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Did Surgery on Jackson

in Gyno Office

7/24/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_klein_mj_73444380_exd_1-1We've learned Dr. Arnold Klein once took Michael Jackson to the office next door to his -- run by a gynecologist specializing in vaginal rejuvenation -- to perform a minor acne treatment on the singer under full anesthesia.

We spoke with Dr. Harvey Richmond who told us ... around 2003, Dr. Klein asked him if he could use Richmond's surgery center in his office to perform a procedure on Jackson.

Dr. Richmond says, per Klein's request, he got an anesthesiologist and a scrub tech who worked on Jackson.

Dr. Richmond says he found it "odd" that Dr. Klein performed "some sort of acne treatment" with full anesthesia. Dr. Richmond says he believes the anesthesia used was Propofol, the same drug that may have killed Jackson.

Dr. Richmond says the 2003 procedure was the only time Dr. Klein used his office for Jackson.

And there's this -- Dr. Richmond says Jackson stiffed him on the bill, eventually only paying half after Richmond threatened to take the singer to Beverly Hills small claims court.


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Waouh... Dr Murray, then Klein... who is the next??

1853 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I'm confused. What does this have to do with moving on?

1853 days ago


If your sick of the MJ news, don't read MJ news posts? don't post? don't make the effort to type up a post? dont hit the post comment button? dont go into your email box? dont find the activate comment email? dont open it? dont click on link in said email to activate your comment? dont come back to read more posts on said MJ news you so are tired of reading about?

Yeah, 'nough said. =P

1853 days ago

Sue Wong    

They had probably doubled the bill anyway so he got full

1853 days ago

chicken head    

this all fits for this PERV!!! hahah !love it!!!!!!!!!

1853 days ago


Like Liza Minelli said - after autopsy all hell will break loose- I don't know why she said that- but it is looking that way- These people call themselves Drs. Unbelievable!!!!

1853 days ago


Show us pictures of his bald head, and bury the molester in prison.

1853 days ago


Dr. Klein said in an interview that Demerol was the strongest medication he has ever given MJ. I don’t trust this doctor for a split second. How much money has he gotten from MJ over the years? SICK!!!

1853 days ago


Thank you TMZ!! I say that Arnie klein gave Michael the Propofol and Murray administered the drug. And Dr. Klein was involved as much as the other one.

1853 days ago

who the hell    

cood be a cover up um is it possible MJ ws undergoing gender reasignment? Thus the gyn office maybe they had a few Vagina's on hand

1853 days ago


at's up with these 'coloured' Dr.'s & killing their patients????

first dr. jan adams killin' kanye's another black dr (conrad murray) kills his patient (mikey jackson).

jus' sayn' y'all !!!



1853 days ago


I think the reason that MJ got a lot of his plastic surgery, and other various procedures, was simply to get the drugs involved - both during the procedure and then the stuff prescribed afterwards. There are easier ways to get dope than to have your face disfigured with numerous surgeries, but it seems like Jacko never really figured that out. I bet we will find that most of his financial problems stemmed from keeping up with a dope habit via the American healthcare system! Being a street junkie is expensive, but using the doctors to get your fix is insanely expensive. I wonder if anyone ever explained to Jacko that he could have spent 10% of the money he did had someone just started buying him kilos of heroin - no surgeries, no doctors fees, no prescription costs and he would have got what he really wanted in the end. Guess his doctor/surgery/ opiate addiction kept a lot of people's pocket's lined so no use trying to spare him any expenses.

1853 days ago

Sue Wong    

All the doctors MJ saw in the past should be examined, including Klein. They're the ones who really got him hooked on painkillers and propofol. Murray is the scapegoat left holding the bag but he's responsible too. Damn, it could happen to anyone. MJ wasn't into drugs and alcohol before they loaded him up on demerol.

1853 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

vaginal rejuvination NICE!!!! how much is this??? anyone know????

1853 days ago


I thought Michael wanted a doctor when he went to London- and he requested Dr. Murray be the doctor- I think I read that some where.

1853 days ago
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