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Jackson's Death 'Almost Certainly' a Homicide

7/24/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's DeathLaw enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop.


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What a web we weave, how devistating addiction is, I pray that people finally wake up about what addiction really is, how it kills and destroys everything in its path, not only the addict but everyone that is around it. Here is a young man that loved life, just look at the Jackson Home Movies on YouTube and see for yourself, M.J. having so much fun just being the kid he never could be while growing up. He was full of life and fun, loved to play around, play pranks, be with people, kids and adults alike. When M.J. was growing up he never wanted to be an addict, none of us do, but somewhere along the line we get caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction, we cannot get enough, we mistakenly think we are escaping, it is good for us and all the while we are dying a slow,painful death, tormented in our isolation with so many demons, all we want to do then is end the pain. M.J.'s pain has ended, but the pain goes on for all those around him. I pray that anyone that sees this gets a real wake up call, that you see what your doig to yourself and your loved ones and take the steps necessary to break free, find freedom, there is HOPE for all addicts out there, I know I was there and I survived to tell my story. The only way I know to stop the pain, find freedom, love is to ask God to help you and He will.

1881 days ago

Karen Ann    

To #85 - bobmoo79

If Elvis was a junkie & addict, so was Michael Jackson. Anyone who abuses and gets hooked on pain pills no matter how innocently it started, is an addict!

1881 days ago


Michael was far from being a saint. Yes he did have an addiction. I think the whole point is being missed about Diprivan. He wasn't using Diprivan to get high. The Diprivan was used by Michael for sleep. Think back to the story about he suffered from severe insomnia. If a person is trying to sleep. Getting high is not about sleeping it's about feeling good and altering reality ( I can speak from experience I am a recovering addict). Sleep deprivation is a whole other issue. Michael chose an unconventional and very deadly way to treat his insomnia with deadly consequences. I think the bigger picture here is how did a lethal dose of the drug, along with possibly other drugs end up in his system the night he died.

1881 days ago


I had the great privilege of living and working in America for two years and I did once have to call 911. Can anyone tell me HOW and WHY a DOCTOR who is trying to stop someone dying of cardiac arrest doesn't call 911 because "he doesn't know the address"???? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY before you start on anything else. SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG. HE LIVED THERE...OF COURSE HE KNEW THE ADDRESS, and in any case doesn't the NUMBER YOU ARE CALLING FROM and the ADDRESS come up on the 911 Verizon screen? I DON'T ACCEPT THIS AT ALL. I don't know if it was murder or homicide or what BUT THIS IS NOT A REASONABLE ANSWER to the question WHY wasn't 911 CALLED IMMEDIATELY. I love America and I love Americans, in fact I have written a book "Hearts from Sea to Shining Sea" about the wonderful people I met during my stay there and visits all over the country, from our old fashioned stuffy English way of life I COULD SEE THE AMERICAN DREAM everywhere I went, what FABULOUS possibilities there are in the US but I have to ask the question now, Michael was one of MANY GREAT American Dream's who's lives ended in a tragic THIS THE AMERICAN DREAM? Is THIS how it HAS to end? I pray for his children, I loved him with all my heart, and I just pray to God he is at last at peace. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL.

1881 days ago

normal person    

Do you think that MJ told the dear doctor that he had just taken numerous pills before the Deprovan that could be lethal? Jackson knew the danger of the combination I am sure. Why.
Beside his death the other sad thing is that we never got to hear all his music. Some day I hope we do and I hope that it still relevant when we do get the chance.
A small mercy is that he did not have to go through that trial into todays era of instant internet commentary. The internet comments are often so nasty and hurful can you imagine what it would have been like.

1881 days ago

paris phillippe    

It seems Justice will be served. He didn't have to die so this is definitely homicide.

1881 days ago


A more plausible theory would be that the doctor fell asleep and when he awoke Michael was already dead. Maybe he called Dr. Klein and together they pumped Michael full of demerol and tried to make it look like an overdose. Then later in the morning came up with that lame story about CPR for 30mins. Dr.Murray probably left the house and came back to make the story work. I think Dr. Klein had a hand in this. He's known Michael for some 30 years or more.

Just a theory. Just my own thoughts. Nothing more.

1881 days ago


Jeez, people.....this is MANSLAUGHTER, not murder! This Dr did not intend to kill MJ! MJ was also well aware of the risks of using this drug and chose to do it anyway. MJ is partially responsible for his own death!
I feel sorry for his children.

1881 days ago


It wasn't a homicide, it was a murder. Just wait and see....

1881 days ago
100. - Los Angeles Women's Community    

We Miss You Michael . we miss you stopping by our site . You Believed in Bi Females .

1881 days ago


While I believe this doctor should pay for this, i believe he should be charged with a manslaughter charge. Not a murder charge. He along with every other doctor, dentist, health care prvider etc...should be stripped of license's to practice anything. While this was tragic, MJ went through GREAT PAINS to acquire all the drugs he consumed INCLUDING the one that ultimately killed him. He should not be made to look innocent as he was a willing participant. MJ made the CHOICE like so many before him. If anything comes from this, the message should be loud & clear to ALL doctors when it comes to celebrities to NOT prescibe drugs to them that are not medically necessary. But money being the root of all evil, they are WEAK & SPINLESS physicians riddled with greed. This doctor will be the 'scapegoat' for sure. Maybe celebrities & sports people etc...should not be paid the amounts of money they are. Just sayin'....

1881 days ago


i know michael jackson dindt die of naturul cause dthe doctor is just a criminal poor jackson family to lose ther son of such a dramatic way i will always remember mj

1881 days ago



I totally agree with Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe( legal concert promoter of Michael Jackson) that AEG Live conspired to Murder Michael Jackson by creating an environment to control his finances by hiring several doctors, attorneys and security henchmen. They even hired a heart specialist, Dr Murray to live at MJ’s home 24 hrs a day/7 days a week, paying him $150, 000 a month. They constantly kept him drugged so his mental state could remain unsound.
After Dr Murray was sure Michael Jackson was dead he then called 911 a half hour later. As a heart specialist why didn’t he use a electical heart defribullater ? How come the chef said he saw oxygen tanks being transported through the back door by the good doctor Murray? Forensic evidence showed that Michael Jackson was stabbed in the heart with 3 shots of adrenaline. Autopsy also showed that MJ had 3 broken ribs. Lastly there was 3 needle puncture marks to MJ’s neck( which he cannot be done by himself. Facts are the LA Police took bottles of Diprivan from MJ’s home. Diprivan is very dangerous anesthetic that cannot prescribed by any doctor, by law it has to be adminstered in a hospital setting, with oxgen incubation, and a heart monitor. Only anesthestialogists and heart doctors have access to this drug, Diprivan. Diprivan is so dangerous it only takes a drop intravenously to put you in a comatose situation. Too much Diprivan and the side effects includes shutting off the brain stem which leads to inability to exhale Carbon dioxide which finally leads to Cardiac Arrest.
Some may say lIke Larry King said what motive did AEG LIve have to Conspire to murder Michael Jackson? It is true that AEG Live would make hundred millions of dollars in concert tickets for MJ Dead or Alive. Michael Jackson only agreed to10 shows not 50 shows, there was never a contract for 50 shows. It is also true that the KING OF POP was worth more Dead to them than alive. It is also true that AEG Live took out a Life Insurance Policy against MJ for 300 million pounds equivalent to about $650 million dollars thru Lloyds of London.
LA Police also found out that their was video security surveillance that showed how MJ was murdered. But parts of that video surveillance was missing along with 2 Million dollars in cash. Who was encharge of that video surveillance but security henchmen hired by AEG Live. Lastly Michael Jackson owned a company now worth over 30 Billion dollars of Song Publishing Rights he paid only $47 Million for in 1985.
Those song rights included 200 songs once owned by the beetles, some song rights of the Late Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Shakira, Black Eye Peas and the Fugees.
Myself and 900 million fans of MJ think there was Conspiracy to murder the King of Pop. We believe, like Joe Jackson their was Foul Play to Murder a Pop Icon- Michael Jackson – The King Pop, The Greatest Entertainer of all Time!

1881 days ago


People forget that one of the children who stayed at Neverland was Sean Lennon who is the son of John Lennon. People way that Michael Jackson must have bought the silence of all these children's parents. You think he needed to buy Yoko Ono's silence? She's probably 10x richer than he will ever be. So that doesn quite hold water. The district attorney spent months trying to find even one child to say he molested them. Neither the chldren nor their parents had anything bad to say about Michael. They all said the same thing. There was nothing impropoer that ever went on at Neverland. The Martin Bashir tape was not played in it's entirety on TV and was edited to make it look damaging. What was shown and what was actually said are two differnt things. The case from 1993 was settled by Michaels insurers against Michaels wishes. It can be viewed from the courts. He was never allowed to discussed the terms of the settlement. He knew that it would make him look guilty. The district attorney could always press charges against him in a criminal proceeding if he chose to, but he didn't because he had no case, and the boy would have had to be crossed examined on the witness stand, thereby opening the door to perjuring himself.

1881 days ago


RIP MJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1881 days ago
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