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Jackson's Death 'Almost Certainly' a Homicide

7/24/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's DeathLaw enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop.


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Poor Michael- He would still be alive if the doctor had not give him that crazy stuff- I feel so sorry for his children they dont have their dad-Everyone that caused his death should go to prison- Rest in peace Michael

1854 days ago

This "murder" is not only intriguing, but it also gives MJ great sympathy. He is being saintified. And as more information come out about his life, he being used, abused, and betrayed, he is turing into a legend. Also, admission by slime such as Jordan Chandler that he lied about being molested and that Michael was gay not not a pedophile, only fills our hearts with sympathy and adoration. A myth greater than Elvis.

1854 days ago


The story of MJ's life and death seems like an soap opera, which we have to watch every episode, because it turn more exciting every day throught the news revelations. It can sound stupid, but it's true.

1854 days ago


O I am sad Michael dye I no Dr Murray him keel Michael. I prey for Michael I prey for Michael beutiful chilren. polease needs to get him Dr Murray God loves you Michael

1854 days ago

San Diegan    

So the thing is, it sounds like Michael's death would have happened soon either way - he was a massive drug addict (sure, his doctors enabled this habit - but that's not new for someone with celebrity status). In the end, Michael probably still would have died from an OD of drugs with or without Dr. Murray seeing as how Michael had refused help before. I think that Dr. Murray's biggest mistake is not calling for paramedics immediately (as the American Heart Association says to do) and performing CPR on a bed.

It's just unfortunate that his kids had to grow up around such an unhealthy parental influence. Hopefully they can overcome this tragedy (any kid who loses their parental figure faces tragedy) and lead normal and healthy lives despite having a drug addicted father. Let's hope the best for their future.

1854 days ago


Poor Michael? Are you people freaking nuts? He sought out these drugs, he used all kinds of aliases, he played with Diprivan for YEARS! Poor Michael? No, poor kids who were created with the express idea they'd NEVER have a mother! How freaking selfish is that? Then they were raised by a drug addict. Now they are orphans, left to live with a bunch of greedy grifters who don't work for a living. Poor Michael? Please!

1854 days ago


i cannot wait until this gets solved!! what a mystery!! so does this mean that aeg cannot collect on the insurance policy? poor michael, i wish this never happened. bless his family and kids.

1854 days ago

Grace from NYC    

Yes TMZ, you have in fact reported this for weeks and now I will make my own prediction-
Dr. Conrad Murray WILL be charged and he will be granted BAIL and THEN he WILL
go MIA! Mark my words - this guy is NOT going to stick around for the final verdict (of GUILTY).
This man, "Dr" Murray is as guilty as sin. He was motivated by the almighty dollar and if MJ
were indeed an addict, this "Dr." should have known better and took teps to PROTECT
MJ - He could have had MJ commited for treatment but he opted to look away so that
he could line his pockets. This man robbed MJ's CHILDREN of a full life with THEIR DAD.
He needs to pay with HIS life.

1854 days ago


Homicide or manslaughter? huge difference
God Bless Michael

1854 days ago


I agree with "it would have happened either way" and "Texasgirl" he helped do this to himself, and of course doctors aren't going to deny him, or else he just goes looking for another. This is just the stupidest thing ever and I don't feel sorry for him at all, only his children. Can't wait until TMZ stops taking about all of this!

1854 days ago

never surprised at what people do    

i hope they put dr. murray away for good.
also Joe Jackson should be put away for good. the bastard is still lying about beating mj and now wants to have the jackson 3 make him more money.
Joe Jackson ruined mj's life------until the day he died i think mj was still an 8 year old boy inside who's father told him he had a big nose and beat him and belittled him all the time. he was lonely, afraid, isolated and unloved. the drugs helped.
everyone used him and took from him and they still are.
he was a troubled sole -- another hollywood tradgedy.
most of you writing sound very young and emotional. i am a woman in my late 50's and have seen all this before.
i was a big fan of his but always felt his pain. he was so shy and afraid like an abused child. i hope he's found peace.

1854 days ago


Seems like physicians need a lot more oversight from a professional organization of
physicians and surgeons, especially where they regularly treat or are exclusively employed
by celebrity clients. Too many people knew how MJ was obtaining his drugs, but not
how and where to have the doctors investigated before the client's life is threatened!

1854 days ago


This is manslaughter, not homicide. And remember, Micheal had been warned about this behavior. I mean, I don't sympathize with the doctor, who broke his oath by supplying these drugs. But I don't sympathize with Michael either.
I just hope that Joe Jackson is barred from having access to the children.

1854 days ago


12. Well apparently now the doctor is saying he "fell asleep" after giving MJ the Propofol IV.

So he pretty much confessed to manslaughter right there.

PS, my source is Extra TV.

Posted at 2:30AM on Jul 24th 2009 by ly9512

According to Extra!

MAY HAVE fallen asleep

"A new report today says Michael Jackson's personal doctor may have fallen asleep after giving the superstar a dose of the powerful IV anesthetic Diprivan, and in effect, leaving him to die."

Everybody kind of figured that all along.

1854 days ago


OMG....I just can't believe this.

Yes, Michael may have been addicted to SOMETHING. But I honestly think HE thought he was being very responsible about it. He hired doctors, he was supervised.

I'm just in utter disbelief. We lost a beautiful human being who had been treated so cruelly by the world and was about to finally come through the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel....and we lost him because of some quack doctor who decided to lay down instead of monitor his patient....while being paid $150,000 a month.

It's all just so sad.

1854 days ago
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