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Karrine Steffans

When Video Vixens Attack

7/24/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karrine Steffans, the woman who wrote "Confessions of a Video Vixen," called into the Rod Ryan radio show to plug her newest book -- but instead ignited a classic on-air verbal throwdown with the Texas DJ.

Karrine Steffans: Click to listen!
Steffans slammed the host for asking about her sexual exploits with celebs like Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx -- which made the interview get real ugly, real fast. Which means it's awesome.


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terrence green    

Im just wondering how she is giving advice on how to keep a man since she went through so many LOL she is such a joke. I love the comment that her neighbors are celebrities Girl please you are so low rent. You certainly don't live on the north side of sunset boulevard because you could never afford to.

1888 days ago


This DJ if full of $h**. He knows he didn't need to go that far.He's a real @sshole.

1888 days ago


This is GREAT! lol. This girl called into our local hip hop radio show yesterday and before they put her on the air they were talking abou thow she refused to be called SUPERHEAD anymore, so don't call her that. Well the main DJ answers her and call and says - "Good Morning Superhead, how are you?" She promptly hung up. The DJ just laughed, he said he had to just see what would happen because really it wasn't a big deal to talk to her.

So anyhow, I'm glad Ron called her out for what she does and why she is in fact famous.


1888 days ago


She’s a disgrace to whores all over the world!!

1888 days ago


“. I dont remember her sleeping with jayz and i read both of the other books’


She didn’t sleep with him because he just wanted a rim lick.

1888 days ago


This b*tch is rude as hell! She's lucky that she got that interview in the first place. That DJ is right. Nobody knows who this whore is,which is why he had to get into her other two previous(ghost written)books. B*tch can't read muchless write. She should still to staying on her knees and being a garbage disposal for celebrities because this surely isn't the attitude one takes when they are trying to make money.

1888 days ago


What a HoeBag, If she wasnt a Slut she wouldnt be famous, the DJ was jus trying to give the background of this tour Whore and she got mad for being known as a slut, shouldnt write a book about being a Hoe and get mad when she gets called out on it.....Slutty BiA!!!!

1888 days ago

Nikka 48    

I have read the Vixen's latest, and it is a great book to give your to hot to trot daughter or neice are goddaughter on how to behave like a lady. I guess all her years is a video whatever gives her street cred, and there is some validity to the advice she gives. Like she states in her book, the bad stuff you do follows you all your life, so I am sure that she regrets a lot of the decisions she made in the past. Give her a break, nobody's perfect.

1888 days ago


Rod Ryan didn't do anything wrong. Who does this bitch think she is saying we listeners are not smart enough to know who she is. We don't know who she is b/c we don't give a rat's ass about some stupid bitch that goes around s**kin off celebrities to get a new couch. She has been a $1 slut all of her life, why the hell is this bitch giving advice on any part of life in general. if she wants to be respected, she should get off her knees and get a real F**KING JOB. This bitch prob sucks off her son too. Get the F**K back on the small island you came from you drugged out addicted whoer!

1888 days ago


Don't know about the book....but I do know that is her in the porn flick Mr Marcus VS. Honey..she' the one on knees...Deny That Superhead!

1888 days ago


I WAS driving on my way to school when I heard this, I was listening to 94.5 The Buzz (Rod Ryan Show!) and WAS LIKEE OHH SHI----- she needs to chill out! Rod Ryan deff. pwnd her.

Mad Props to the Buzz!! Best Radio Station EVER!!!

Local Houstonian fan - Michael!

1888 days ago


Everyone knows you cuz ur superhaed. I like how the DJ handled her, she sucked off some famous ppl and is now on a power trip. Typical ho.

1888 days ago


OMG! This woman has lost her mind and THOUGHT she made some big name for herself outside of the fact she slept with lots of stars... which btw, jay z, she did not sleep with him. It was all oral... only her oral.. then jay z excused her amd Jaime Foxx hit the road soon as he realized who she was if I remember correctly. I have three things to say to Miss Karrine... one being a question. # 1 Karrine the first book was good and very informational cause we wanted to kno some celebrity dirt- You dished it- Thanks. # 2 The second book sucked to hell because you thought we wanted to know what was going on with you.... NO we wanna who's marriage you are currently wrecking... but we did find out who "Papa" was from the first book... book still sucked though. #3 How in the hell do you give advice on how to catch, seduce, and keep a man..... when apparently your approach on things isn't even working for u? Girl get it together. You'll never escape it and if you didn't want it that way u shouldn't have put it out there like that. Just my opinion.

1888 days ago

The Rockstar RL    

What a joke? You women standing up for this hooker ought to be ashamed. And one of you says she dominated the whole interview. She rehearsed those lines over and over because she knew this was coming. I will give her credit for finding and manipulating all the stupid ppl she did to get where shes at now. GOOD HOOKER!!

1888 days ago


wowsers. nobody buy that book! Return them if you've bought any!

1888 days ago
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