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Dr. Murray's People Scramble for Files

7/24/2009 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTwo people went to Dr. Conrad Murray's storage facility at 11:22 AM Houston time the day Michael Jackson died and took files from the storage and put them in two cars.

We're told the women who picked up the material took 3 to 5 boxes and other items. The two women are sisters who worked for the doctor, according to their grandmother. They came to the storage facility in a Mercedes and there was a car that followed them. The women were there for 30 minutes.

The timing is interesting. It was 9:22 AM Los Angeles time when the women showed up. Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 PM. The question -- what time did Dr. Murray realize Jackson was in distress?


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he better r-u-n-n-o-f-t!

1860 days ago


Think about it. Supposedly, Michael used the propofol to sleep at night. Propofol wears off only after a few minutes. Why the hell would he be given this drug in the early afternoon? This story is starting to make more sense and point to a major cover up by Dr. Murray and his employees. One of them better speak up before they are implicated as well.

1860 days ago


He was dead for HOURS that's why he could not be REVIVED

1860 days ago


omg i hate hearing all this....Michael just wanted some sleep! he didn't have a clue he wasn't gona wake up, he trusted that doctor, obviously he did ask him to stay over night

1860 days ago

common sense says...    

if this was any other junkie, we would not be hearing about it!!

1860 days ago


Dr. Murray couldn't find a phone to call 911 but he sure managed to get the message to Houston to destroy all the files right away!

1860 days ago


I wonder if he was murdered deliberately. Maybe the doctor was paid to kill him.

1860 days ago


Michael wanted to escape from the REAL WORLD that's why he kept himself MEDICATED...I hope he can rest in PEACE because PEOPLE SURE ARENT LETTING HIM

1860 days ago


You know what? This quack is corrupt!! I just hope that the authorities are able to nail him! He moved to LA because he thought he'd be Michael Jackson's "Dr. Feel Good" and live the high life...I'm sure that is why he left the practice in Houston. What is also curious, is in earlier reports it was mentioned that he waited some time before calling 911. Well according to this report, he was calling Houston to get rid of those files from storage. I hope they have the presence of mind to check his cell phone records and compare it agains the time of death.

1860 days ago


One item left off the list from the other stories on TMZ that was listed in raid was a receipt for an untraceable cellphone receipt. It can be found at Murray has been listed as an official suspect. What was the phone for?

1860 days ago


This creep is TOAST!

1860 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

So he called his office to cover his A$$ first while Jackson was gasping for his last breath of air.

WTF is that about?

1860 days ago


Regardless of WHO was responsible.. MJ KNEW exactly what he was doing. HE was ordering and paying for all these drugs and all of the aliases used.. HE is just as much to blame!! DRUG ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!

1860 days ago


Just a few hours before 911 was called? Tha'ts more than interesting. Did Murray know MJ was already dead, or did he know MJ would be dying soon? Looks like CYA. If the storage has video of that activity, they may be able to get license #s and track these people down. That they were followed in a car (security protection?) seems suspicious as well.

1860 days ago

seeking the truth    

Michael was killed and I hope the 'real' truth does come out. Was Dr Murray doing this for anyone else??

1860 days ago
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