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Nick Hogan -- I Was Ridden for $130,000

7/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan is as bad of an investor as he is a driver -- in a brand new lawsuit, Nick claims two guys he tried to start a business with rode him for a grand total of $130,767.75.

Nick Hogan Damon Elliot

Nick is suing Louis Adkinson and Damon Elliot for breach of contract after he agreed to invest $50,000 in a record production company called "Confidential South, LLC" back in January -- a company Nick says never even got off the ground.

According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Nick claims Adkinson and Elliot both promised to invest 50k of their own ... AND told Nick everyone would get their money back if the company never formed. Surprisingly, the suit says neither of those things happened.

To make it worse, Nick alleges the evil duo ran up $80,767.75 on his American Express card without his permission -- so he's also suing them for fraud. Nick wants the 130k back -- at least.


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You want your money back Nick? Hmmmm. How does it feel to want something precious back? Hey, I know, let's talk to the Graziano family and see if they'd like John back the way he was 2 years ago before you basically killed him. I'm sure they'd trade the vegetable they were left with, for the man they knew and loved.

Oh, someone broke a contract to you? What about the contract you had with the fine citizens of Florida when you took on the responsibility of driving? You know the's implied, but a contract nonetheless, the one where you promise to uphold the laws and drive in a safe and responsible manner.

1915 days ago


wwwaaaaaaaaaaa, wawwwwwwaaaaaa. Poor baby bitch.

1915 days ago


Well, little irresponsible child, karma is a b!tch !!!

Be grateful you have your freedom, you little turd, and that you only lost MONEY, and not the freedom to live a normal life.

Be grateful you are not a should still be in jail for what you did to your friend.....LOSER

1915 days ago


LMFAO!!!!!!!........Just think, Hulk & Linda Hogan mated and this is the result............Holy Crap!

1915 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a bigger and more deserving douche.

1915 days ago


This moron is as worthless as a milk stool under a bull.......

1915 days ago


Nick didn't tell his friend not to buckle up. That was a choice that poor young man made himself. Nick did his time and he has to live with what happened to his friend for the rest of his life. He should not have been driving recklessly, that's for sure but, he can't be held accountable for his friend not buckling up. I feel for that young man and his family, but I also feel for all of the Hogans.

1915 days ago


it was cheaper for him to get ridden in jail for free

1915 days ago


Well, I guess he must have done something really bad to cause this to happen to him.


Gotta love Karma!

1915 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

What is the world is wrong with that dumb a$$ anyway? He isn't working - never has - Probably never will and can run up a credit card likeTHAT?? His parents sure never taught him $hit and NOW - he has a "best friend" in a coma from a stupid racing accident - he is in the hole for credit card bills and wonders - How can this BE? Because yyou are a LOSER in life and parents aren't one bit better! while you sulked in jail - daddy Steroid was tryig to get you a "job" and that fizzled! POOR BABY! Grow the hell up and face the music. IF you had a brain - it died a long time ago!! Drugs and 'roids do that to brains.

1915 days ago


Where does a punk like Hogan get 130k. Instead of worrying about getting that money back .He should be working for his friends John Graziano's hospital bills. And start paying them. Higan is a loser.

1915 days ago

Grace from NYC    

KARMA. Period.

1915 days ago

Grace from NYC    

Hey Nick,comment # 18 said it best but let me add to it. Nick, Have you noticed (and I know you read these)
but have you noticed that every comment here is a negative one towards YOU? why do you think
that is? really, why would all of these strangers feel this way about you? I'll tell you why, because you have
been in the spot light (because of your father) and people have had the opportunity to see you, listen to you and watch
you and you have shown yourself to be a self-absorbed, obnoxious, spoiled, ungreatful, selfish KID (not even
close to being a man). Your friend John lays in a hospital bed every second of every day, and will continue
to do so for his entire existence on this planet, because of you. You
stole this man's "life" and robbed his family of the joy the would have known with him. Its bad enough the fact
that you put john on life support by YOUR actions but to now forget about him, his struggles?his familys struggles?
You should be by Johns side everyday, every single day offering to help in anyway neccesary. But you cant because
you are not capable of caring for anyone (other than you, yourself and you). You are a shallow human being.
So sad because the world has soooo many millions of people already just like you. You blend in with the rest of
the rats.

1915 days ago


Nick is always at the party, in the action, at the cool place, in the lime light.

So now we learn that Nick is trying to start a record company.

I thought Nick went to CA to go to college and study film and TV production?

Nick you want to be a star.... and just like your sister who bought her way into a record deal and MTV with dad's moneny....people will
listen to you as long as the money doesn't run out.

Once the money runs out...... you might have to actually get a real job.

Money can buy you fake friends..... but with your track record.... lets hope you don't run out of money anytime soon.

1914 days ago


He got it coming to him. Tough sh-- guy

1913 days ago
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