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Karrine Steffans

When Video Vixens Attack

7/24/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karrine Steffans, the woman who wrote "Confessions of a Video Vixen," called into the Rod Ryan radio show to plug her newest book -- but instead ignited a classic on-air verbal throwdown with the Texas DJ.

Karrine Steffans: Click to listen!
Steffans slammed the host for asking about her sexual exploits with celebs like Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx -- which made the interview get real ugly, real fast. Which means it's awesome.


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How is asking her about the book that made her somewhat famous disrespectul? I listen to the show every morning and when he mentioned her name, I had no idea who she was until he talked about that book. Obviously she didn't like someone bringing her back to reality!

1827 days ago


And call her stupid all you want, but #1 why would they be f*ck'n her, if theyre all famous??? She was doing porn before then, and guess they thought they got the upper-hand. But guess they were wrong.

#2 why knock her for making the money for it.... GOOD for them!!!

Men hate it when women gets the upper-hand

1827 days ago


I live outside of Houston and listen to the Buzz every morning. On this morning, I could not believe how rude and up her own ass this cow was! I had already parked my car, but stayed in my car to listen to the rest of this 'interview'. And the calls that came in afterward were just as entertaining as the interview itself! GOod Lawd...this hoe bag was crazy "What are YOU talking about?!" Rod should have said, "I'm talking about the crabs you gave all these dudes, wrote three books about and won't shut up!" LMAO!

She's a hoe, and probably riddled with STD's only a Dr. can pronounce and the interview is HILARIOUS!

1827 days ago


And this DJ is d*che-bag!!!!!

Men always want to call a woman a whore... meanwhile, what do you call the guys women f*ck.

Keep that in mind, ladies... 2 people f*ck, but the woman is the whore.

DJ Ron is a d*uche...

1827 days ago


Listen to Rod Ryan every morning and he has great interviews! She is just a bitch and should be happy that she is on his radio show at all!

1827 days ago


I turned this in to TMZ just to show the world how big an a$$ she made out of herself. Also, Rod Ryan now has the last laugh...the world is hearing his name and can see just how great a DJ he is. Rod Ryan ROCKS!!! Karrine is such a joke...the title I used was Superhead.....Superbitch!! I guess TMZ didn't like mine as much! Get a life whore! Keep rockin' Rod!!!

1827 days ago


That karrine Stephens plays the word good. She knows y she was asked to do an interview. Just lilke he said she put the word VIXEN in the title of the new book so that people would know who she is. If she had not put those famous people's names in the book, the book would not have made it off someone's desk.

1827 days ago

Liz - Rod Ryan Show Fan    

I heard the interview when it was going on, Rod Ryan is really a cool Dj, he gives guests the benefit of the doubt and respects what they have to say. I'd heard of this chick but didn't know her name or what she looked like. I would never waste my money on her books, and she should be thankful anyone is giving her a minute to plug whatever she has. She needs to call and apologize to Rod. A-M-F ..........

1827 days ago

youngdaze ron is completely right and that hoe should stop writing stupidass books

And to be honest...i don't even think she had another call lol

1827 days ago

Liz - Rod Ryan Show Fan    

She's a beeeyaaaaatch !!!!!

1827 days ago


Rod Ryan is the most amazing morning show host ever! She completely turned this whole thing around. How can you write a "bestselling" book about being a whore and not expect someone to talk about it? To be honest, I really didn't know who she was until he brought that up.

1827 days ago


ROD RYAN has more fame in Houston in his pinky finger...... than this stupid whore will have anytime anywhere. How can a worthless nobody like her come on his show and say that he doesnt know what he's doing like the other dumb dumb radio shows that she has been on? Nobody knows you slut and he was just trying to get that clear before moving forward with the interview. Go back to the fing gutter where you came from you pos loser whore bag. Your a skank hoe that doesnt even belong in the same breath as anyone that has any sort of talent or worth in this world.

1827 days ago


43. And this DJ is d*che-bag!!!!!

Men always want to call a woman a whore... meanwhile, what do you call the guys women f*ck.

Keep that in mind, ladies... 2 people f*ck, but the woman is the whore.

DJ Ron is a d*uche...

Posted at 9:14AM on Jul 24th 2009 by HunnyBunny

***Whoever made this comment must be a whore to be offended by Rod's comments! I listen to him every morning and he is NOT a d-bag! I had no idea who Karrine Stephans was before Monday when she did this "interview". He had to tell us about that book in order for us to know who she is, she maybe well known among some famous men but as far as the rest of us we have no idea who she is. When you sleep with all of Hollywood and beyond and write a book about it then you have no right to to get angry and defensive when people call you a whore. Publish a book about being a dirty whore and people will call you a dirty whore... end of story!

1827 days ago


She is a FDB (female dush bag)

1827 days ago



1827 days ago
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