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Dr. Murray's People Scramble for Files

7/24/2009 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTwo people went to Dr. Conrad Murray's storage facility at 11:22 AM Houston time the day Michael Jackson died and took files from the storage and put them in two cars.

We're told the women who picked up the material took 3 to 5 boxes and other items. The two women are sisters who worked for the doctor, according to their grandmother. They came to the storage facility in a Mercedes and there was a car that followed them. The women were there for 30 minutes.

The timing is interesting. It was 9:22 AM Los Angeles time when the women showed up. Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 PM. The question -- what time did Dr. Murray realize Jackson was in distress?


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The police should not offer this doctor any deal, NONE. Throw the book at him. Lock him up and throw away the key.

1855 days ago


I been believed that MJ had been dead long b4 911 was ever called. They used the time to play clean up and tryed to cover up what they all were a part of. Someone should talk with the kids i'm sure they saw more then we will ever know.

1855 days ago

who the hell    

If I can be brazen and repeat my feelings once again. Since June 30th I have boldly said that:
A) Murry refused to let paramedics pronounce MJ dead at the house.
1) he knew he was already dead.
2) pronouncing him at the house meant police would come.
a) Had police come they would surely see the scene as a homicide immediately calling detectives and M.E. they would see the iv drip and other paraphernalia .
b) Murry needed to have time to get back to the house and remove evidence if police were there this would not be allowed.
B) Murry refused to allow paramedics take over CPR.
1) He knew being professionals they would feel MJ was cold very cold.
2) Murry needed to have paramedics see he was trying to revive MJ.

Needless to say I feel Murry murdered MJ likely accidentally but he immediately began to cover his ass, rather than immediately call paramedics who have equipment that could have resuscitated MJ. He should be charged with Negligent Homicide or Manslaughter . Either way he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In my MHO

1855 days ago


He waited a long time to call 911 so that Propofol would leave Michael's system. That simple.

1855 days ago


These sisters better speak up before they look guilty. I think MJ was already dead when Murray called 911, but what could he do? Admit to the world that he killed Michael Jackson?

1855 days ago


WOW, this is huge. I think they're looking at 2nd degree murder and not manslaughter. Depraved indifference and reckless disregard for human life, even though it was unintentional it's still murder 2. Buh bye, Dr. Conny-rad Murray.

1855 days ago


Officials should just hurry up and throw his greedy ass in the slammer. And every other joker that is probably crapping their pants right now, shame.

1855 days ago


it was planed to kill michael people think it was a mistake but i don;t care i believe that AEG had planed to have this doctor kill michael they need to go down to and those two women need to be checked out find out what they took and what they did with it ? why would he have someone move things if he did nothing wrong? can some one tell the truth so maybe his kids will know what really happened to their daddy and they can try to move on in life .....please for the sake of the children get this worked out

1855 days ago


33. Am I the only person wondering if dear old dad Joe was working with the Doc on this mess?

Posted at 12:18PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Not to start some crap but

NO. His dad promoted a record label 3 days after his son was dead. Now he is planning an 80th birthday bash ( OH and he is also planning on building a cultural center, museum, hotel...etc.) in Gary, IN) He's out doing fundraising. I have thought this too.

1855 days ago


The first thing I thought of was that there is a lot of time between that happening and the 911 call. I would have thought, had there been trouble closer to 09:30, that the coroner would be all over that, it would be very suspicious but I also would have thought any doctor would also know how suspicious it would look.

I suppose it would also be too much to actually have source attached to such material.

1855 days ago


What a freaking mess this is turning into,now it seems this thing was planned.This crap is crazy.Wow!They are going to practically crucify that man for his death,he must now wish he never had met Michael.

1855 days ago


The doctor should get a medal:)

1855 days ago


If you look closely at Murray's photo his eyes look like the hope justice is served...only God knows what when down in those hours. Thoughts and respect to the Jackson family and hopefully some closure once and for all and last but not least the TRUTH!

1855 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

It was just a Mid Summer Cleaning (formerly Spring Cleaning).. everyone of these turds is dirty. I think MJ killed himself.. and they assisted him.

1855 days ago


Dr. Murray said 911 was not called earlier because he did not know MJ's address. That is such a blatant LIE. From Sunset, you turn right onto Carolwood. The house is RIGHT THERE (on your right), at the FIRST driveway,. There is no 'second or third house on the right', or complicated "turn left at" or other directions to give because it was the FIRST house/driveway off Sunset. Or he also could have said it's Michael Jackson's house and I don't know where I am but we need help!! This is the easiest address in the wold to describe even if you don't know the street # (and how hard is it to remember the number "100" doctor?) or even what city you are in. "Sunset and Carolwood. First house in." That is ALL Dr. Murray had to say/remember and they would have found it (within minutes). Don't tell me he did not know that, because that is INSANE (or criminal). And he was not trying very hard to resuscitate him if he was performing CPR on a BED. With removal of files from his storage facility, this is all starting to look VERY suspicious.

1855 days ago
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