his siblings. He knew them better than any of us. What is the point of leaving a will if it is not followed? These children are doomed and their inheritance probably is as well if the Jackson's get their hands on it. It is too sad!

1898 days ago


I'm most certain that this family will do whatever it takes for these children to be taken care of. This family is no diffrent than any other family, Every family has problems mines, yours, his, hers and everyone else's. Why are some of you so negative towards these people especially Mj mother. He's the one appointed her in the will to care for his children. He trusted his mother hell he was very close to his mother. These people are greiving , they have to deal with his children, police investigation, I'm sure the children have questions about their dad death, and last but not least the Jackson's don't know what happened. So don't some of you don't think they're going through enough. I would rather someone does'nt matter from the Jackson family get these children instead of Debbie Rowe with her goldin self. She just wants money she couldn't possibly care for these children because if she did she wouldn't sold them. I hope the judge will allow the Jackson family to seek full guardinship of this children so Debbie Rowe can't touch them ever.This whole situation is a mess and I hope it gets handled so the children can get situated and they can be comfortable and move on with their lives. Peace and RIP MJ

1898 days ago


did Debbie Rowe remarry after MJ??? just wondering......never mind ...on second thought who would want to marry HER? even with all the money she got from MJ i think i would pass too. anybody will be better than her taking care of those kids

1898 days ago


If Debbie Rowe claims custody none of the Jacksons will get the kids.

1898 days ago


Nothing like placing the kids right in Joe's backyard (he lives in Vegas)...
My hope is that Debbie Rowe gets them, ALL of them, and raises them quietly on her ranch where they'll finally learn a sense of normalcy...

1898 days ago


Everyone is worried about Michael Jackson's three children, but as long as TMZ keeps a vigilant watchful eye on them and the situation, they should be alright -- and MJ can rest in peace. At least half of the planet is praying for those kids.

1898 days ago


Nancy Grace's problem is that bitter, nasty after taste she still has from that crow sandwich she had to eat back in 2005 after Michael was acquitted. ;-) I think I see some black feathers in between her teeth to this day whenever she opens her mouth. =O

1898 days ago


From what I've read she seems to most closely share the same values and lifestyle as Katherine. (Both are devout JW's) .

JW's? That is the worst thing that could happen to those kids.

1898 days ago


I knew Rebbie would take over the kids. She already raised Janet's daughter and you never hear anything about them. Good choice.

1898 days ago


#46 you are so right !! honestly why didnt MJ want his siblings to take care of those kids?? thre must be a bigger reason we dont know of and we will never know coz obviously the Jacksons will never say .but he sure had his reasons for him to trust Diana Ross over his siblings??? hmmmmm i wonder why? to not even trust one of them? very very odd

1898 days ago


The article clearly states that Rebbie lives in Las Vegas. How convenient for Joe Jackson, since he lives there, also. So she is the best choice to be a caretaker for the 3 children ?

1898 days ago
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