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Beckham -- Damn You Fined!

7/24/2009 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David BeckhamIn perhaps the most meaningless punishment in the history of sports, Major League Soccer has decided to fine David Beckham $1,000 for challenging some L.A. Galaxy fans to a fight during a game last week.

For the record, $1,000 to David Beckham is like 14 cents to the rest of the players on his team.

If you recall, Beckham -- a member of the L.A. Galaxy -- got all testy during the game when Galaxy fans booed the crap out of him in his home stadium.

After the incident, Beckham said he had no intention of apologizing -- meanwhile, Galaxy fans have no intention of ever cheering for him again.

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Yes, we do care. David is a fine player and we do like him in the US. We are glad to have him. About that 'thing' him being a nobody is not true. We also like Victoria, actually we prefer David to her, her singing days are over. David still plays like a champ, even if he doesn't score like he used, is a pleasure see him play at his best with the strategies.There is only one like him. Also there is people that watch soccer once a week or more.. I don't, but I know people that do. David Beckham is an 'icon' in his country and here in the US. too. Where have you being? Where are you from?

1884 days ago

love her!    

Hi I am David Beckham and I don't care about any one except Tom Cruise my lover. I worship my own balls and his all over the world.

1884 days ago

Tommy Vincent    

My gosh... David Beckham is one funny looking man.

1884 days ago



1884 days ago


I am sorry, David is yesterday's man. Let's just get over him! Reckon it's time he just concentrated on teaching kids nowadays.

1884 days ago


To all of you who do not rate beckham as a good player its possible he can not show what a good player he is because the players around him are crap. My family and i followed him while he played in England for Manchester United and he was a great asset to the club. He is highly rated in Europe. I dont blame him on bit for wanting to play in Italy. If anyone commenting here wanted to play fo their country they would do what ever it took to ensure they played for their country. Soccer is not as big in the US as it is in Europe and i often wonder why beckham went there in the first place because it did nothing good for Mancheter United legend George Best.

1884 days ago


I think MLS is a joke, beckham and alexander are the only decent players imo.. sorry but beckham put MLS on the map.. no one in the world has ever heard of it lol..

and whoever said football isnt a man sport, you clearly need help

1884 days ago


Perhaps David would be "scoring more" if he'd stayed in Milan or with Manchester United...frankly, who cares at this point. He's not giving The Galaxy his "all" and his ex-fans resent the fact that he made it very obvious he wanted to remain in Europe. He was a complete moron to think he was going to be given a "hero's return" after his behavior. BOO HOO is David doesn't like the booing in the stadium. Maybe TommyGirl can kiss it and make it all better...

1884 days ago


I don't mind TMZ discussing football, but can we please keep it about real football, and not this lame pussified sport where no one scores anyway.

1884 days ago

remember REALITY    

David is a good player BUT should have said NO to coming to the States

If you truly love soccer you play anywhere you can even in pitiful LA

He was good but isn't anymore. His time has passed. He needs to let go

1884 days ago


LA Galaxy management are to blame for trying to negotiate a higher transfer fee from AC Milan. As Beckham is free to leave LAG for nothing at the end of the seaon, the club loses out on the £5 million it said was "too low". It seems they manage their financial affairs as badly as their team.

Beckham should simply return to Europe, and LA Galaxy should return to the two-bit, irrelevant, laughably bad football club it's always been. With the behaviour of the team and fans, it's unlikely any European player will want to head over there and prop-up the club any time soon. And prop them up they do, because European football makes the American variety look like an amateur knockabout.

1884 days ago


Who Cares!! Move on to the next topic...Beckham is a great player regardless of what everyone says...that we can't change... All we keep doing is adding more attention to him by talking about him 24/7!! MOVE ON!!!!!

1884 days ago


We are all so proud to be Americans - yet these morons taunt him like a bunch of douche bag red necks. And then you wonder WHY other countries want to blow us up - its cuz were so nice to folk. And yet if the person you mornons are taunting dont take the taunt with a grain of salt y'all get all pissy and twisted - you should be LUCKY to have him even consider being on your team - shame on you - you dumb red neck douche bags!

1884 days ago


15. He was brought over to the US to promote soccer. He's going a great job by taunting the fans.
Posted at 5:06PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Paparazzo@frog.cc

Uhhh, I think the fans started the taunting. But the bigger issue is the extreme hatred shown to him & his wife since they came to the US. Way to go, yanks. That's showing real class. Is it jealousy?

1884 days ago


International football (soccer) is the most popular game in the world. Only the Americans don't like it which shows their ignorance and how incompetent they are at playing the game. They should be kissing Becks feet for bringing attention to the game in the USA and taking a joke of a team like Galaxy to a higher level. Once Becks is gone the Galaxy can continue to play like amateurs...their track record (Donovan included) is pathetic compared to the rest of the world. They just have never been up to international standards and haven't a clue how to play.

1884 days ago
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