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Karrine Steffans

When Video Vixens Attack

7/24/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karrine Steffans, the woman who wrote "Confessions of a Video Vixen," called into the Rod Ryan radio show to plug her newest book -- but instead ignited a classic on-air verbal throwdown with the Texas DJ.

Karrine Steffans: Click to listen!
Steffans slammed the host for asking about her sexual exploits with celebs like Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx -- which made the interview get real ugly, real fast. Which means it's awesome.


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I Heart rod ryan    

Rod Ryan is awesome!! I listen to him every day, I think it's soo funny he let her go on and look stupid! He's hung up on people for less. Boycatt her book!!

1864 days ago


What I don't understand is why everyone is saying "oh she slept with some many famous people" but I am sure there are many other video girls who sleep with just as many if not more celebs ????

1864 days ago

For Real    

She should really end this tour. She keeps getting played with her dumb ass. This has been happening to her all week. She says she won't do "urban media" but instead she wanted to do "white media" thinking that people would not know who she was, which is a whore. you should check out theis guy's blog. He broke it down properly.

1864 days ago



Sorry never heard of her before, and will likely never hear of her again.
I wouldn't buy the book if it was on clearance at the dollar store.

1864 days ago


Talk about dumb

She doesn't correct him the 1st time he says she sept with Jay-Z and that's the link to know her....

Then starts yelling to him "It's not a book" !! Then she says "Can we get back to the new book"

I think the ugly whore got called out !


1864 days ago


OMG that last caller was HIL-AR-I-OUS! wtf was Karrine thinking!? and then to say that she's not famous because she slept with celebrities? PLEASE!! someone needs to give this chick a reality check, and fast. i hope no one is dumb enough to actually go out and buy that garbage!

1864 days ago

J Jones    

When will we learn...this broad has a "new" working tool!! She knows that she doesn't have any real talent, which is why she gets so defensive when the real questions are asked. Do you suspect for one moment that she woke up and really thought that she could be an advisor on relationships and what-not? Sure, she slept with numerous celebrities, but what other credit to her name does she really have? I may sound as if I'm hating, but I'm not. I actually credit her on one thing, GAME!! She found her 15 minutes of fame years ago and she's riding the hell out of it. She needs to write a book on how to stroke the hell out of 15 minutes...because she's doing a helluva job!!

Ms. Steffans, my advice to you is, stop being so defensive. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you came out with this book. Some people may respect your perspective on relationships, but know that the majority, simply are not buying it. I congratulate on your efforts, but I believe your 15 is turning into about 6. Before you get defensive with anyone else, know that YOU put yourself out there...NO ONE ELSE!! Have a blessed life and find another angle to ride. *deuces*

1864 days ago

Kimberly, Houston TX    

I was listening to the show that morning and heard the original interview. To be honest I was not at all surprised by her demeanor. You cannot expect qualities such as tact, and class from somebody still trying to scratch their way up TO the bottom...

Oh and is that her picture? Ugly as hell.

1864 days ago


Come on girl....besides screwing famous people you do nothing! Why the hell would anyone know you. BTW....even after the book...still no one knows you by your name! They only know you by the name SUPER HEAD! Wonder why that is...LOL

1864 days ago

God of Equality    

Dirty bottom-feeding skeezer. She's an embarrassment to women...especially Black ones. Ladies, like 2pac said: Keep your head up, legs closed, and eyes open.

1864 days ago


Karrine Steffans.......who.....................BKA Superhead...............AKA Honey motherf**** Honey. She's a slut I can't stand her, she's so overrated. She f****s her way to the top and expect to be treated like someone other that what she truly is.. a slut. If you make a career and become infamous by having sex with celebrities and write about it, you can't expect to have people not ask you about it. This bitch put her own business out there live with it. She needs to go give "superhead" to Mr. Marcus. Honey motherf**** Honey! LMAO

1864 days ago


Rod Ryan is always super professional and totally funny. I have no idea who or what this lady is, and I truelly don't care. Good for Rod Ryan, Teressa, and Mark for sticking it to that "B". That last caller was too funny!

1864 days ago

janice L.    

She's a whore that's second guessing her actions and thought speaking proper and wear lighter make up would make people forget her actions. The DJ was right and did a good job of calling that b*tch out on her her actions !

1864 days ago


She is an idiot, no one knows who the hell she is.
ROD RYAN-- you rock!!! I love the comment "I didn't bang anyone to get here"!!!!

1864 days ago


what a whore. i did not know who she was.

1864 days ago
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