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Jackson's Death 'Almost Certainly' a Homicide

7/24/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's DeathLaw enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop.


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1886 days ago


Junior, you make some intersting points about Phillip Anshutz and his business interests. I agree that for AEG, Sony and even those managing his estate now, MJ is worth more dead than alive. As I've said before I sincerely hope Dr. Murray isn't just a scapegoat.

1886 days ago


This has been no surprise for me from the get go. Dr Murrays account on June 25 stunk to high heaven in too many instances. The 'good' doctor will more than likely not be charged with homicide but rather involuntary manslaughter (criminal negligence) since there was more than likely no intent to commit murder. IF it is murder.....Dr. Murray didn't act alone but acted under direction from other party/parties. Which of course will make this sad situation even more intriguing.
My call is involuntary manslaughter.
Michael thought he was going under for a good nights sleep or nap, whatever the case. Dr. Murray either left the residence or fell asleep and he was too late to resusitate MJ. You don't resusitate a person in this type of respiratory failure by performing CPR...that's a waste of time.
I do believe that had Dr Murray called 911 immediately (since he SAYS there was a slight pulse) upon finding Michael in such a state .....and told them that he had administered Propofol...that MJ might possibly have been saved.
But that just wasn't in the cards.

I am 60 years old...I consider the untimely passing of Michael Jackson be one of the saddest events of my lifetime...
it's just a crying shame.

1886 days ago

King of TMZ    

Good lord Arrest that stupid doctor already!!!
What the hell!

if MJ was the doctor they would have cleaned the prison floor with him already! but since the doctor is different, then we have to wait make mistakes and give him time!

What the hell is this world!

Good people are treated bad!
Bad people are treated good!


& What the hell! $ony & AEG are the bigger bosses for the conspiracy of killing MJ!!!
why no one is talking about the big dogs!? are they your boss too??

1886 days ago


Massive amounts of drugs were found at Mj's residence. Evidence says there had been huge amounts of drugs prescribed and indirectly prescribed to MJ, many obtained by hangers on or staff using various names.

I don't believe for an instant that Michael took ALL of those drugs. He was an addict. He had a huge habit. He was wealthy. He was the star, the main man, the host for a perpetual party with supppliers and facilitators. It seems obvious that more than he enjoyed them. MJ was used to supporting a large cast. He had supported the like from childhood. Brothers, sisters, parents, friends, pseudo-friends, staff, security. Whether it was his music, pizza, fried chicken, drugs, Michael shared.

No doubt some of the drugs Michael paid for were taken and re-sold on the street by these same unscrupulous people. If it was a drug filled household it wouldn't seem to far fetched for one of them, maybe a doctor, to induce Michael and then partake a bit himself and nod off. Just saying....

1886 days ago


what's there to say??

Klein was no friend of MJ's.. he was an oppurtunist like almost everyone around Michael. For all we know--it was he who got MJ really hooked on painkillers starting in the late 80;s/ as there are ways for anyone to heal after that awful burn accident.. besides, why was debbie giving Mj home injections way back in 80's-early 90's?

this addiction like everything else could have been prevented.
I'm a firm believer of homeopathy and accupuncture. IT WORKS!

1886 days ago


Such a waste, such a waste. This didn't need to happen. Yes, MJ was addicted but like someone said, I also believe he thought it was under control, that's why he had doctors. I truly believe he was in pain, he didn't take these drugs just for the fun of it. There's a huge difference and these doctors knew it. I wouldn't be that surprised at all if it would turn out the docs told MJ he had this and that in order keep him more medicated. When he was on drugs, it was probably an easy task to get more money from him. Just speculating of course but one thing is for sure: Michael Jackson did not want to die. He loved his children more than anything and that alone would have been a reason for him to wake up every morning and keep on going.

MJ was not a saint and he most certainly had his flaws just like you and me but the man was probably screwed over like no one else before.

1886 days ago


I'm truly glad that now--Hoeflin started talking to really explain what happened to Mj's face. and colour. He should know-- again,this could have been prevented. Mj looked good being cafe au lait.. better than being chalk white which he became..
ah.. what a mess! what a waste-- when all the years he should have been concentrating on perfecting his talent and serving it well. unfortunately,Mj became rudderless -- he lost his 'muse'.

1886 days ago


Junior......your favorable depiction of Joseph Jackson is inaccurate and deplorable....BUT you do have your right to your opinion.
But I wonder if you're not a paid acquaintance of his....or maybe another illegitimate child (I do not mean that with any disrespect) of his. He undoubtedly probably has more than 1.
NOBODY in his right mind would sing the Hallelujahs for Joseph Jackson....he is a truly evil man.

And THAT is my opinion.

1886 days ago


unfortunately, for him-- he never really knew unconditional love-- maybe the closest was he got from his kids. and this was he needed most of all. is it any wonder- this guy was so screwed up? just look at his father-- at t his late date, still in denial the way he treated Mj and the rest of his kids. he really isn't very bright, no sense of reflection.. even if Mj wanted to resolved his father issues., it was impossible with Joe's reasoning.

this is why Mj sought solace somewhere else alas, with strangers rarely did anyone see him for less than a superstar.. He assumed he could get it being Peter Pan and being around children for their purity-- NOT IN HOLLYWOOD@ and with such parents like the chandlers.. and look what happened?! it became a nightmare.. and like his lawyer said.. an ATM MACHINE. this was all he knew basically, being used. so he used money over people to get what he wanted(the drugs).. a vicious circle.
this is a collision course for self-destruction..

as for those who keep harping what a druggie child molestor he was?/ SHUT THE HELL UP!
what was Elvis' excuse for being a druggie? hooked on uppers? then downers? what bec he was on a night shift in the army?! eating a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs for breakfast with hashed browns? is that any better? just reading all that fat & carbs made me ill! I liked elvis.. but.. all these Mj hatred? I will drive it home what Elvis was about too..

how about Clapton, David Bowie,Elton John, and so many rockers who've fallen over the abyss-- some survived bec people cared enough to get to them.. with MJ.. no one did.

1886 days ago


Let me make sure I am understanding this report correctly...."causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out."

So it wasn't a natural death or an accidental death or an accidental overdose or suicide. Then whoever administered the dose of Propofol to MJ on the night he died KNOWINGLY gave him a lethal dose? Is this what I am understanding?????

I figured MJ died because of the Propofol but I was thinking accidental overdose.

Another thing I would like to know is who was the doctor who was suppose to have put MJ through this so-called rigorous physical that AEG said he passed with flying colors. Was it Dr. Murray or a doctor brought in by AEG? I'm starting to think MJ never had a physical for this tour in the first place, they just said he did.

Before this all over all the doctor's involved will be singing like a bird. I would not be surprised if one of the main doctors involved commit suicide.

1886 days ago


NOOO! Really?

1886 days ago


Poor Michael? Look what he did to his POOR CHILDREN!!!
MJ searched for a doctor to administer that drug just like he doctor shopped for Demerol, He was a Junkie.
Those kids didn't have a father

1886 days ago


#30 cassie...c'mon now have a heart , some of us can not move on until we know what actualy happened and justice is served. can you imagine if it was your brother ,wouldnt you want to know what happened????? well his family is going thru so much pain and they have a right to know. pple pliz stop hating

1886 days ago


Poor MJ Kids ! Micheal knew he was a addict . What a loss . Wish he could have been Helped. I have swimmers EAr Ouch !

1886 days ago
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