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Dr. Murray's People Scramble for Files

7/24/2009 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTwo people went to Dr. Conrad Murray's storage facility at 11:22 AM Houston time the day Michael Jackson died and took files from the storage and put them in two cars.

We're told the women who picked up the material took 3 to 5 boxes and other items. The two women are sisters who worked for the doctor, according to their grandmother. They came to the storage facility in a Mercedes and there was a car that followed them. The women were there for 30 minutes.

The timing is interesting. It was 9:22 AM Los Angeles time when the women showed up. Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 PM. The question -- what time did Dr. Murray realize Jackson was in distress?


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who the hell    

61. 33. Am I the only person wondering if dear old dad Joe was working with the Doc on this mess?

Posted at 12:18PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Not to start some crap but

NO. His dad promoted a record label 3 days after his son was dead. Now he is planning an 80th birthday bash ( OH and he is also planning on building a cultural center, museum, hotel...etc.) in Gary, IN) He's out doing fundraising. I have thought this too.

Posted at 12:37PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Mela
Might I also add stealing a thought from another poster on another thread. Joe told Larry king a fan was who called him and told him the ambulance was leaving MJs residents. Need to see a show of hands for those of you that are great enormous MJ fans that have Joe Jackson’s # ………. exactly none of you I do believe Joe was involved.

1925 days ago


Oh my goodness. And all the time I thought Jackson's father was off his rocker when he said that MJ had been murdered. Big question now is whether or not the President is going to offer his opinion on the matter.

1925 days ago


Is profanity acceptable on this post?........I feel my tourettes Syndrome getting ready to kick in.

1925 days ago


Posted at 12:35PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Ned
56. We're forgetting that MJ was a JUNKIE and a PEDOPHILE. The doctor should be thanked, not crucified.

That's true, young boys in the world are safe now. (Does anyone think Omer Bhatti was one of MJ's boy "friends" when he was young and not MJ's son?). But I still want the doc to go bye-bye so he can't kill anyone else.

1925 days ago


I can't wait to see KILLER Murray doing the PERP WALK - yes Michael may have been an addict but the "DOCTOR" forgot his creed "Do No Harm" - WRONG- killing your patient is not exactly good practice. I'm glad the cops and other authorities have been fairly quiet about what they're doing, until it went down with a search warrant. NAIL this doc and any others who were nothing more than drug pushers. How sad that we had to lose Michael to get some attention to this issue of celebrities and drug doctors. RIP and we hope there is justice for you Michael. Murray will not have fun in prison, I suspect... there's the guy who killed Michael Jackson, they'd better keep him in solitary or he's a dead man.

1925 days ago

seeking the truth    


1925 days ago

who the hell    

70. Interesting alright!.....Michael died at him home, at the hands of this man. These women need to be investigated as well, and need to tell authority what files were removed from storage. Where the files are now as well. Dr Murray tried to cover his ass in so many ways, but everything will lead back to him. This doctor saw dollar signs and I am sure there was nothing he wouldnt give Michael at the tune of $150.000 a month. I just hope this fool doesnt take his own life. I want to see the S.O.B suffer everyday of his life

Posted at 12:44PM on Jul 24th 2009 by Arrest him already
Ah and the good Dr disapeared for several days wonder if he was sitting by a shredder with the two sisters?

1925 days ago


I hate this guy....i would like that he die instead Michael...Burn in hell doc!

1925 days ago


Okay. Now I don't have any sympathy for this "doctor". At first, I thought he was taking the rap for all of the underhanded docs that prescribed MJ meds. But now, I'm in agreement with Joe and LaToya. Mike was murdered, died in his sleep, and was dead hours before that quack pretended to not be able to find a working phone to call 911. He left poor MJ on the bed to fakingly do CPR, because he knew it was of no avail. To have called his cronies to go to the shed and remove the evidence before even calling 911, is really calculated, smells of guilt, and makes me sick!! Murderer!!! I hope all of them burn for what they did to MJ. Joe, got get 'em!!!!

1925 days ago

not unique    

maybe the files were removed because they dealt with other celebraties.

1925 days ago



1925 days ago


Michael Jackson fake death ! Come on guys, think a little ! Just look in that site


1925 days ago


Money is the root of evil and jealousy if it makes you kill for it. Dr. is guilty.

1925 days ago


Now if this doesn't convince folks i don't know what will!

1925 days ago

who the hell    

80. maybe the files were removed because they dealt with other celebraties.

Posted at 1:00PM on Jul 24th 2009 by not unique
Wow had not thought of that good going nancy drew.

1925 days ago
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